Z IS BUMMED FROM LISTENING TO GEORGE NOORY SUCK OFF THE ALIEN AGENDA... Frankie is thinking solar, Trish touts Palin... Z discovers he's a libertarian once again, to which Frankie compares to being an anarchist...

The real truth about Frankie? Yes, he listens to Quayle's Hawk guy... but he gets some kind of strange pleasure out of it, not based on content, same with Rense, Jones, etc... what is Frankie really getting out of talk radio?

That is a question for another ZnFrankie--something that may be inspired from watching too many cartoons: we shall see.

Meanwhile, Trish reads a letter and Z demands humor...announces going to Los Angeles and promising to blog it, while praying the demons out of Laurel Canyon...

In other words, perhaps things are more unstable than the instability that has been known already.

Or perhaps not.

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