I need to correct an error in the transmission--Palin did say she's sorry Levi is doing "porn"... on Oprah.

They misreported it yesterday BEFORE the Palin interview aired. So my apologies.

(Also, to clear up--some of you might have had a problem with ZR 153 with Ronnie McMullen in the use of the term "Christ-Force"... in which I believe Mr. McMullen does not believe it to be a New Age term but rather to mean "In Christ" the power and authority over all (abductions) etc. ) -- if he means something else then I obviously don't agree with it.

Now, Palin's meteoric rise was predicted here in podcast after podcast--in fact, the Word the Lord gave to me was "vengeance" or "avenge"... when I received this word I was anti-Palin. I received the following: because of the way she has been treated, and because she is one of mine, I will avenge her and she will rise. At that time everyone had already said goodbye and thrown her under the bus with extreme prejudice and attempted character assassination on all fronts. It it because she is not a spoiled Ivy League elitist snob in their little club club--it is because she is a real American woman, more akin to the rest of the country than these elitists who believe that the average American is to be scorned, talked down to, certainly they should have no say in politics. Palin represents the end of their world. Amen.

Today's podcast in part addresses the so-called beautiful people from East Coast Schools who believe they should tell us all how to think, how to live--indeed, believe we cannot take care of ourselves. I point out their utter arrogance, ineptitude, and my proof is the state of the world today. How dare they attack Palin for being "normal", or educated in Idaho instead of Harvard. These elitist pigs believe themselves geniuses--while indeed they are fools. Palin's rise already has flummoxed them--and if she goes away tomorrow, Yahweh's word will have been fulfilled. Now, this is just a prediction, but I believe there is more to come.

Finally, the cowards out there who will not die for Jesus, not die for brethren, or act as if they do not know us or disassociate from us due to cowardice... you have about 2 seconds to wake up and get right with your Creator. End...

Shalom z

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