Confirming all that Judy said with additional information, here we have another healing... Victoria has been coming to consciousness on many memories especially the past year or so, and decided to go public on The Zeph Report...

It is crushing and yet Victoria is victorious in Christ--her testimony is a faith booster.

Like Judy, Victoria is willing to return as more memories surface and more detail about the global satanic system becomes quite clear. One thing I know from this, ANY INDIVIDUAL who is in any way shape or form involved, even if they don't do harm to another human being, has done harm to all human beings and is seen as a murderer and liar.

Look how Yeshua delivers souls from the global grip of the enemy!

Caution: graphic. Victoria's story is also heartbreaking as Judy's is -- please pray before listening.

You are dealing with a globe ruled by this reality--NOT ANY EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, IT *IS* THE RULE.

Know the truth. z

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