What is the nature of obedience to God?

What is the nature of LOVE.

Yeshua broke the Law down to 2 commandments: Love God, Love People (esp your enemy).

And commented on what it means by saying that it's WITHIN YOU. If you externally are one way but in your heart you harbor a grudge, anger, hatred, envy, lust or any other Law Breaking Thing, You you have broken them all. With this interpretation no one can keep the Law. No human that is.

Hence the need for Grace through the Blood of the Lamb.

The stumbling block of hypocrisy occurs when one is one way within and another way without... cults are very exterior, and I used the examples of the Hebrew Names cults, who claim to be Sabbath keepers, and yet are hateful to others for not interpreting things they way they do... but there are many other examples.