In going for the next installment of the Rhema, Jesus did away with Judaism and all traditional religions by becoming the all in all for human beings. Thus there is no need to find the LOST TRADITION, to find a new religion in an old tongue... indeed, Jesus the Jew becomes Godhead Universal for All, thus destroying the religions of man.

The new church is within--and the WAY is shown to those children of light, of the faith. Nothing is broken... yes, born in tabula rasa, a refugee from the destruction of the temple, which is now found within--the church then, the religion then, is within, and those of it are connected worldwide.

I come against a return to Hebrew roots, since Jesus never, ever spoke such nonsense. Against finding structure in exterior things, such as the church rituals going back to Roman times or even Eastern Orthodoxy--the true Religion of the East was also destroyed by Jesus--so becomes moot.

Therefore, you are the new church--as Jesus wanted it to be, not beholden to the doctrines of men.

Certainly we see these roots movements as Jesus sees them--PURE SLAVERY.

Come out of HER my people.



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