I had tried a couple times to upload this, with no success. I had written lots of great things in this abstract so you'd know what it was about. For example... there are two saviors in Isaiah...one a dynamic heroic WARRIOR, who will bring a new government, who will be clothed in Zeal, put down all the unrighteous and set the people free... and the ugly savior, the sacrificial lamb, by whose stripes we are healed, who was punished for the iniquity of the whole world. The former is the right arm of God, the latter He sends to confound the world--and both are an extension of the mighty ONE. But I digress. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, are the Messianic scriptures in Isaiah... the rest deals with the illegitimacy of the western church, the destruction of the eastern Church of Jesus, as prophesied in Revelation, the western church being the False prophet, whether protestant or Catholic, all counterfeit, which is why JUDGMENT will not begin there... they will be allowed to flourish. To the end, where they will all meet a horrific and untimely end. As Justice is served.



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