We begin by going over the NEED FOR FREEDOM and manifestations even using drugs, the Beat generation, Buddhism, Rave dances, vacations etc... the need for freedom, but squelched by materialism and the fact that few give up their slavery.

The case for DROPPING OUT, being in it not of it, discussing the REACTION of society: in the beginning angry at your freedom, your aloofness despite what they do to you.

This is Christ-likeness.

It's called Freedom, something the churches will NEVER know. It would be impossible for them to ever know--rather, they are like so many English Lit teachers in college: pointing to rogue writers and poets, those who lived recklessly, let's say, and their freedom, i.e. living through their glimpse of freedom, being reckless against the system, becoming conscientious objectors... ah, but this is not freedom, neither is the drug MDMA, neither is money.

Where? How?

Again, we charge down the path in a silly manner, as childlikeness is borne throughout.

Shalom z

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