There is really no way to survive the onslaught to come without a relationship with Jesus--no way. Without strong faith, there is no way to overcome the time we have entered into.

And no, the Buddha cannot bridge the gap, cannot save anyone or anything. It is simply a practice that leads to control of one's mind and emotions, also helps with detachment... but is not the SUPERNAL ONE ABSOLUTE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, who has overcome the world.

I go into gangstalking, explaining that it is the conformed against the non-conformed, in all cities under the Luciferian Obelisk called America. Sad how these symbols have finally come to full failure of society. Or instructed that failure. As all satanists are already failures heading to a firey HELL, ON EARTH AND AFTER DEATH.

This word is not for the faint of heart or squeamish.

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