Well, listen up there is nothing to be proud about serving S... nothing to boast about save for your little trinkets; a career won't fill the hole in your soul, the hole that all humanity suffers.

When they get what they want out of you, they'll drop you--when you clamp it to the grave, you are subject to eternal torment, and believe me, that is what you will receive beginning the moment of death--you will wish for a second death but none will come.

Do not think this word is in any way false. You do so at your own peril. I know many who sold out for nothing--less than nothing... some for awards and money, for recognition...and now they are slipping through the cracks.. Jesus made the move--saved the world--but the world scoffs at it, hates it, is brainwashed and conditioned to love darkness, to love the lie and to love the game.

This may be your last chance.


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