Yes, once through the mirror, they can speak the same words as you, re God and Jesus and prayers and so forth, but they are not meaning the same thing, not to your God...but to their God.

Now, God and Satan are not opposites except in this configuration since the MIRROR IS AN ILLUSION AND DELUSION...2 Thess 2:11-12 etc etc....

Yes, lizards are among us and those who become LIKE THEM are also here trying to run things as usual including internet "Remnant" (now a cliche and joke term) of XTIANITY.

The broadcast begins with a VISION about Yellowstone. No time limit, not necessarily a prediction... and not wanting to fall into THAT CLICHE... like so many others over the years. Nothing really surprises me in terms of God's will being done, defying the old physics, and giving power to the words spoken as physical objects.


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