The Trials

The elect are tried. The earth dwellers cannot speak.

This is a constant. They always believe they're winning, until the truth comes out and they are found without merit.

So the cheating and corruption will slay. Oh so shortsighted. Kick 'em when they're down but deluded... truth succeeds.

Laughing at the fools moc...View Details


I know many are gone. We carry on because of them. Because if God. Cursed are witches by their own hand.

The war coming to earth already in the heavens. All weapons: beaming. You won’t believe it. You will be witnesses.


It had words on it, then I stripped them off and voila.

Hive Mind Gas Light

Stalking bullying hive minds covens satanic demon linking.

Seems inevitable. Fires in Cali being set. Gov split, president gearing up for war.

More observations in the most unprecedented time in history.

Impeachment Civil War

My take on potentially explosive violence to come.

You Are Not

You Are Not by Zeph Daniel

Why So Many Are Gone

Those not brought into Lucifer’s light. Targeted stalked teased and mocked. Those ambassadors from the true light... ARE HERE. It is a war. Within ...View Details


End of Sufferings

When we are weak we are strongest in Christ. Occultist attacks.


Not shrinking away. Child of the Most High you have a right to be! War for children.

Theater of the Tested

Trials and tribulations for God’s faithful. 1 James 2:4

Hello Negate Understood

This is really an important time in ... look there goes a squirrel.

It's funny when the swamp is reevealed to be everthing and most of your heroes are scumbags who've sold YOU out, yet expect you to pay them for entert...View Details

Hey You, Yes You!

Everything is more than fine. Healing paths.

Accomplish What?

For whom? Mommy? Yourself? Freedom? Within?

Dealing with Damage

For those harmed permanently. Isaiah 35:5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped;

Emerging Seas


Confront — you know

Evil is usually cloaked in outwardly good or seemingly benign people and situations. Sometimes those we hate at first become valid compatriots.

Co...View Details

Madness is Reality

What they want.

Trials, Persevere

Romans 12:12

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