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Old school track--I played bass, guitar and drums, through amps and preamps. On one hand memory and on another something ahead.

The meaning of the song depends on your point of view--means different things to different people. On one level it's about life and death. On another it's about venturing out and finding no reason to continue.

Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

Where did you come from?
Where will you go?
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
What did you hope to gain?
Why did you go?
Why did you leave?

It is not your fault, you did nothing wrong
It is not your fault, you did nothing wrong (Get that through your thick head)

Went down the hall
Filled out the form
Complied with the norm

They said, Why did you go?
Why didn’t you stay?

I don’t know where the place of peace is

Now it seems we’re all part of another dream
Now it seems like you turned it off forever

I hardly ever see you, almost never….

It all went to hell in a hand basket!

Why did you come here
What do you hope to gain?
Why did you go there?
Who were you trying to blame?

Now you’re stuck in the middle of forever


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