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We cover all the battles for Trump and we in the "truth" communities...  The Lord may bring recompense upon those who harm Trump hatefully and wrongfully.  I receive t...

Major Conflicts

  An overview and some new insights into censorship, the Mueller investigation, the war against Trump... and the odds on continuing change, versus Deep State Rule. &nbs...

And After

Gangstalking Warfare Live

    The events of last night and culminating into the Internet, phones and other things breaking during the first attempt to broadcast.  Spiritual warfare high rig...

Laughter - Zeph Report

  Just an FYI--Podbean will be the main place you can get pods and music.  Also at at


TAKE OUT By Zeph Daniel  Hey, this is pretty late night stuff... hope you're doing well... these are not lyrics! ho! - Z Genre: Electronic Chill

Most High

Most High



Undulating (Waves of Love) - The Mystery Remains  by Zeph Daniel It’s all stripped away now everything I thought has come to naught   Everything I believed ...

In The Age of Trump

In The Age of Trump WTF.

Transmit 001

Transmit 001

But They Did Part 1 and Part 2

In The Desert

In The Desert By Zeph Daniel

Comes To War

Comes To War Communism must be dealt with, sooner or later.  Followup on the Rigo interview, some observations about how GANGSTALKING stems from witchcraft and the Mandela E...

War Drum (Stand Up For Yourself Mix) By Zeph Daniel   Coming for you I and mine are coming through the window  Take what you have  Stand up for yourself  ...

LIVE WITH RIGO ON GANGSTALKING Los Angeles gangstalking and all the manifestations.  I was going to be interviewed by Rigo now I am interviewing him or vice versa here on Sp...

Confirm and Update

Confirm and Update

20 on 20 End Human Trafficking Trump saying human trafficking is the worst it's ever been. With Prayer Response Team Leaders, Zeph Daniel, Trish Daniel,  Charles Shirley, A...


It is almost time for 20 on 20! Join others from around the world on this 20th day of the month for 20 minutes of prayer towards the end of human trafficking! Listen Live, Friday ...

Prelude - Confirmations and Spirit So many things have happened this month and answers to prayer that it is hard to keep up.  Will go over some today in preparation for 20 o...

Still Here Confirmation

Still Here Confirmation When the hysterical ones go off with their false predictions, I do notice I'm still here!

The Consequences Will Be The End Vision of depopulation and nuclear war.

CRUMBLE CAKE  They want us to eat a crumble cake, a crumble cake. I like crumble cake but not so much anymore.  It gets everywhere.  Wake up in the night, ...

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