The Spiritual War First

Flashpoints all over.... as the usual mind control dupe will never get it. Even when he's dead.

The Hybrid Usurper

As the veil thins.... the simulacra.


Watch out for the Imitation!

At this point the evil is in your face. Their results and future plans are on the Internet. Yet the people remain asleep.

Satanic attacks, satanic ritual abuse, mind control, traumatic sex and murder acts....satanism---THE INDOCTRINATION IS SUCCESSFUL, will anyone stop it...View Details

Control - Mind

Mind, the final frontier. They travel to the stars using mind, but we've been left behind. But the main thing is the place where only eternity exis...View Details

Z Live Update

Up to the minute. Jer. 22:9 Then they shall answer, Because they have forsaken the covenant of the Lord their God, and worshipped other gods, and se...View Details

Hollywood and the Overlords.

WW3 ?

Multiple realities.


Upshod of Quantum Computing, manipulation of the false reality and glitches. Predictions about the end of demonic stalking.

Turning Earth Into Hell

Big War has begun, who's ready? WHAT is Jesus? Many worlders are amazed at the horror. They can see that is it all SPIRITUAL.

It’s all coming out anyway. But do we go to bloody war to protect the secret. As we have before.

20 on 20 - LIVE

HUMAN 20 ON 20

Rise of Rant

The children of the Most High.

Abrish Rescued

7 year old child slave in Pakistan. She is safe now at the orphanage. God is good!

They Will Stalk

Implants, new genetic mapping. Hive mind control.



Censored Soon

We are ready for their purge, please back up as necessary.


God is Sovereign! What the heck did they expect? The Remnant in America? Will it save the people?

How are you handling the dumb GS mob? They always manifest at Thankgiving for some reason. The ultra strangeness of families. The strange assigned ...View Details

They don't know history, they don't know philosophy, they don't know why they are here, they don't know what this is, they don't know who they are. T...View Details

Every form of human trafficking! And progress is being made.

Jer. 55:20 You are my war club, my weapon for battle— with you I shatter nations, with you I destroy kingdoms.

Leftist global wars planned after impe...View Details

Awaken Slipped

The ruling class of fools.

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