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Trump Hatred? He won WW3

Trump Hatred?  He won WW3. Just listen.

Everybody Needs Somebody To Bomb So in the deep dark back room they said, OK, you can bomb this this this and this.  Meanwhile, can we get to Monday?

Oh... Guts Now?

Oh... Guts Now?

Opening Some Veils

Opening Some Veils

ZEPH REPORT INTRO April 10, 2018 This is another in a string of intros for the Zeph Report radio show. 



Jammed Data - If Meltdown

Jammed Data - If Meltdown Some unique insights on the fast paced geopolitical upheavals... for one, the Upheaval of Yah continues. Unabated. 

YOU ARE HERE (For a reason) It may not be pleasant but to constantly be looking for a way out only leads to disaster on many levels.  Deception now once again (it's happened...

Fake, Here, There and Everywhere Just about on every front and alt news as well..... Agendas, sellouts, false predictions and fake secret intel ops.

Enforced Degradation

Enforced Degradation 

But We Are All On The Same Journey Perhaps different destinations and outcomes... Free Will honored.  Continuing critique/analysis of Wild Wild Country, the new documentary ...


ONLY ONE BY ZEPH DANIEL ORIGINAL RELEASE FEBRUARY 21, 2009 I made a podcast out of this presentation of a new track in a my own dubstyle--using elements from Dub Reggae (melodi...

Strengthen through Word

Strengthen through Word The LORD strengthens and grows HIS CHURCH through persecution and oppression

Far From It

Far From It Happiness loves company... to the pure, all things are pure.  What the heck is he talking about?

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FIND  by Zeph Daniel A long distance to FIND what we are looking for... but the mistake is not to set out in the first place. To find is key, to have is golden. A Zeph...

Permanently Laughing In The Face Of...

While They Dine

While They Dine Corruption, USA, the leader in the underneath 2 tiered fake civilization. Will God bless?  Jesus.

3 Play - Ver 1

3 Play - Ver 1 By Zeph Daniel Moog Sub 37 and Dholak (Indian drum). We are trying some post production on this. I released it as a "jam", and now this is one mixed. -Z

The Miracles

The Miracles Spirit trumps flesh.

Crucified Died But Lived

Crucified Died But Lived

Be Warned, You Were Drifting 

Astray - Beautiful False Hope By Zeph Daniel Lyrics From the beginning of time putting it on the line to go tomorrow gonna solve a mystery the eternal ones have called me ...

I AM, He Said

I AM, He Said - Zeph Daniel

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