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Amazing Turnaround This Time Thanks for the prayer warriors.  Got a list.

Qanon - The Devotees

Qanon - The Devotees Q and company asking for prayer. Hail Sananda! The Great Awakening in Consciousness--you are really on the cusp of victory.


FABLE FREAKO By Zeph Daniel Hi... hey this is a good place to write stuff.  You know, I use sound and music to capture the prevailing situation, or capture that moment we a...

Perjury Pussy

Perjury Pussy Hitting the president with consensual sex charges, both republicans and democrats think this will be the kill shot, when he must testify.  If he lies... they g...

The Rise of the Bolsheviks (clip it now or...) Who is watching the children being indoctrinated?  No one!   God and State and Population.

Ignorance Leads

Ignorance Leads Trump turned the tables on Congress and people don't see it yet.  Lawlessness and moral depravity of uneducated youth being lauded by celebs and Obama t...

Trying Souls

Trying Souls Deepening crisis. The political sphere has fallen.  Outcomes, predictions, prognostications.

Again, the Warnings

Again, the Warnings Dark outcomes, emergencies, terror, waves of evil.... something is happening in the world and it is sticking.  2 Tim 3:2 verse of the day......


"Speak The Truth - Kellie, Michael and Zeph"  Song Notes: There was a question that came in the early hours while I was thinking about our young people. How are they gettin...




20 ON 20 - BIG PROGRESS We are joined by Violet, John, Govinda, Patrick, Amelia, Trish, Charles and Zeph   Learn more about the Human 2020 Initiative at https://www.human...

It is almost time for 20 on 20! Join others from around the world on this 20th day of the month for 20 minutes of prayer towards the end of human trafficking! Listen Live Tomorrow...

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth  Tough Playground-- dems ready to take up arms,  so they have the blue wave threat... We win or else.   Follow The Zeph Report - Zeph Daniel on Soc...

End of Games

End of Games Our prayers answered once again, as the war goes against the establishment.

Miracles - A New Day

Miracles  - A New Day Shabbat Shalom, and the miracle of firing Andrew McCabe is the gift that keeps on giving.  Trump playing chess, Deep State playing checkers on Puti...

No More Plastic!

Plastic is very bad. We need to get rid of plastic where ever we can. It's killing our oceans, our fish, and big mammals. And horror..

Toward Annihilation

Toward Annihilation We've done a 180, now on Albert Pike bent to nuclear war.

Not Just…

Not Just… By Zeph Daniel In the Studio, with the amazing voice of Kellie Rowley!

Battles, Curses in the age of Delusion I am hoping to be wrong on several things, but I don't think so.  Continue'd vigilance.  The Qanon curse explained further.  ...

Good Summer, Bad Summer?

Good Summer, Bad Summer? Light Dark, you do not get to choose.


ANON A NA NA NA Still here, false prophet.

No Need (Fallen Ones)

No Need (Fallen Ones) by Zeph Daniel Lyrics I don’t need to justified by fallen ones I don’t need to be rectified by fallen ones I don’t need to be justi...

Anniversary Z

Anniversary Z 16 Years Young! A little recap and some observations going forward... Spiritual aspects.

Can you believe it's been 16 years? Thanks to all of our wonderful friends, old and new, who have journeyed with us through the years. Since 2002 The Zeph Report has been putting ...

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