You breathed a different breath.

Today, I witnessed to a man who asked me why would the Holy Spirit not let us know about Him and about Christ earlier.  

Why are we put here to search around for the truth and make a decision, yea or nay, about Christ?

He wondered about those who sold their souls, Faustian style, no remorse, no redemption.

And I said, "You know, James, it's like this: those who sell their souls, or BLASPHEME THE HOLY SPIRIT, the unforgivable sin, KNOW what they are doing."

They are at a very advanced stage of satanism and probably belong to a cult or group, a corporate washroom, a country club--there are no such things as covens in true satanism, folks--and they decided to become BORN AGAIN IN SATAN.

They are struck dead in this life and they are born again in the spirit of Lucifer, which is very powerful, and insures a lot of money to be made, a lot of success in this world.  

And they are gone, make no mistake about it.  

Gone doesn't come back.

Being born again in Christ assures one of persecution in this world, yet freedom.  

Satan will free a person into bondage.

Christ will constrict a person into freedom.

Satan requires sexual initiation.

Not all initiates are born again in Satan.  

Jesus requires submission and death of the flesh.

One is dark.

One is the true light--the creator of light and dark.

And everything.

Two triangles, the Mogen David, interlocked but not merged.

There is no such thing as a born again satanist being saved. This will never, ever happen.

Sad, but true. These born again in Satan run the churches today.

Oh, I know that blows your minds, but you know and I know it is true.

And of course you know the satanic born agains run the world.  


The Christ born agains co-rule on the Throne of God over all creation with Christ...forever.

Both dead to this world, 

Both alive in eternity.

Hint, the world leaders who are planning to kill you--by accident?--by war?--by disease? aren't Christians.

You starting to get it now?  

In Satan you are hated and will be killed. He is a cruel master, and your shackles will be increased. You shall have money and honor for a season, and then it's over, and you are pushed aside, hated and scorned. Old and feeble. Withered and dying. You are nothing. Youth is everything.

In Christ you are eternal, loved, you belong and are cherished forever...you are being broken and burnished now--the answer is to give it all to Him...and you will open like a flower into forever.  

Don't listen to the worlders. They want the world and they want it now, so they say when they are young, dumb and full of the elixir of depravity.

They don't get the world, ultimately, and they die horrible deaths, filled with fear and trembling.

Yet the Lord will make them THINK that they are going to get something...because, when you blaspheme God, He throws you out...separates the wheat from the chaff.  

The Chaff Chose To Be Chaff

* Unless you belong to Him from the beginning *

Ah, behold the Mystery!

* * *

Jhn 17:2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.


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