Amelia Duran of Porthole to Justice joins

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The Porthole To Justice "Window to the truth"
Follow Amelia Duran, founder and host of Porthole to Justice Est. 2014.
This is an open forum for mothers, fathers, and warriors fighting the injustice system for their children. To create public awareness, openly write, post photos and share information about navigating the court system. To bring to light the court corruption and targeting. This group is for the people that recognize that CPS commits crimes as an operational functioning tool box, and we would like to end the practice of CPS crimes.
We gather in this group to discuss, uncover, document, and share evidence of Child Welfare related crimes committed by the professionals that are paid to protect our children, as we strive to bring these Monsters to justice.
Donations to Support Port Hole To Justice can be made via PAYPAL - ADuran495
You may subscribe to Port Hole To Justice podcasts show on Spreaker at the link below.

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