Broken Mirror
By Zeph Daniel


It started so young


Run around the block
naked and alone
hoping someone will see


So you can be ashamed

for what’s inside of you


It’s the way it came down

Naked and alone

and confused--

wells up from inside


Nowhere to hide

Looks like the hive

dictates the steps

hoping for you to come out

and play...

... a rainy day...


You run around the block

Naked and alone

Hoping someone will notice

and laugh at you


But you know it’s wrong

They make you ashamed and confused


You need what you hate

You hate what you need

All gonna come out

in the end


Naked and alone

hoping someone will see

you in all your ugliness


You’re just hardwired

to let them have their way with you

You know what you want to do 

but you don’t want to do it


To force you

To make you do what 

you want to do


(They’re driving you mad

They’re driving you insane)

How can you get away?

How can you live?



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