C̶̅H̶̅I̶̅L̶̅D̶̅R̶̅E̶̅N̶̅ ̶̅O̶̅F̶̅ ̶̅T̶̅H̶̅E̶̅ ̶̅D̶̅A̶̅M̶̅N̶̅E̶̅D̶̅ - Death Camp Parade

Rich Keltron Keltner: Main composition, guitars, drums, synths
Zeph Daniel: Live and designed drums, bass, lyrics, melody, vocals

Rich Keltner sent me his composition and the first thing I noticed was the new tone he's got on guitars--simply amazing analog tone through and through.

The track had a really catchy opening and middle part. I played live bass and took the simple drum part and added live and designed drums.

Then to the lyrics... -- all I can say is I'm feeling like a train wreck when writing the words and tracking the vocals. Maybe that's a good thing, I'll let you be the judge.

Finally, Death Camp Parade, our studio project band, has produced a lot of tracks over the past 3 years and more in the works. Thanks for the love and support!

Children of the Damned
Lyrics by Zeph Daniel


What you reap
is what they let you have

Isn’t that just so kind?
Blows my mind.

What you get in life
is what they let you have

If you’re politically correct
conformed to society

What they let you have
is not deserved

You gained by what you do
to others
Who mean you no harm
Shame on you

Yeah yeah!

What they let you have
What they let you do
it’s not up to you

Sell your children
to the highest bidder!

Sell you soul---
Pretend you earned it!

Of a life well spent

So your conclusion? 
It was all heaven sent!

Kill yourselves!

Make the world a better place

And join the human race

Children of the damned… children… of the……………..

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