Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

You can stay in your delusion
You can stay in your crib
You can stay in your feedback
You can stay beyond your welcome
You can stay

Go out back
Find the alligators
Go out front with a machine gun
Tell everyone how nice they are

I don’t know you
Not anymore
I don’t know you
Not anymore

Coz when I asked you
Everything was fine
But when I asked you
All was divine

You’re deluded
You’re deluded
You’re deluded

I would like to know
what went wrong back there
Why do they all stare?

You made me into a pariah
because I wouldn’t lie
You made me an outcaste
Because I wouldn’t be your little bitch
Your little bitch

You made me a liar
because you all lie

Now I’m not going to listen
Not anymore

I made you into a scarecrow
You tame the alligators
with your machine gun

All the lilies of the field
were dead
because of you
Lie, Lie….
DCP (Death Camp Parade)Credits:
Rich Keltron Keltner: Music
Zeph Daniel: Lyrics and Vocals, Production 

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