Credits, and Notes

Discovery of Clouds ~ Instrumental by ThePhaige, Zeph Daniel and Jaime J Ross

Production and Mix: Zeph daniel

(See parts for instrumentation credits)

part one: Cirrostratus- Zeph Drums as weather approaches

part two: Altostratus- fibrous cloudy guitar/bass layering by Gary

part three: Stratocumulus -slight clearing & guitar/bass/organ by Gary and Vocal Jaime/Gary

part four: Altocumulus- synth/organ solo by Gary

part five: Cirrus - clearing skies as Jaime brings piano/Synth/harpsichord & Gary guitars

part six: Nimbostratus- grey skies a bit with progressive guitar tones & Zeph drum work

part seven: Cirrocumulus-some rain with Jaime piano/pianic bass synth & Gary guitar

part eight: Cumulus-dense clearing with Jaime rrgan/Synth & Zeph on Serum Synth/drums

part nine: Cloud 9 - Jaime Vocal into Gary Acoustic with Zeph on Serum synths/drums

part ten: Cumulonimbus-Storm is coming with progressive jam Gary gutars/bass/organ&

Zeph Synth solo with drums and effects & Jaime on Piano

End: Clear Skies- Gary Piano

Amazing drum design played by Zeph in all places!


This is a tune inspired and in appreciation for people and musicians we have come to know on the cloud here but also about the changing of weather conditions in life and through the season of life (in music)

So it is a loose concept piece in a sense. I was looking to do something instrumental and I wanted to work again with Jaime who I think just did an amazing job with her contributions and is in places you may would not have known were Jaime (see parts) All of her work was done on the piano and some was modeled with other effects to add a new layer to her talents here.

Then we passed off to Zeph who started this thing with a drum loop he sent me that got me going and then he added his drum design to the rest of the piece and some instrumentation that I just think fit so well and again (see parts) His mix on this was stellar and I could not be happier with the way everyone vibed this groove. We had much fun together doing it.

Vocal parts written by Jaime with a bit of ThePhaige in there

This aint a song with lyrical content

This aint no play on words

just a musical dynamic we be playing for you

from us the instrumental_istic nerds

Sometimes our music speaks for us

Not guided by lyrics..or voices…

guided only…by the musical must …

we are all just sitting here on this cloud

filled with angels that are you

who support, encourage and dream

we wish to say thankyou from this

musical creatin team

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