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Mess around I don’t think so
You thought you knew the way
but you lied

When you go I will be glad
You will be sad

We only want what’s right
We only want what’s right

Look at you now!

Look at them run around
Look at them up and down
Look at them, climbs all around 
Look at them find a way
Look at them in your head
Look at them try to tear it all down now!

We find a way back home
We find a way back….

Into the light
where you cannot hide

We only want what’s ours
Now you know what you want
but you can’t have it

Look at them run around
Look at them play the clown
Look at them running’ all over town
Look at them in your face
Look at them all the rage
Look at them getting everything for themselves!

One thing you will know
Saddle up and see it grow
What once was lost is found
See it in the ground
See it in outer space
You were lied to about the human race
There’s protection beyond the spheres
But you’re filled with years of fears
I won’t play your way
I’m not going to be a slave

How 'bout run around
Why do you see a clown-- 
Why don’t you stick it up your ass instead
Don’t you dictate to me
I won’t listen
I won’t do what you tell me
Why don’t you look, 
Go up to your logo,
have sex and blow your mind!
Why don’t you go to school
Why don’t you look up
Can’t see your own two hands 
tied behind your back

Criss cross those fingers…….

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