It’s a hologram

It’s a hologram


A halo

whatever you want

we can make it on our D-Wave


Any kind of timeline

Any kind of adventure

You can get it, 

whatever  you say


I don’t want to think about it again

I will live in my bubble

I don’t want you to lie to me


No you will go and enjoy yourself

because you have no choice

you will love everything you see

because that’s what pleases 



Now you will do what I tell you because 

I’m the one that’s real

I will tell you what to be 

and you will comply!  


Oh, yes! Yes!

Look at my world!

Look at my world!

Oh, yes


Look at my world, 

look at my universe


It all makes sense


Come on, 

60’s psychedelic baby--that’s my world


Say you’ve gone down to get some popcorn

come on

Watch the movie in living color if you dare

Watch them stumble, watch them fall


Now I don’t think it’s right for you to think my world is wrong

I don’t think you should criticize me

so i won’t give you any quarter, baby

'cause this is my hologram

I say what’s goes on here

You don’t even exist!  


Written, Composed, and Produced by Zeph Daniel


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