I was shown a sudden peace, but it is broken.  

I have posted my earlier report, entitled THE WAR LIST, which states India and Pakistan using nuclear weapons.  

Sudden "mind-boggling" peace (false peace) is eventually broken and the nuclear option seems inevitable.

Once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, nuclear wars will ensue around the globe. 

You must abide in Christ, and pray for the solution. 

Intercessors, pray, for the time grows dark.

The Holy Spirit prophesied through me about the Cold War back in March. It is here. CONFIRMED.

Israel and Palestine, continued war. CONFIRMED.

Though when I receive the vision it usually does not make sense, ultimately it happens just as He showed me it would.

These are all gifts from God, because they are turning you to Him. What happens here does not matter. Your position in Him does!

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