This is the Mastered MP3 version which is downloadable and sharable! Enjoy!

Kicking off 2016 with this one.

The Phaige stepped in to add his signature epic guitar--which in turn smoothed out my rhythm guitars and gave that layered effect we all dig. So special thanks to Gary for stepping up. That added guitar was what I was looking for to finish the track. Production done here in New Mex at the ol' hacienda studio.

Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

You want to go on the ride for the rest of the time…

Now you’re pulling in
to San Bernardino

San Bernardino
The place they call home

San Bernardino
Now you’re back

Aren’t you glad?
to live to fight another day--

San Bernardino

What if they find out?

If you want to ride around
it’s fine with me
I’m not the one
whose face is spaghetti

Not too much farther
To San Berdoo

Bobby is up on the ridge
playing a Kazoo

Amy went to the airport
Flying to the sand

All the rest went face down
In the promised land

In the promised land

In the promised land……..

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