Sense Offence - An Ambient Abstract Fusion

Zeph Daniel: Bass, Drums, Synth. Voice & Production
ThePhaige: Guitar, Synth, Vocals

This was like the boys night out Jam session groove...haha
I had this small snippet of a tune I sent over to Zeph to see
if he wanted to build on it and he came back with this really
cool ambient vibe with a wicked bass section and he kicked 
back to me to play guitar and add around what he had and it
was a blast to play. I was using a new tool (guitar) on this one
to break it in and I really like the tone of this PRS Tremonti SE.
Thanks Zeph for the inside on that.  I just really had a great time with this and although.

Jaime sat this one out as we were very much thinking of her as we jammed it up.

Zeph really did some amazing work on this piece from the drum design to the bass instrumentation and the arrangement from the bit he had to start with, and the mix is one of his best 
I think. He was going for a real dimensional experience and I feel he achieved it. I couldn't be happier ... Jam on!!

It Matters! ~THEPHAIGE

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