Have you tried t-sips? It's the best tea in the world. My favorite is the Ceylon Black Tea! Please support Sriyani Tidball in fundraising for reducing the risk of HUMAN TRAFFICKING for vulnerable women in Sri Lanka.

Welcome to the Regal National fundraising drive and clearance sale. Highlighted in particular are the 100-count luxury sachets; a portion of the sales of the 100-count luxury sachets goes directly to reducing the risk of human trafficking for vulnerable women in Sri Lanka.

t-sips represents the finest Ceylon tea in the world. Every leaf is picked by hand as part of a five-step orthodox preparation method refined over generations and reserved for only the finest Ceylon teas. Each master blend of black, green and herbal teas are packed in country at a dedicated tea factory set on the edge of Sri Lanka’s only tropical rain forest to seal in exceptional freshness. For many, t-sips is the first time they have ever truly tasted Ceylon tea the way it was meant to be enjoyed. t-sips is all about tea. t-sips goal is simply to bring the best tea to the world one sip at a time.
Here are the links for the Tea fundraising sale here, which will help fund a couple of Sriyani's projects.
Be sure to get yours!
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You may also inbox Patricia Daniel if you would like to try t-sips and support this important effort!