The Breakdown 

From May till September, the beginning of sorrows.

The veil is lifted, and all will see the wicked ones who produce the unfruitful works of darkness--the Light of Truth heals or kills...sustains or punishes--it all depends on you. There is no place to hide in the dark.

Light is God, Light is Truth.

Cities are calamities--economic collapse due to derivitives trading by major world banks.  

This is the last season of sanity.

Nuclear weapons in use by the powers that be...control lost, conflagration of the wicked, those who are the iron fist under the velvet glove...nowhere to hide. 

All control is lost (within 18 months)

Every single institution falls, because every institution serves the Evil One.  

The creation is perfect--the mirror broken, Daniel begun.  

The time of the End is now.  

Anyone who visits here is healed--you have the light of clarity within you now. Turn your heart to Father God and you shall have peace, you shall be healed, no matter what you have done.  

This will prove to be true, exactly.  

It is balance--to right the wrong. Impersonal, immediate, and the humans who hate Jehovah God gnash their teeth and wail and moan.

But no relief.

They shall never have relief, as all must be paid.

Those who turn and repent are healed immediately, and some will never see death!

I said some shall never see death--many. Those who turn will be comforted in calamity. And those who hate God shall receive their justice. These are the ones who harm those weaker then themselves, who live on the pain of others. There shall be no rest for these. Turn from them.

Oh, yes, churches--you who do not believe that God speaks, you who support the powers that are not the Church of Jesus Christ. 

May the Lord have mercy on those who are ignorant, that they may have the light of eternity.

Take the healing, you who visit here. Every single one.

Next, a message about the receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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