The Most Dangerous Game

Romans 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.  

* * *

Rewards for bad deeds.


The World: don't go along...perish. Human sacrifice.

You are preyed upon by vampires, who will do anything to keep their power. Your blood is what they feed on--because the System is a big parasite.

They figure that you're too stupid to wake up, or if you do know what's happening, your cowed. They look at you as property, cattle, slaves, and like Vegas, they deceive you into thinking you can beat the system. 

And yes they drink blood.

And yes they mind-control slaves to shoot up schools who yell Hail Satan while they gun down the innocent.

Yes, they kill virgin boys and eat their hearts.

Yes, they are top government officials, movie moguls, enshrined artists--the movers and shakers--those top notch people who look so clean and nice on the outside or on the cover of People Magazine.

These the late Father Malachi Martin called "the perfectly possessed."

These are your leaders. These are the ones many of you aspire to be.

You have to do evil to move up. You must be a psychopath to win.

You who bit the apple, you lower caste idiots who still don't know what you're dealing with because you haven't done enough bad shall have your answer.  

A grammy winning rock group who professes to know God slipped a little satanism in the mix when their song stated the following referring to the satanic supernatural phenomena (which is technological, magical, not spiritual--but they think it is): "I've traveled many oceans and I still can't find the meaning, the meaning--the meaning."

So that makes them innocent? Because they can't find the meaning? They are involved in child sacrifice. They are involved in murder. That's the meaning.  

They profess to know God but deceivers in deeds all the while.

And they know this, but they can't say anything. That's because they are not free to speak. They are slaves.

Satan loves all this of course, and gets a great deal of entertainment watching all of us destroy each other, court jesters in the ugliest human scourge of all time...the worse time in the history of the world: Now.  

Lucifer's Kingdom. The Emerald City. Disneyland. The Pleasure Dome.  

And here's the meaning: God made all this. And He made Satan, who was Lucifer, the Serpent in the garden. Okay? He serves a purpose, as you do. As everything does. 

To Glorify God.

It's His Purpose, friends. Without the Supernatural Change through the Holy Spirit, without the old man being slain and the new man being born of the Spirit of God in Christ, there is no peace.

Trust God. He is a person. The Original Person. He loves you and will take you on a great journey...this world will not appear the same.  

What would you give to be free to live again? To have courage? What would you give for your life to have meaning again?


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