War: Indictments? For Whom The Bell Tolls


War: Indictments?  For Whom The Bell Tolls 
Disinfo everywhere.  

 Will play some quick riffs on Anon Q's stuff and the dots connected by certain researchers
(Deep State V Trump, Law Enforcement takedown of Clinton crime machine, pedowood celeb

pedophiles, Podestas et al) then talk about a counter veiling view.  I think no matter what ends up
happening there is a flurry of indictments and then some, so confirmed from a few months ago.  

 Note, my contribution to this is that the force behind Trump is far greater than any Deep State, as
we are seeing, and the word I received on Trump a few days ago?


 Also side note: I watched the speech in Da Nang at midnight, and it was absolutely masterful.


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