December 31, 2003

2Th:2:8: And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

2Th:2:9: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

Looking back on 2003 saw the fulfillment of war and escalation of terror, in concert perfectly with the War On Terror effort, which a large part of WW3.

We also saw the escalation on a mass scale of plagues such as Flu, West Nile, Sars and other so-called mystery illnesses.

Good things happened as well. Disinfo agents were exposed; new agers posing as Christians, alarmists who serve the powers that be with phony terror threats, conspiracy sites have dwindled, many going out of business, most having only been fronts for psyops… all because people’s eyes were opened and they just don’t want to be lied to anymore. The whole phony paradigm which might as well be called waking-reality was ripped from the closet for all to see in 2003—all efforts to thwart the truth coming out have failed. Those trying to suppress Jesus’ people now have been strickened with strong delusion and are impotent to stop what has begun. 

Satanism then becomes not only secularism—but the very system upon which our civilization is built; and everybody is scared of this topic, but that won’t make it go away now. Nothing will. More and more people are waking up—maybe millions by now!


Which is why there has been no terror—because YOU CAN SEE THEM!

Reality is SEEN. Seeing beyond the veil. Breaking the mirror. The mirror is broken, and all are scrambling upon the earth to put the genie back in the bottle, but they can’t. Hence, they cannot pull the trigger the way they planned to. 

Indeed, the entire paradigm for the world system is so sad and pervasive that I can truly understand how people were once indoctrinated, initiated by being broken by the world, then built up with jobs, wives—made lives in exchange for passing through. 

But those days are over! Another great thing about 2003. There is no more room in the pyramid for the next generation of souls! They can’t conform this next generation because they cannot offer them anything in return. The tradition of MAN is BROKEN FOREVER. In 2003!

It would be incorrect for people to say that I have written off the churches—they wrote off God when they tried to serve two masters; perhaps it’s always been like that. But we must hold equally accountable all our institutions… and I hold accountable the liars and murderers who have perpetrated this criminality on our society—I came to know about it all through the victims. How I look forward to bringing them back one day and parading them in white raiment before the so-called movers and shakers. That day will come. 

The old paradigm of great people destroyed and bad people succeeding, THE BIG BACKWARDS… has failed now. The mirror, in 2003, was BROKEN. Hence, no more backwards is possible, as our image is backwards in a mirror. 

We’ve seen Bush, Clinton and others as merely puppets of the system, which they are powerless to control. We have seen leaders in Congress and the military incapable of altering history one iota, all due to this system that they won’t admit, lest they be seen as a traitor to Mommy.

Well, I assure you—I am no traitor to Jesus. And I will call it as I see it—2003 was a great year for SYSTEM COLLAPSE and you who stood for the truth against the big fat LIE called “good society,” conformity, and persecution of anyone serving the truth, which, whether they know it or not, means JESUS CHRIST… you are least here. You are failures here. You are losers here. And thus you are greatest in God’s Kingdom.

And yes, you have authority over the church. And yes, what you say does matter. And yes, you have the healing power of the Holy Spirit—and they are devoid of the Holy Spirit. Satan has a healing spirit, and gives talents as well… everything God has, Satan has a mirror opposite that people call GOOD.

But people, in general, are wrong. The crowd is wrong. 

For the few names I mentioned regarding phony pastors, teachers, churches, prophets, etc. All I can say is this: I was led to say that by the Holy Spirit—if it were up to me, AND IT IS NOT, I could have listed a roster that would have blown your mind… I could have mentioned all the pedophiles, all the major sinners who are on Satan’s side pretending to live for Christ. Or of filmmakers who make wholesome family movies so they can get their hands on children for sex. 

Pedophilia, circles of ritual self-abuse and sodomy, circles of power, of masters and slaves—I.E. SECULARISM, rules the world! 

All I ask is for honesty. 

All that is necessary to clean this damn thing up is honesty.

Atonement—yes, making it right with those you harmed. Making it right with God, whom you also harmed. Mending bridges. Apologizing. Repentance. Atonement. 

Atonement, a cousin of contrition—making things right in your heart. Praying in earnest for more of God and less of you. Not just giving in and saying, when in Rome… but I’ll repent on Sunday. Not just giving in and saying, But I had to make a living. Not just giving in and saying—it’s too hard… I don’t want to be killed. So I go along.

Not just saying, it is what it is—I didn’t make the rules. 


The hiding of it—what makes the world system go—is akin to mass murder then cover-up. Who did 911? Does it matter?—911 goes on every single day somewhere in America. Made to look like suicide. Made to look like somebody lost something, rather than was stolen from. 

I’m talking about invading a vessel, taking it over, degrading it, siphoning blessings (based on creation in the image of God) off it, then discarding it—incarceration, a satanic sacrifice, an early grave. I’m talking about something that everybody knows. I’m saying that if it goes on in 2004, there may not be a 2005 for many westerners. I’m talking about people stepping up and saying what’s wrong. Repenting for what is wrong. Turning around—following Jesus, Who is Truth, Who is the Narrow Way. 

Millions are stepping up now for what is right. Others will join them when the system no longer pays. Too bad they were doubting Thomases, but late is better than never, amen? 


I see no change in man’s hiding the enemy. Man’s greatest enemy is Satan and himself—and yet, both are exalted. Satan is called the Secular World of Man, and man is called EVOLVING. 

I see nothing to stave of the mass death that must come within the next couple of years or the New World Order is CAPUT. There is no further incrementalism that can work, mainly because the DIMENSION IS SHIFTING…and the veil is lifting. No amount of chem-trail spraying can keep the lid on. No amount of disease spraying over cities can keep the populations from eventual rebellion. If they do not nip it in the bud, and begin in earnest in 2004, if there they do not perpetrate their mis-attributed terror strikes on major cities and begin to reduce the population of the earth significantly—2005 IS BUST…. 

Which still fits into a longer, more drawn-out timetable—because when they fail to pull the trigger due to cowardice or what may be left of a perverted conscience, or just simple incompetence and a lack of ruthlessness…a lack of satanic courage…then they—at least the anglo-establishment—will be out. America will be destroyed by enemies—depopulated. And there will be no American Century. 

All you see regarding Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts and the confiscation of gold (to come)… and Fema camps and various contingency plans have been in place for a long time. They are now suffering readiness fatigue—it’s not even psyops that fails to launch a strike—as if one strike is enough. 

There must be several coordinated strikes for the powers that be to achieve martial law and their new world order. So far, they have only revealed their incompetence and penchant for attacking each other. Which is why GOD IS LAUGHING AT THEM! 

And I am laughing at them too. 


Everybody is scared. Everybody is worried. FEAR IS DISHED OUT ABUNDANTLY. 

The government scares the people, then when nothing happens they say, YOU SEE, WE PREVENTED HARM COMING TO YOU! 

BUT IF THEY DO PULL THE TRIGGER—due to pressure of being accused of fear-mongering or the Boy Who Cried Wolf… look at this as a desperate last-gasp effort to keep their failed program on track. We will all be there watching for their slip-ups, as they attempt to blame it on the Muslims. 


We still say it’s dangerous—Los Angeles, Washington, DC. New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Paris, Brussels, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rome, to name just a few. Of course our troops in Baghdad and our supply lines are in total jeopardy… and most of our troops are overseas or shipping out overseas to ensure foreign troops under US and Nato military command keeping the peace in America—that is still the plan, though it looks about scuttled in terms of coordination. Indeed, the powers that be become more and more discoordinated daily, which makes the world a far more dangerous place.

Nothing short of mass attacks, coordinated with wiping out American troops in the Middle East, which brings in martial law and foreign military troops going door to door for gun confiscation and the breaking up of the family, and inversion and perversion of God given rights…only that kind of thing brings world order. And it must all be done, as in Nazi Germany, under the color of law, which the War on Terror provides beautifully. 

The majority of the American people are ready for such a move, unfortunatey, though many are waking up.

Those who buy into the programming hook, line and sinker will never believe that these are police state tactics—they indeed will thank their jack-booted controllers for keeping them safe…they’ll do this all the way into their graves, because they were conformed a long time ago to the world system… by their mothers, fathers, preachers, schools. Going to school in America is tantamount to initiation and indoctrination into the secular system of Satan and the work force is all about conformity. They must have mass death as the unemployment rate is heading toward 20 percent (including those off the benefits rolls, and the underemployed)… once it hits critical mass… or 25 percent, if nothing happens, then the plans of the Anglo Establishment will be over and another will take the stage.


Well, certainly the signs of invasion are increasing—and this will be used eventually to set up the rule of Antichrist, whoever that is. To my way of thinking, the Antichrist is fully functional… and already in command… perhaps this is why the plans of the current powers that be are failing…failing in Iraq, failing in economy, and failing to bring about a global disaster whereby they can pretend to be the saviors of humanity, thus bringing about the man of sin, or the new leader of peace.

The UFO deception, if they do not play it now, will fail horrendously. More and more are waking up to the fact that it’s all a deception, that there are not green men from Zeta-Reticuli or Sirius or the Pleiades, that these vessels are demonic…whether angels of light or angels of darkness… that star wars is a sham—that all of it is designed to deceive mankind into giving away their souls, cheap. God will use these too to burn off the dross, or the chaff, if you will…those who sold out will invariably encounter the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah, especially those who say they are Christian and know God, and act as leaders to others—and even pray earnestly, yet worship Satan in secret… when they think no one but their circles of shame are watching. 


So for 2004 it becomes a matter of ONE ACTION. That single, global war action against humanity—that will bring humanity to its knees in submission to Novus Ordo Seclorum, or Ordo Ab Chao… or both.

2004 is already a failure because of the infighting behind the scenes. 

2004 is a phony election year—and yes, the election results are in. They will stage an election no matter if we’re in a state of martial law or not. They will do it so that people will say YOU SEE! WE’RE NOT IN A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW! WE HAD OUR FREE AND FAIR ELECTION! YOU SEE! IT’S FAIR! YOU SEE! You were wrong! You see—they did strike…we do need Homeland Security—YOU PEOPLE ARE WRONG! 

I for one know that they will launch a strike—but it won’t be enough to accomplish their goals…and that first strike will lead to others—and a societal breakdown. 

So we do not discount how dangerous the world is—it’s just that they have lost their window… so now it’s ANYTHING GOES. 

The reason we are still walking around with relative freedom is because of the WAKING UP FACTOR…the GREAT AWAKENING OF 2003! A true disaster for those who wish to reorganize the world for their god, Lucifer. 


Lord I pray that tonight you guide us and keep us… and that you bring to light the whole truth—that the plans of the evil ones would be exposed to all. Lord, protect lives, especially of your innocents who know nothing of the system of Satan. Heal our Remnant, O Lord Jesus. Cover us with your precious blood… raise up Your Church, Yahoshua, for all the world to see. In Your Name we pray. Your Nme above all others. Amen. 

2Th:2:10: And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

2Th:2:11: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2Th:2:12: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2Th:2:13: But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

2Th:2:14: Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All of you re-read 2 Thessalonians… then Luke 21, Mat 22-25, and Rev 1 and 2. Top it off with Psalm 37. This shall give confidence to you, and bring healing. Hallelujah.