It's a good day to celebrate nakedness.

I was thinking, how appropriate to preach a sermon naked, and without shame or guile or any of the satanic garbage. Innocent, yet bold.

Then I realized that Isaiah's nakedness was really symbolic of what the Father wants from us all... total honesty in everything. Nakedness. Breaking us down to absolute zero. Taking away all achievement, all notions of self-concept or identity... then we don't know who we are...or even what we are unless we inquire, and even then, it becomes harder for self-definition, hence, we are unaware of being naked before God, as Adam and Eve were before the Fall.

There is a time for brute honesty, there is a time for gentleness, or gently telling truth--and if we seek the Lord in all things, He will tell us when to shout and when to whisper.

When things need to be said, they must be said.

I have just taken an item to prayer, and the word came back, don't go. I have to tell them, No, thanks... Father says don't go. Bye.

And in all things like that.

Or it might be presented as such:

Here's a word, Zeph... you better not go.

The Father says yes in this case, let's say.

My response to this fellow Christian who received a word, he claims, from the LORD: "Sorry, brother, but the Father just contradicted you. I am to discard your word and go on my journey. You may want to take that in prayer."

No, it's a sure word, he claiims.

No it is not, I respond in a matter-of-fact way.

Yes it is. You're coming against a child of the Living God! I'm a prophet--all my prophecies have come due! It is from the Lord... you'll die if you go!

No, I won't. The Father speaks it.

Yes you will.


And yes, I have actually received postings intended for me personally, that conveniently chastise in general all who come against the true servants of Christ, meaning, I am not a true servant of Christ if I do not agree with everything someone has said, and that everything I now say is a lie.

I have been on the other side of this too, many times... I point it out to show how things get started. Seems there's no way to avoid conflict.

I'm led not to speak to you or receive wordings from you.

Well, I'm offended then, you're going to Hell.

Yada yada yada...

You see how wars start? How easily?

"Zeph, it's a sure word, and you're in rebellion."

I disagree, and your wording is of a dead spirit, meaning, it has no meaning to me...no life in it, no need to heed.

You offend me sir. Many of us are saying the exact same thing about you.

It does not matter to me how many agree with you--your word is rejected, as the Father wills it. Indeed, not a word from YHWH.

Yes it is!

Etc. etc. etc. and on down the line...

In this instance, withdraw, friends. It's just going to go like that, and there is no sense fighting. You will have to separate from people one day... then you may return later when in agreement... Pew warmers you shall not be if you listen to Yahweh and not man.

Stay true to your walk in Him--true emancipation of a human into adulthood is defined as this: a person remaining true no matter how much peer pressure to change. That's manhood or womanhood. Going along means a person remains a child in the spiritual walk. And yes, it's just the opposite in the world. They say that children don't go along, we say that these are spiritual adults and the child moniker is a lie by Satan, god of the world presently.

The person who is offended at your rejecting their word might well respond correctly.

"Ok, brother... I'll take that in prayer. Do as the Lord commands, and do not take the word from me if it contradicts. I trust that God is bigger than us and you are being obedient."

Thanks, brother. Agape to you, eh.

Oh, this is getting sickening...but you see the point.

Always, the person issuing the word or warning or even reports such as these should be prepared to be rejected, and that would be in God's will. At that point, you take it in prayer. Father, you said this and they rejected it.

Yes, son...

What's it mean? Zeph says you told him to reject the word?

Silence from YHWH the Father.

He is under no obligation to tell anyone what it means just because we demand an explanation.

1Co 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

And of course I would say to this, God is not confused, and if someone is confused, they need to see more of Him and less of the church. That's how to apply that scripture, so often used by the Pharisees of today to get people to conform.

He's God. He is not confused, His will is perfect. Mine is not.

You might well quote this when they say yours is the spirit of confusion when you are simply obeying the Lord, when they simply do not understand. If you are in concert with His Will, those of a carnal spirit WILL NOT UNDERSTAND.

Isa 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

No further discussion is required. Either we are naked or we are not. Either it's honest or it's not. So many of us have been manipulated by false words and doctrines, when all we had to do was seek the Father's will in thought, word and deed...we'd all be fine if we did that.

Sometimes a teaching applies one day, and not on another day. Application can only be subject to His will. I like the image of a third of a congregation simply walking out if it doesn't apply, going outside and sipping coffee and eating donuts with no guile... just matter of fact non-application. No animus toward the pastor... Can you imagine that!...wow. That would be true reform, amen?

Nakedness before the cosmos--tell them exactly what the Father says and do not waver. This is how spiritual gifts are increased...the more you do, the more you exercise your spirituality rather than carnality, the more gifting is added unto you. See Matthew 25:15-28.

Consensus, finding out how others feel about this or that, can kill the spiritual walk. And that becomes layers and layers of covering.

I always wondered why someone would say, "I need the pastor's covering to speak to the congregation."

No you don't. That's a lie. Obvious self-deception. You need nothing but the unction of the Lord to speak or not speak to anyone, or anything. Yahushua did not need anyone's permission to state that "before Abraham was, I Am." Imagine if he held that back while looking for permission.

Then you say, But he's God, after all!

And to that I say, He is our covering, and we are to do His Will, which is to state before the whole world... Yahushua is Salvation by YHWH. He is God. The great I AM. And anything else He wants. One brother told me he was led to wear a dress to church to upset the hypocrites. He did, they were...upset that is. Strikes me as funny. Strikes me as naked too.

You need no one's permission to state it boldly, everywhere you are led.

When we say hate, we mean it like this:

Psa 139:21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

Psa 139:22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

"Perfect hatred," means without guile or personal animus. It is the same hatred as the Father had for Esau. It is more a form of disconnect...not in relation with. God is love. Yes, but he hates Esau and those like him. I.e. the carnal spirit.

We love, and we hate--best to be honest with your feelings.

May the Love of Elohim YHWH bless you all. Z



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