M't:28:20: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Don’t worry, beloved children of God. 

Many of you feel forsaken, abandoned, alone—cut off, disconnected, some even feel guilty, like you did something wrong… but you did not. 

This is Satan’s Christmas—designed to make lambs suffer everywhere on the planet. 

Many of you have felt suicidal of late, something society would dare not address. Many of you lambs are cut off, literally, from the world system—and make no mistake…Christmas belongs to the world system of Satan. So you are bound to feel more lost, more hurt, more lonely, and like more of a failure than at any other time of the year. And you, beloved, are the children of Jesus Christ! The lambs. Those separated in Him! Those who follow Him and not the world! Yes, this punishment is for you.


Jesus would not be allowed in church today, as most of you are not—that is, those of you who refuse to conform to this world and are rather conformed to Christ. 

This understanding of the world you were born into is hard to understand. Why would there be a church with the Name ‘Jesus’ on it that would bar Jesus or the apostles or the lambs from entry? Most fellowship groups would not allow you into their homes as well… that is, those fellowships that contain conformed and so-called “good” people who get together to assuage their collective guilt (due to their secret satanism, which they lie about). 

Don’t feel bad that you’re not wanted.

Don’t feel bad that you are shunned. 

The purpose of Christmas is to destroy Jesus Christ and His church. The purpose of Christmas is to put lambs out into the cold everywhere and claim the lie that they are doing God’s work. 

The purpose of Christian programming on TV is to cast you out further, to punish you and destroy you. 

The purpose of Christian bookstores is to make you feel even more disconnected and lost.

The purpose of Christianity is to kill… and the renewal day, the real new year, is on Christmas, which is simply a celebration of the pagan Sun god and not Jesus, but that doesn’t matter to you. You’re hurting now. You want to commit suicide. You ask God, “Father, why did you even make me? Just to be hurt and suffer and die? To be shunned and set aside? How can I be a light when no one will look?”

Alas, they do look! They still have consciences! They can’t get rid of what God put in! They think about you day and night and are tormented by you, SO THEY PUT YOU OUT!


Christmas is for satanists, not for followers of Jesus. The proof I use, again and again, is that Jesus (iconoclast, non-conformist, radical) would not be allowed to join a 501c3 church—the doors would be slammed on Him.

So did you think they would not be slammed on you—on Christmas? No, Christmas you are especially thrown out—because if YOU are a Christian, THEN THEY ARE NOT.


That is why they put you out. They can’t be reminded that they are satanists playing around at church—the gift giving is not in honor of the three occultists who showed up at the manger…the gift giving is because it’s the return of PAGAN power—they rest now, then they go all over again. They give gifts because many of the young people are being initiated into their world system this time of year—being tapped for jobs and schools… being assessed for their value to the hierarchy.


Yes, Christmas is not the time they put away the hatred or the games—it is when they BEGIN! Christmas is one of their most potent attack times, since most suicides—mainly of these lost, cast out, and sorry to say, lambs who have lost their way—occur around this season. What better occasion to remind a person again and again how much he is not wanted…what an outcast he is from his own family. 

I was poisoned on Christmas, but lived. Sometimes I get guilt money on Christmas—sometimes poison. Depends on the way the wind is blowing. 

Friends, join me in outrage, rather than self-pity. Open your Bibles for comfort. Frankly, the scriptures we quote here they can’t quote in church They steer around the truth and tell everyone to hug one another, even though most satanists hate each other. 

So for me it’s a time of high satanic human sacrifice and don’t forget the perversion. 


Big filthy lucre time! Big money time. Big time for conformed businesses who play by the rules. Big time in America and for the powers that be. It’s their big celebration! Besides May 1, Beltaine, it’s the biggest time of the year—their New Years, beginning on the solstice…and going through New Years. I’m not an expert on dates, but I can just tell you what I observed. 

There are more satanic initiations this time of year—coming our parties they call them—than at any other time. There are more murders and suicides—which are mainly satanic human sacrifices. 

Satanists just love putting on modern Christmas music and waxing nostalgic, while plotting the increase on the bottom line next year. It’s a time of mending bridges—and forging new alliances, besides all the sex with the newbies just being reborn dead into satanism. 


Drugs, sex and rock and roll—big time. This is the time of year of parties… sponsored by parents who first conformed their children, and now must temper them into not getting caught. Like I said, it’s a big time for kids being initiated into the system—and once that happens, it’s anything goes. Their new power…the satanic gifts are given in abundance this time of year. Churches play a big part in corrupting the youth into satanism… but the power of being above the rest… the power of going from nerd to big man on highschool campus… the power of being able to win when before you were a loser. Of going from zero to hero. VERY POWERFUL INTOXICANT!

We’ve seen kids get scalped in church… then quit and go for broke in the world—returning on occasional Sundays with mom and dad, who did the same thing as junior, only now the magic has worn off. And so they act prim and proper—unable to keep junior down on the farm after he’s “seen Paris.”

Big time for teen suicide too. This is one of the satanist favorite pastimes… driving “uninitiated” kids to suicide as a form of peer pressure and VENGEANCE for not joining when they were given the chance. 


Christmas is a jolly good time of year for Americans! And though it’s all about hating the Lord Jesus and hating the apostles and basically hating everything God made… it’s a great time for loving and lusting for man. 

More Viagra is ordered up during the Christmas season than any other time of year. 

More porn films are rented and purchased during Christmas than any other time of year. 

More drug overdoses are reported at Christmas than any other time of the year. 

More crime occurs over Christmas than any other time of the year. 

So it’s a big celebration for all! 


Fallen and cowardly pastors populate the land and cry, LET JESUS BE THE REASON FOR THE SEASON… “and gee thanks for that big end of the year DONATION.”

Yes, more money FLOWS into CHURCHES this time of year than ever… TRULY A GIFT OF SATAN.

So you can see that ol’ Z is a bit backwards. But I’m not scrooge. Scrooge was part of this world—very successful in business! 

The WORLD is SCROOGE and we are outsiders. Scrooge was very much an insider being honest—most satanists wind up bitter in the end. The story of Scrooge is very much a story of hope, however. A story of a change of heart—of a satanist being born again in Christ. 

How many of you have already given all you had, or lost all you had…and still sung praises to Jesus Christ! 

Jesus puts it this way—freely you received, freely give. 

But that’s not the way Christmas works. They only pretend to do that with a few photo-op soup kitchens or turkey outlets once or twice a year for the Homeless. And yes, this is a good thing… should be every day of the year, yes? 

This is for the satanists, not the homeless. This makes the worlders feel mighty good about themselves by donating an hour or two to serve turkey and gravy to those they hate during the rest of the year. 

Hatred doesn’t mean just bitterness in a man’s heart—shunning or avoiding is also hatred. Well, the homeless most certainly get that. 

I like what the comedian George Carlin said about golf courses and the homeless—he said that all useless golf-courses should be confiscated and used to build houses for the homeless. I like that idea—the stories I could tell you about those in their private golf clubs… read my books Lamb or Glass Backwards to see it as it is. Golf is simply a satanic rite. 

Hey, any of you lambs members of golf clubs? That’s a joke, he-heh. If Christmas and society weren’t so sad I’d be truly laughing. But no, we’re not welcome in golf clubs. Hallelujah. 

Just to remind our brethren who are homeless and in prisons… those who should be homeless, are not. Those who should take your place in your prison cell are out making millions and laughing at you. Loser! 

But those who are laughing now won’t be laughing as we go forward into the collapse of their little system. I assure you of that. 


For me, Santa Claus is simply an anagram for SATAN CLAWS. For Christmas is truly the time of Satan getting his claws in deeper to the world. A real time for Satanic power. This is the time where people go further into debt, and in America, Mom and Pop are so far in debt even their kids won’t have the time to work it off. 

So ol’ St. Nick brings us war and code Orange for Christmas. But the president says go about your business and let your government (MOMMY) protect you. 

Kids get to hear insipid and idiotic stories about Santa Claus coming through the chimney—and providing all the nifty little presents, like the latest murderous video game, or the latest in slut wear, or the latest putter, the latest rock and roll or rap album featuring gang banging and group sex. 

Or the new Bible that doesn’t discriminate against homosexuals. 

The star that sits upon the top of the tree is satanic star of Lucifer, not the star of Bethlehem. It’s the Baphomet pentagram, of course.

It gives the light of Lucifer, who pretends to be Jesus during this time of phallicism. The tree is worshiped—adorned… this is a symbol of Satan’s phallus, the real reason for the season—i.e. literal satanism. 

Here in Santa Fe they wrap wreaths around the Masonic phalluses, called obelisks, and place the lighted pentagram of Baphomet at the top…that’s how they celebrate Christmas. 


Do not give Satan his sacrifice—knock off the feeling sorry for yourselves… we’re all in the same boat with you. We are all SEPARATE…CUT OFF… losers in this world! 

We are shunned by our families, forsaken by friends. Ignored, uninvited and UNFORGIVEN.

They will never forgive us, lambs. Never. 

But Jesus is your Shepherd…and because He went through all this, we must do likewise. 

Joh:15:20: Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

Joh:15:18: If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

Joh:15:25: But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.


It’s the spiritual difference. Your salvation is your separation and sanctification in Christ, and deliverance (born again) from death to life, or from this world to Jesus’ Kingdom. That is the transformation you have gone through, and the world will NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR IT. 

Christmas is NOT FOR YOU. 

Now, let’s have some fun with this.

First of all, when you show up in their churches, you disrupt everything, even the electricity. So go to church—you don’t have to join. Go today or tomorrow—doesn’t matter whether it’s Catholic or not. I remember my wife Trish, on a trip to Rome, partook of the Holy Eucharist (Catholic Communion) at the St. Peter’s Cathedral! Does that mean she’s one of them? Of course not—if they knew she was not a Catholic, she would be barred. But she did not tell them. 

Jesus’ gave Communion to all believers. “Do this in remembrance of me.”

You have the protection and unction of the Lord—they don’t even have the spiritual authority to HOLD CHURCH in the first place! Yet there they are, deacons and elders and pastors… all lying. All phonies. So you go, let them get a good look at a real lamb of Jesus. Let them see His Light in your countenance. 


Yes, fast and pray while they gorge themselves in gluttony and lust. You fast… be quiet. Oh, you do major damage to the dark side if you fast, and pray and give all your pain to Jesus, which is what He wants. If you walk in His light out there on one of the darkest and most despicable days of the year, Christmas Day, even one person consciously doing this, led by the Holy Spirit, can ruin the party. And we should be about ruining their party, everywhere, everyday, amen?

LIVE THE LIFE, walk the walk. Take the persecution. But your feeling sorry for yourselves for missing out in life is just what Satan loves. Just what they love. The phony body of Christ in the 501c3 churches loves to make people feel bad…that’s what they’re there for—to conform the masses, and to hate anyone who is different. 

Brood of vipers—look at how smug they are… how utterly judgmental of you! How disapproving! Go, be amongst them . 

Father, heal all who read this today—the Holy Spirit is upon you, beloved… He gives you the power to go and share the true Gospel and a kind word for those who hate you and revile you. Leave yourselves… LET THE LORD TAKE OVER… let the Holy Spirit give you the words…

This is a time of spiritual surgery. They will feel your presence. Your joy will destroy the world system, not your sorrow. 

You have every reason to be joyous—YOU’RE FREE. YOU’RE NOT PART OF THEIR SYSTEM. 

Satan would love you to doubt this. And freedom only increases with each passing day. Your separation goes a long time. 

It’s not all at once. So don’t be hard on yourselves. Just do the math. Are you one of THEM? 

No. Okay, so who are you? 

“I am a miserable sinner and not worthy of the world or Jesus.”

Yes, many of you have told me as much the past couple of weeks. 

Your flesh is weak, but just lay your life down for Jesus. Just ask Him to take you, to change you. 

Let me ask you another question.

Do you have any ambition here on earth? 

“No…none anymore—the world doesn’t want me.”

EXCELLENT! Now, why is that?

Answers range from: 

“I don’t know,” to “because I won’t join them,” to “THEY DON’T WANT ME.”

Well, let me put it this way—they don’t want Zeph Daniel! Nope—I’ve gone past the point of no return. I could even offer to do their little dance and they would only use it against me. It’s over for me. I am dead to this world. I don’t even exist. If they see me, they walk by as if they never knew me. 

I could get real upset about that. But I don’t, you know why? 

Because we love each other… those of us in Jesus Christ are brethren. 

Hello, I’m your family—I’ll be your rag-tag pastor when the old one forsook you. You’re my friend. I’ll be your friend. I’m your brother. You’re my brother, my sister, my elder, my younger. We, us… yes, us whom you do not know so well… WE ARE YOUR FAMILY FOREVER. 


Call each other—care for one another. Love one another. You are so few, and yes they seek to divide us, BUT THEY CANNOT. We’ve proven that in the Lamb Café… they tried to divide and did not succeed. 

We are your family—you are my family. We are gathered now into the wilderness. That wilderness is SPIRITUAL… a TRANSFORMATION… not a literal place. 

That’s the way it is. 

He loves you, He loves me. He is no respecter of persons. He will never accept the phony churchians, who are simply the Pharisees and legalists of today. 

M't:7:22: Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

M't:7:23: And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

M't:25:41: Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:


Look, the world has never taken our people. Never. The world will never accept you. Your families will reject you. Husbands and wives will leave you and frame you. Many of our people, as I said, are homeless, in prison, in state psychiatric hospitals, are passed over, are fired, are lied to…are laughed at, are scoffed at. Many of us do not live to full term—the Luciferians always seem to live to ripe old ages. 

You can’t join them BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU. That’s the bottom line. Those of you who are not children….who are adults—they not only don’t want you, they want you to die. 

The churches don’t want you. And don’t want the homeless and don’t want ex-cons or ex-mental patients. 

I know a brother who worked in the prison system for many years—he told me most of them just ‘DIDN’T GET IT,” and that is why they’re there…not criminality. Sure, there are hard core criminals and all that behind bars…but that’s not the majority. 

The Bible is clear the way you will be treated. But you are exalted in the Lord. You are not given more persecution than you can bear—and this season is no exception. 

Satan makes it clear that only those in Satan are welcome at the Christmas feast. 

Fine, so you know that. 

Don’t hate them. Understand, it’s God’s will that this world go a little while longer. 

One last thing—you do want to see their world collapse right? 

Well, it’s of their own doing… many before you did not live in this exciting time of change. Where the Lord returns in fury and wrath and then in peace for all nations… to change all of us, unless we of our own free will choose evil. 

Many will be accepting Jesus Christ for the first time this season too. More than those initiated into satanism by their mothers and fathers. That’s because there’s not much to go around anymore on Satan’s side. Too many people joined the past generation and the pyramid is filled up. 

There are no longer guarantees—most alive today will not die mature deaths. Time is curtailed—and we will soon see the TRUTH COMING OUT AND KNOCKING DOWN EVERYTHING IN ITS WAY. 

And the Name of Truth is JESUS CHRIST. 


Rejoice, and be visible—let them all see. Let them see what they do not have. Let them see the light in your eyes… that light short circuits the whole world, even one child of God… even one.