Ge:19:28: And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.

When you’re a child they teach you rules—ethics, morality, right from wrong. And when you grow older, they say, BUT THE RULES DON’T COUNT FOR YOU…here’s a way to rule. You say, "But I believe in what was taught to me—it’s right."

You had better change and fast, or you’ll become homeless.

So Jesus is a joke? 

Jesus is a lie? 

Jesus is a fairy tale? Well, He, Jesus, took me into His world, and so I can tell you—IT’S NO JOKE, IT’S NO FAIRYTALE…

EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, you can rest assured…and conformed to the world is akin to sticking a middle finger in God’s face, the opposite of bowing the knees…so that smirk will be taken right off the face of this world—very soon now, as the US president sets the stage for global sacrifice for his god. While Billy Graham shouts—HE REALLY LOVES JESUS! As all the airwaves celebrate war in God’s name…but I see what really happened, I know what’s going on—you can’t lie to me anymore. 

And then, later:

What about all the voices—I know who they are! 

You’re psychotic. 

No, I’m not—I hear voices in my head. They’re talking about me—I know they are. I hear them whispering and looking at me—in the market, in the square. The hierarchy doesn’t want me to succeed! I know you’re there—you jump from person to person.

And so the observations are as follows:

All people conformed to the world have MISSING TIME. One person was throwing his whistling around the supermarket, as if dropping bombs on my head. I would be at the back of the store, the whistling, then from an unknown source, followed me. No matter where I went. Sometimes they use whistling, and sometimes they whisper amongst themselves…but I hear them. And when I got into the line, I saw the checker whistling in between customers, the same whistle, throwing it here and there around the store. Then he started singing and looked right at me and said, LOONEY TUNES. 

I never saw him before, or again. I would ask him in the spirit, WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME? 

He said, Do what? You’re insane.

But I know that was real… I won’t act on it, because I know he’s a liar. It’s the hive mind—they know where I’m going to go…when I’ll be there—and they’re ready. All who have given consent…their bodies, minds and tongues are used to attack us. It’s not paranoia, it’s literal truth…those on the other side say, THANK GOD I’M NOT YOU. 

But I see into the spirit—I have since I was born. I could hear all their thoughts, just as they communicate through telepathy…they can’t even pray, or they will be punished, yet they run the seminaries and churches…which are ALL places where they scalp the soul and then indwell the unsuspecting with demons, which is why generations have missing time. When the demon operates and says, LOONEY TUNES to your face, they are unaware of what happened. 

So when they kill, according to a friend of mine and ally, they don’t remember killing, or the ritual sexual abuse…or the torture. None of it. 

That’s what politicians and successful businessmen do…they don’t think they’ll ever be seen, because they are no better than us—no better at all. But they drive in their fancy cars and people say yessir and nosir to them—and they hide in their office towers, hoping and praying for a way out, but everyone worships them because they have money, hoping of course that they fall…wanting to knock them down. Hating them with a smile. So these become isolated. I talk about this with them and they agree with me. 


Run by Lucifer, the mental health profession is an oxymoron. What most people suffer from is demonic oppression, and the only way to get rid of it is to destroy their minds—that’s what psychiatrists are for, to enhance psychosis, to cause suicide, and to torture their patients. On the surface, it looks like they’re helping, but they know what I’m saying is true, which is why their suicide rates are so high—they know they help NO ONE. They know that they are there to beta test anti-psychotic drugs on people…and they know what society wants—they have to turn their lost patients into cash. If they can’t do that, they lose, and Satan will no longer use them. Their peers will turn against them; their wives will leave them. Society is happy if their patients can do menial work, and revert to children…to become retarded, or to become feeble is always a good goal…no penalty for that. Godless solutions would also include human sacrifice, ie. Getting the patient to off himself…better the patient than the doctor! 

Mental health facilities are very much like churches, whether run by the state or run by private enterprise. Lobotomies are good—as this is human sacrifice and enslavement all rolled into one. The purpose of mental health facilities is to scalp the soul, and leave a zombie to pay for medication through insurance. Psychiatrists and social workers are simply conformists, seeking to please the weirdness so it doesn’t come and get them next. Throw into the mix nurses and aides too—one social worker told me that he regrets his life working in the hospital, because they would keep all who had insurance, then they became institutionalized and unable to take care of themselves…but they needed the money. So they did it anyway. 

Ronald Reagan closed all the mental hospitals in California, and the patients were free to become homeless, since, once a person is institutionalized, either in prison or a psychiatric facility, he is shunned by society because of the spiritual difference, and no one can help. In Washington, DC, they’ve killed all the homeless to see if they will get caught. But no one says a thing. 

They will ultimately use psychiatric facilities as death camps, first killing all the patients there—ahead of martial law—and they have been doing this to get organs to sell to hospitals. 


Some of the homeless go to libraries and go online, so if you hear this—you have to stay ahead of them. You are a commodity, valuable to them dead. Don’t let what happened in Washington, DC happen to you! Change your patterns. Do not be so predictable. The voices in your head are real—you would not conform, so they send the demons… but don’t listen to them! Rebuke the demonic and their programs in the Name of Jesus, and walk away. 

Just the other day they sent the program after me in another store. Even if you go to say, Wal-Mart (a huge hangout for the demonic and their possessed victims, who pose as slave workers)…they will spot you and start the murmuring behind your back. That’s the voices you hear—also in your head. You’re not crazy, you are under attack. 

You must rebuke the PROGRAM by binding it by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and send it back 7 fold—further, you bind the human hosts who sent it (all their programs come usually by possessed human hosts whom you will either see or not see)…bind it and cast them into the outer darkness so that they won’t hurt anyone else. Send ministering spirits to help them change. 

The programs come from towers in cities, from the TV, from the NETWORK MIND that is a spiritual police force…if you’re not part of the network, like me, then you will have to serve the Lord…for those who are separate were made like that. You are to travel, here and there…doing the Lord’s work. For example, in Los Angeles, I bound all the demons and they’re in a stranglehold as I happily write this to you. They don’t even know that God used me to do it. 

But always ask the Lord that you do HIS WILL. Because you won’t know what to bind or loose…you won’t know where to go…as no one is real—not your parents, not your friends, everything that supposedly happened to you…it’s all a lie. You are in a lab experiment…or it’s like that. The micro and the macro is one. So how you change inside, the world changes as well...this is the secret of interdimensional travel. There is also multiple projection—which means those who walk as Enoch (and there are many, many, many) go to and fro, and appear in many cities at once, though they are just one person. These are humans, with mysterious lives who live outside time. They are immortal, or eternal, as they were already translated, as lambs are now…they are also UNAWARE of all the manifestations—but these never die, even if they give up one vessel…there are others. This is a little mystery of God I’m laying on you—I don’t expect us to comprehend it…just showing how awesome our God is. His Name is Jesus Christ. 


To do that you must become homeless. All that talk of prosperity doctrine and building the Kingdom of God on the earth is a bunch of hooey. God will bring His Kingdom here when He is good and ready! Not one moment before. Man would do better sitting on his hands and watching the world go by than polluting it with his inept participation, which always serves evil, though he believes through his pride and his heart that he’s doing good. 

He’s not. 

He’s failing like me. 

They key is to give all things to the Lord, and to pray about every thing and every person—and STOP THINKING SO MUCH. ALL YOUR THOUGHTS ARE USED BY THE DARK SIDE ANYWAY…TO GET YOU OFF COURSE…the Holy Spirit knows everything. God gives you jobs and money—so do not strive. Prophets will have a word here or there for you…and God also uses people in network fashion. One person will utter something from the Holy Ghost ane not even know it! He may not remember it if you ask him. But it was a word just for you! 

We all fall short serving Jesus—only in our glorified state are we worship…indeed, this world doesn’t even exist. Because in God’s Kingdom all is perfect and eternal and nothing dies. This dying world here is a fabrication. 


I call him Thunlowe. I don’t know why, but Thunlowe does have perches over all the cities. Thunlowe runs the governments of the world, and anyone working for the government has to conform, or they are tossed out. That’s Thunlowe’s law. He hates this name, so I’m calling him that. 

Most people who are conformed don’t believe in God or Satan…but they do believe in Thunlowe, their boss. They know about Thunlowe, they see how they are shackled to their neighbors. They see how all their thoughts are recorded and analyzed by the faceless analysts… Thunlowe runs it. Washington, DC is shaped in the form of a Baphomet Pentagram…so they can kill all the homeless and get away with it, or kill anyone they want—they can blow up the World Trade Center…that was Thunlowe’s deal. It was a military operation…and everybody was in on it—you would have to be JOE STUPID to not be in on this one. If you were part of Fema or the Military and did not know the operation, that means you’re just used as a cover…a stupid moron they can count on. Watch how fat Tom Ridge gets as his ephemeral job bothers his conscience. Everybody knows who flew the planes and the remote-controlled small plane that hit the Pentagon. A top secret military operation, a “Pearl Harbor Event” PNAC boasted. That’s project for a New American Century. The anglo-elite version of a new world order. 

Fortunately, Thunlowe is finished with Bush and his friends. So that’s over. Bush, Clinton and others in these towers are not human…they are possessed…as all world leaders are. We know the real game here. It’s nothing personal, and remember this—Jesus is wroth at America. Is America at Sodom status?…approaching, but not as wicked. 

The whole world system is based on homosexuality—so the gay program thing is a joke. Everyone of power is homosexual/bisexual—but because it’s tied to satanism, they’ll never admit it—since they have become demons anyway. They can laugh at my words today—the truth seems very odd… even hyperreal or psychotic…but it’s all true. 


Read Luke 21-22, Isaiah 24, Matthew 24,25, Revelation 13 through 18, Daniel 2, 7, 11 and 12

You will feel marvelous—oh, and throw in 2 Thess. for good measure, Chapter 2. Stick close to the word of God, which is SANITY in book form. I really can’t believe this book is allowed upon the earth…guess they’re overconfident again! 

God bless all of you… the Lord bless you and keep you. 

Do not forget that God wants you to be gentle to those who oppose the truth, that one day they may be free. So preach to them despite the persecution. God’s word is sure on this point. We remain gentle and meek, even if we point out the truth, which must grate on their nerves and consciences. 

2Tm:2:25: In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

2Tm:2:26: And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

The conformed in our society are slaves of Satan—right up to the day where they truly repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Then they’ll see that it was all real. 


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