December 31, 2003 



I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to write this article... a first for me. I submit it to your for your review and feedback. My aim is to allow the Lord to use me to get the word out, if that be His will. Blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.


Timothy McNulty, Crow Indian Reservation, Montana

The dollar crashes (Rome is burning in the distance) and the American people are too stupid and lazy to think about what this means or how it might effect them in the future. They just open another beer and plop themselves down on the couch to watch another episode of their favorite sitcom, MTV, or occasionally watch the news for a few minutes so as to get caught up on world events.

Perhaps they'll make it down to the unemployment office today and check for job listings. But they know that the only jobs listed there these days will be low paying service sector jobs at a fraction of the pay that they had once earned. It almost seems like a waste of time, but they know that sooner or later their unemployment benefits will run out and they'll have to get seriously busy.

Oh well, why not later. It all seems so depressing. Why not just sit there on the couch a little while longer. How long before reality smacks Mr. or Miz Couch Potato in the face? How long before they wake up and realize that inflation, the crashing stock market (it may not seem to be crashing just yet, but given the 40% loss of the value of the US dollar relative to the Euro, the DOW currently is crashing), and the crashing real estate markets have reduced their net assets to an insignificant fraction of what they had just a couple years ago?

Perhaps they got a wake up call when their job was exported overseas. Or, maybe they'll wake up when they have to deplete their savings to pay the bills. Maybe they'll wake up when they actually do stoop so low as to take that service sector job at barely above minimum wage.


Or, perhaps they'll just hit the snooze button, roll over, and think that everything will be better if they just go back to sleep for a few more precious moments of unconsciousness. These people trust that our American way of life will be there, that it will provide for them if they work hard and do what is expected of them. But the American way of life is fast becoming the American way of death. the death of jobs in America, the death of the American dollar, the death of the American economy, and the death of the American people at the hand of, and by the design of, the very people we elect to keep us fed, safe, happy, and free.

The truth is that the American people do not fit into the agenda of the elite bankers, the globalists, the UN, or the people the really run America's government from behind the scenes.

Their agenda is to create a one world government, a new world order, and the American people are too free, too highly paid, and too lazy to fit into their plans. They talk openly about reducing the world's population to a sustainable 600 million, or so, but in order to do that nearly 5-1/2 billion people must die.


They expect to rise from the ashes of World War III building the foundations of their utopian 1,000 year reign of enlightenment, their 1,000 years of the age of reason, the age of man. They understand that in order for them to gain complete control, and I do mean COMPLETE CONTROL, that they must lose control. They think that they are prepared and that they can build their utopia on the ashes of America, Europe, the Middle East, and the world.

Here is their downfall. Here they will get the comeuppance. Because once they fire up the engines of World War III, and once the fallout from the nukes have settled, and once 4 to 5 billion people have been incinerated, shot, or starved to death, there will be no order and no foundation on which to build their utopian New World Order. They will only have chaos.

What they won't understand, or accept, is that they were the destruction of the world that they planed and schemed so long and so hard for was, in fact, Gods Will. God gave them strong delusion and used them to exact His wrath on America and the world. The globalists' age of enlightenment will instead become Gods Kingdom on earth and Jesus will rule with 1,000 years with an iron rod. This is what is so difficult for so many people to understand, that Lucifer's goal to destroy the world is ultimately God's plan to cleanse the earth of the filth and debauchery that has no place in God's Kingdom.


You'll see this motto on the back of our $1 bill. But what does it mean? Typically you'll hear that it means "New Order for the Centuries," but this is a lie. While it is true that Novus means new, and Ordo, means order, Seclorum doesn't mean anything like "for the centuries."

I went to an online Latin dictionary and here's what "seclorum" really means. secular, temporal, earthly, worldly affairs, cares, temptation. So, what it really says is something like New Secular Order, or, New World Order. Either one, or both of these definitions is entirely accurate in light of what this effort by the elite bankers is attempting to bring about.


These bankers, or globalists, or CFR members, or Illuminati, or whatever it is that you want to call them, are attempting to create a New World Order without God.

Now, for those of you that consider yourself a secularist, in that you may or may not believe in God, but you do believe that God does not have a legitimate place in our government, or the governments of the world, do not for a minute believe that these elite bankers (a.k. a. the Illuminati), these people that control all the governments of the world from behind the scenes, do not for a minute believe that they do not believe in God. They do believe very strongly in their god, but their god is not my God, the God of my Judeo-Christian heritage (YHWH, or Yahweh). Their god is the god of good and evil, the god of the world, the light bearer, Lucifer. They know who Lucifer is and they know where their power comes from. Secular is Lucifer, and anyone that fails to understand this ultimately fails to understand the driving force behind the globalists' efforts to bring about their New World Order.


So, just when we thought we were beginning to understand the globalists, and their agenda, we must now consider the so called aliens. What are these aliens, these creatures, and what do they really want? What could they be up to?

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that aliens are not at all what the aliens themselves seem to be saying about who they are and where they come from. I believe they are also not what the phony mind/CIA controlled media or Hollywood would have us believe either. I believe that aliens are fully integrated into the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, the UN, Homeland Security, and virtually all aspects of the world's elite bankers (the Illuminati, if you will).

For what purpose? Because they made a very seductive deal with the powers that be a long time ago. They gave the powers that be a limited supply of alien technology, or alien wisdom and knowledge, in exchange for the aliens being authorized (by a secret but formal treaty) to conduct limited "genetic" surveys on the people of the world, i.e. to abduct people at random and harvest genetic material. Sounds plausible, right? Perhaps this covert agenda is merely the tip of the iceberg. But I digress...

The point is that these same aliens have strategically placed alien advisors and alien ambassadors secretly in all aspects of the global intelligence community and government. But you have to ask yourself, why in the heck do aliens need to collect human sperm and eggs, and why would they want to influence global governance when they are so technologically advanced? What's going on?


The truth is so sinister and diabolical that it's almost impossible for Americans to understand. The agenda of the aliens is to create a replacement race of hybrid humans so as to repopulate the world once they can effectively exterminate the human race currently in existence. But, why in the world would the aliens want to do this? What are they trying to accomplish, you ask?

The reason is that aliens aren't really what you think they are. Aliens are, in fact, demonically possessed bodies genetically engineered and bred by the demonic hierarchy of Lucifer's inter-dimensional (heavenly), but fallen angels. Their purpose and aim is to completely remove the seed of Adam (created by God, in God's image) and replace it with the seed of Lucifer, created by Lucifer through his legions of fallen angels and demons (demons are the creation of, or the offspring of the fallen angels).


Lucifer has directed his demonic hierarchy in this grand design, telling his fallen angels and demons that if they can eliminate the seed of Adam in mankind that God will lose His will to establish His Kingdom on earth because there will be nothing left of his creation and God will leave the earth and let Lucifer's kingdom continue for another 1,000 years. However, one only needs to read the bible to know how this battle will turn out in the end. And, Lucifer knows it. But Lucifer is the father of all lies, and his greatest lie is that he doesn't exist (secular = Lucifer). Next to that, is the lie that secular mankind (Lucifer's mankind) will have their New World Order for a 1,000 years. This is what Bush and others have referred to when they have mentioned the phrase "Thousand Points of Light."

Bush, Clinton, Dean, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair, Rev. Schuler, Graham, Brokaw, Limbaugh, and countless others in today's upper crust of society are in truth all Satanists. And don't think for a minute that this is some sort of de facto Satanism that they are involved in. These people know exactly who their god is and they worship him in everything they do. In exchange for their souls they receive wealth, notoriety, power, intelligence, and the knowledge of good and evil.

These people knew exactly what they are doing when they gave themselves over to Satan and his strong delusion. Many actually believe that Satan is God, and that Satan doesn't really exist. But again, this is Satan's greatest of lies. Just remember this. God gave them their strong delusion so that they might be damned to hell for eternity.


We see that Lucifer's real goal is the extermination all mankind, thereby extinguishing every seed of Adam. Regardless of who is in power in the White House, or in any other position of power or authority in the world, be it Bush, Clinton, Dean, or whomever, each and every one has a long time ago sold their souls to Satan in exchange for their position of power and wealth in the New World Order.

If the American people only knew it was all a lie, perhaps they'd reject Satan's plan. Unfortunately, however, the truth is that God has given the American people their strong delusion also, so that they might believe the lie and be dammed to the lake of fire that burns for eternity (also known as the second death). Will Satan attain his goal? Will America survive as a nation? Does anyone in America or the world really care? Get up off the couch, turn off the TV, and read your bible. You'll find all these answers