M't:10:34: Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Heb:1:14: Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

Good morning, beloved. Typing with my nearly severed finger is not yet possible, so I do it with the aid of a splint, which makes typing kind of awkward. The Lord told me I would have a full recovery after the deep cuts...and so far, it's miraculous, though the end of the middle finger digit still droops, as the cut was across the small knuckle. God said a miraculous healing--the wound is not even visible, though it should have been nasty for a long time. It may take some time before I can straighten my finger on my own, but that too is God's will. He directs all my healing, pretty much everything--if he said go to the doctor, I would have, but not this time. So far, perfect result. Trust yields victory. Trusting God usually--nearly always--makes no sense. 

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about some of the silly things God asks us to do. Sometimes, Father wants to go on a drive and see people--he uses my eyes to look around when he wants to see things. I feel kind of silly, but I go with it—and I always learn something. After all, He lives in me. 

Sometimes He'll say something like, Go to the corner of this street and stand there. Once he told me to ride my motorcycle to a place and wait--I saw someone I had known as a teenager--a mind control slave...walking with her controller, her incestuous father. The odds on seeing something like this were millions or maybe trillions to one. I was then asked to pray for her release from demonic bondage. A sick site--she was given so many shock treatments...when I knew her before.

Her name was Kathy, with a K. I remember she used to love listening to this old James Taylor record--well, most women did who had a death wish, as Kathy did. She was pretty--all the staff members liked her...one or two of them were like boyfriends to her. Her parents would visit--and they were very strange. (mind you, I'm having a bit of trouble typing, so my style of writing may change--I can only manage short bursts of sentences, so bear with me)

Kathy would go out on a pass from ICU...say out to play volleyball on staff accompaniment (a kind of status for those at severe risk for suicide)…she’d go into a trance, and they would bring her back…next morning, they would drug her up and do a series of shock treatments—she would be a zombie for awhile, not remembering who she was, or even what happened the day before, then slowly, she would remember again—then they would do it all over again. She was used as a sex-slave and in rituals…but that was covered by the shrinks who told her that she was delusional and hearing voices. 

I was 16 at the time. I was in ICU because I balked at Thunlowe’s initiation and they hunted me down—but failed to kill me, as God’s time for me was not theirs…so they did the next best thing—the next day two ambulance attendants came in, strapped me down and hauled me off to this private hellish facility—locked up. The first thing I saw there was a patient leap from an 8 story building and a girl slash her wrists. But now as I remember back…as that old James Taylor song haunted the echoing hallways…that old corridor from a 1920’s Spanish building—a converted estate, as all the girls wanted to die like Suzanne in James’ song…they all thought sweet baby James was singing to them. Kathy too.

Well, as I said, I was 16 at the time, I had seen through the satanism and the world system—I couldn’t understand them, only that I did not want to give my soul to Satan to please mommy. I understand that they don’t understand that kind of thing…but I was not made like them. Neither were most of you reading this. Some do fine in the world and then convert to the truth…that’s a bit different. 

I had no choice…I feared the consequences…I understood that all the bad things would turn magically to good things on the other side. I knew that. I wanted that too. I wasn’t scared—I was wroth. I was outraged to learn that my parents were selling me out…I could see everything. All of it. I could not understand how these people could lie about everything my whole life—what cowards! But killing those who balk—that’s just plain wrong. It goes against my conscience and my spirit. I suppose once over you lose your conscience and are twice dead, you receive the SHINE, the CHARISMA, the STAR POWER so it’s an exchange. Persecution now becomes blessing…demons become angels. GLASS BACKWARDS. 

And so, in this tyrannical lockup facility I found others just like me. Kathy, I saw that day, I think it was 2001. It was 30 years later! What are the odds on listening to God tell you to drive to a certain spot, then see someone walking with her abuser/controller—and by now she was a total zombie…like a Stepford Wife…only her husband was her father; what are the odds on seeing that? It’s the Holy Spirit leading…it has to be. 

Sadly, Kathy didn’t make it. She was a dead-woman walking, at least at that moment. She appeared to me as one who has had a lobotomy—psychiatrists love that barbaric practice, and are always itching to use it on lambs…Kathy was a lamb. Well, they all were. That’s why their parents put them in there—to force them to conform by using shock treatment and lobotomies. 

Everybody else that I cared about was suicided by Thunlowe’s society, which is modern civilization…’modern’? Guess that’s an oxymoron. Put it this way—this is a world filled with people who believe they are right….regarding conformity that is. Which to them is simply getting along in the world. 

Let me be a bit facetious here: “Well, I am so sorry we offended you—so sorry we were inconvenient. So sorry God made vessels you disapprove of…as the songwriter Beck says, “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.” 

(That song makes me laugh. It’s good to laugh.)

I saw Kathy…bloated on medication, walking in a trance, led by her father along that road by Mulholland Drive—most of you have heard about Mulholland Drive. I recommend a movie called Mulholland Drive (by David Lynch), if you want to see what mind control is all about. 

What if I had said, this is crazy, I’m not going to drive there? What I experienced was a miracle—a chance to pray and loose that woman from the bonds of her father…God showed me that He would free her, and this was the first step—30 years later, top of Mulholland Drive above Bel Air, California…yep, that same Bel-Air I write about in Glass Backwards, home of zillionaires and movie moguls. There are more mausoleums in Bel-Air than anywhere on the planet, more twice-dead (satanists0 per capita than even Manhattan! Or at least its close...the demons in charge of Manhattan, DC and Los Angeles answer directly to Thunlowe. They surveil every conversation…they beam people with all kinds of insidious rays if they step out of line. That I may address in a future report. 


Everywhere I go God destroys the occult people. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t go….usually, the occult people come around saying they’re Christians, and I walk with them and see their spirit—you can’t fool me, man—they then fail to move me their direction, then Satan punishes them. God doesn’t actually have to raise a finger in anger against them, nor do I. Usually, I pray and bind their demons and their power, then they fail, as God is faithful…and then they are cast down and kicked in the teeth by their own people! The perfect time to switch sides… a marvelous blessing for them, even though they don’t see it that way. 

The good news about this is that Satan rejects them, their friends shun them, the world fires them…and this is how GOD BREAKS THEM…They are now closest to crying out to Jesus Christ and being saved! My advice for those who failed with me in Los Angeles, those of you who are now unemployed and everything is going wrong, those of you who were stripped of power after we walked out… take God’s gift of salvation—Satan, once you lose your place, will NEVER ACCEPT YOU AGAIN, no matter what you do. You are persecuted as we are—that won’t stop…but you will have joy again…and you will get out of here. 

In my case there were hundreds of people involved in the NETWORK to put me in a corner and force me to cry uncle. Didn’t happen—God moved me all around…I listened to Him, I did what He said…why? Because I was surrounded by the enemy, and they were jockeying in like a pack of hyenas, either convert me and get well paid, or kill me and cash in that way. There were actors who might have become big stars, except that they failed and then did not work again. 

There were producers on a roll…but when they failed, they too were clipped of any career. That’s what happens when you agree to take someone on for Satan—you agree that if you fail, no one knows you…you lose your spot forever. If you are successful, the skies the limit. It’s a big roll—it’s a big gamble. The budding actor, who was so obvious, saw his name on a star on Hollywood Boulevard, no doubt. Now that’s gone forever, and a good thing too—because that’s the only thing that will get through to these people…being seen as a loser, a failure—no one wants to work with a loser. 

Behind our backs, they would buy and sell us to the next one to come along, who suffered from overconfidence, who thought we were easy pickins! My advice: DON’T CHOOSE OFF GOD OR HIS PEOPLE! You’ll lose. And the world will turn its back on you—you lose the shine, and what happened at your initiation—going through the mirror so that curses become blessings—all that reverses…you lose your power… you’re worse than dead if you don’t cry out and sincerely seek God and salvation. Here is the moment of truth, to see if Jesus is really real! To see if there really is power in the Blood of Christ. 

I saw no one in the churches who believed in Jesus—total unbelief. They would not drop the satanic affiliation with society—yet they went to church every week. They’re in for a big surprise—


That’s what God will tell them if they serve the world in any way. You have to trust if God will protect you and provide for you. The world wants your self-corruption in exchange for work, but that’s selling the soul and that is worship of Lucifer, or, as my pet name for Satan is now…Thunlowe.

I know he hates that name, like he hated Glass Backwards, where I featured him exclusively. 

Anyway, this whole battle that’s going on…always, God leads us into battle, so that He can experience it. We’re not here to sit on the sidelines. Those people who failed with me in Los Angeles—and failed for 35 years straight!—have all been blessed by the experience of being shunned after losing. They have all been broken by God! I call that a mighty blessing, because if they had been successful, they might have been stars in the movie business, but lost their salvation and their eternal souls. I have seen too many old men dying of regret.

And friends, Mr. Thunlowe strips most old men of power anyway—they lose the charisma…they thought it was in the gonads, they thought it was the sex-force, or in their sperm. So when that diminishes, their power to succeed diminishes, well, that’s how the occultists view it—and if they’re not into substituting human sacrifice, read that MURDER, to keep their power, like some politicians we’re not so fond of around here, then they go down—THEIR CONSCIENCES RETURN…and they know that if they open their mouths, their children and grandchildren will be punished…so they shut up and go to their graves…most of the time, even if while young, these soldiers could manage to assassinate various people in exchange for moving up the ladder, when a man gets old his conscience sets in, and wisdom sets in, and he just can’t pull the trigger anymore—he knows he needs to atone for the blood spilled. 

Now, with ungodly women, this never happens. Well, almost never—they get furious with their husbands…and usually cast demons on them to kill them off…and they outlive their husbands—but then they run into a similar wall… no one wants THE WIDOW around. They are then shunned…some try to date—but usually, they are blamed if the social circle liked their husbands…they are called MURDERERS behind their backs…people just don’t want to associate with women who off their husbands, even if it is spiritually. 

That is why men die early…you won’t see godly men, in the same situation, dying early…these usually stick with their godly wives and do marvelous things in old age. God loves old people—the closer to 80 years old you are, the better! Look at Abraham and Sarah, look at Zacharias and Elizabeth…look at Moses! Yes, old age is glorious when you finally attain some wisdom and are able through God’s leading to share it with the world and do major damage against the Kingdom of Thunlowe. 

Why can’t people just stop doing the satanism and harming everybody? Why can’t parents accept the children who were born of God? Like John the Baptist, born to be separate, born for the purpose of being a light in the darkness…why do we in this society cast these people to the streets, prisons, or suicide, when they have the answers we all need? 

Why do they exalt themselves as gods—when they can’t even balance their checkbooks? Why do they say they are good, when society is based on competition and criminality? Why do they think God can’t see them hiding behind their veil…the mirror that broke? 


You can see all of them now—yes, that dirty laundry is really filthy, mainly because they thought they’d never get caught. Friends, God and his children see it all—we have the Holy Spirit. You can’t run from God…you can’t hide. God made you. He knows every hair on your head. 

I’ll stop here to pause by the stream of Living Water…ahhhhh marvelous:

Joh:7:38: He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Eph:6:9: And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him. 

Eph:6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ro:8:35: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Ph'p:4:7: And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Psalms:37:11: But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.


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