Z: To The Sheep And The Slave

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse [your] hands, [ye] sinners; and purify [your] hearts, [ye] double minded.

The Holy Spirit vision at 3:30 AM (approx).  

I was looking down on a small city, in the middle part of the United States. Fire consumed it, went out from the center and incinerated all.

And then it was a green field.

The stars were endless, as I traveled to a land unknown. All was moving, all was becoming another form. The Universe itself passed away and the real world emerged.

Angels trumpet the calling of the flock. Yet they hear not. And more cities were burned.

The food is poisoned and the medicine is poisoned and baby's milk is poison and nowhere is there sustenance.

For the wrath of God comes in the form of the global elite, who kill 80 percent of the earth.

All the lambs listen to the words of the leaders, and rebel not. They dare not make a move, for they hold fast to their houses, their food and their employment--which evaporates before their eyes.

And their children die in their hands.

And the blood is on their hands.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Him. 

* * * 

Please order, from this site, a King James Bible, the weapon of choice. For it is a weapon. You go into any bookstore today and many have every Bible except the King James. That is because the translation is true to God's Word. Which is a living thing.


Rejoice, mind-control slaves, for your time is not at hand. They will use you to kill your friends and family. They will use you to turn in your neighbors. Go quickly, do what you must, evil doers, cowards and traitors!  

The blood is on your hands. 

All of you who killed the innocent for a cheeseburger and a laugh. You have your consolation. Don't bother reading anymore here. For your life will reveal your destiny, and it is not with the Father. It is with your father, the father of lies.

All of you who claim to be Christians, in your hatred of Catholics, ensconced in your Bible study and your Sunday worship gossip sessions--quit. For the Lord has nothing for you.

All of you who killed and repented not, the hour has come for your demise. You will not have a chance to repent. You will not change. You will die and be cut off. Your eternal life has begun, and you will notice that your capacity for evil has increased, and the calamity of judgment is about to touch your lives--you will die in poverty and sickness and sorrow. You will prey on innocence, and slaughter all those in your churches who are holding back "god's" blessing. You are foul creatures who have no business around the things of God. For you are a stranger, unwelcome.

Those of you who suffered, those of you who thirst, those of you who are confused, those of you who did harm but more to yourselves--those of you who hate your lives. REJOICE! For there is good news.

The Son waits to take you to the Father. You are just lost sheep, beloved. The Good Shepherd delivers ALL His sheep. That's you!  

The blood is washed from your hands by the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You were sealed before your birth. They all sold their souls around you but you're still intact. You offered yours up daily, but it didn't take...ever wonder why?

Step away from them! They hate you! They will kill you! They are not your friends. We are your family--welcome home!

Lord, I want to come home. Lord God, Jesus Christ, I need You in my life. I've done many, many bad things--my whole life, led by my selfishness, is bad...and I ask You to clean me by Your Precious Blood You willingly spilled to save me from the torrents of this fallen world. I don't want to give up my soul for this world, Lord. I'm sorry I tried to! I'm sorry! Please help me. Oh, Jesus come help me. Father help me. Your will be done. Take my life. Take my mind. Take my will. I want to be forgiven. I'll turn from the world and go to You, Lord. I'll leave my prison cell and fly into Your arms Papa!


* * *

Yes, an amazing gift--the Healing by the Holy Spirit. You are healed if you read this. You are healed, thus says the Spirit.  

Ten thousand fell to the left, ten thousand to the right, but you, beloved, got lost in the wrong camp. They will never accept you in this world anyway. You are not sealed with the mark of Lucifer. Most around you are.

Through His Holy Grace I can see those who are sealed by the Beast and those sealed by God. It is a choice, yes. It is a mystery, how some of you can do the same things that the Gone have done, and yet you are not possessed by the demon, and yet you still feel guilt, and yet there is still time.

Welcome back. 


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