PODCAST 3-3-15

In this Podcast I talk about the news and the world system, and especially the Light to Dark Dark to Light implacable chasm. 2 sides and if you’re on one side, say "THE world," then you are not on God’s side.

If you are on God’s side, you are not on the world’s side and all that implies. There is no in-between, and never has been, and never will be. One must make a choice. That which is low is brought high, and that which is high is brought low. One reward for destroying (low) oneself is “the world” (high) (THIS PRINCIPLE WORKS IN ALL ASPECTS OF NATURE AND ON BOTH SIDES OF THE EQUATION). Many other ways of looking at it but it is important to note that the chasm is real, the breach is real, it is within us and both sides cannot and do not coexist, no matter how many people try to make that so.

I didn’t make the rules, if it were up to me there wouldn’t be a slave planet in the first place. Obviously God is doing something with this situation and we must see it through (because there we have no choice).

Most choose what makes sense to them. And thus they tend to mainly choose the same thing."

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