Language is backwards, humanity is mentally ill as a result...

Freedom is forward language and concepts...

Also contained herein is a word for certain leaders over innocent children of God, now corrupted (see Matthew 18:6)--these will not repent...as they believe they do God's will--God has shut the door on these. They can utter repenting words from here till doomsday and they will have their part in Second Death, and as the Rich Man begging Lazarus. It's a word I don't like to put out there--but you know it in your heart... those Christian leaders are antichrist--they have already chosen Satan, Bondage, Death, with Money too as yet another god they worsip--and chosen hell and bondage unfortunately for their flocks... alas, the flocks WILL COME OUT and be free... these leaders will see the prostitutes and children they've harmed and even footsoldiers repent and be accepted, delivered, saved, glorified and free...while their prayers and cries of agony are ignored-- this stands for all time... do not ever, ever do harm to God's children...if you want to be a fake, try acting.

Do not go into ministry if you refuse to follow Christ but remain conformed to the world instead--as this is considered the most evil..... notice too in this audio that others the world considers evil are not on the prophetic docket.

Shalom Z

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