Sad but true--today I expose the SUDS, sin unto death xtians, who PRETEND TO BE INTERNET REMNANT but are really a satanic psyop, gathering the lost sheep into their CONFERENCES, on UFO's, the New Age or other topics such as the End Times etc....

The truth about who they are and their intent, with a word from the Lord: i.e. they are not followers of Jesus, but rather SATANISTS, who play wicked games against the actual people of Yeshua, who only have power by gathering others and forcing them to buy books etc....

EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE!... be warned, your paradigm is about to change. For too long the truth has been obscured.... I also go over my own experiences being stalked by them and harrassment, some of which has been criminal.

Most think they are the ALTERNATIVE REMNANT CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE HOLDERS, who present the gospel and play church, doing baptisms etc... If I were baptized by one of these I would have to redo it... as a baptism should be done by a REAL PERSON and not a fake and liar.

Shalom z

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