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O earth, cover not thou my blood, and let my cry have no place. Also now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and my record is on high. Job 16:18-19

When bad things happened to Job, the people assumed he had lost favor with God. They could not see the truth--that is had nothing to do with Job, and that Job was indeed chosen because OF HIS CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD in a cosmic test.

In this podcast there is a continued prophetic healing of those the Lord brings in the spirit during the recording of the show. There are lessons to be learned, the most important of course is DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ABOVE GOD...and if something bad happens to you it does not mean that you deserve it, or something is necessarily wrong. Much of what happens here is a test and for spiritual growth. A blessing.

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Shabbat all. This is a departure from the preparatory path we were just on... i.e. Proof of Divine Yeshua, the war of the two worlds, proof of soul bondage from cradle to grave, and the true nature of salvation, and what it really means.

Welcome to the Mystical Entrance to the Holy of Holies, within. And the adventure without--IN LOVE WITH YESHUA, FILLED by the Pentecost spirit. Released from slavery, IN LOVE like the feeling of being in love for the first time.

HEALING-to all captives of the illusion of sickness...and to manifestations of the demonic on the body... you are set free today. Go. Take up your bed and go to the place you were cast out from. Let them marvel.

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I've known Judy a few years and she has always demonstrated total honesty and courage in the face of a society unwilling to accept her, uncaring of her plight, and unwilling to acknowledge anything she has to say. A survivor of MPD, Satanic Ritual Abuse, victimized and recruited by seemingly normal society--judges, lawyers, pastors, and others, all feeding like pigs at Satan's ritual abuse trough of perversion, lies and the matrix that all humans serve until they wake up. Jesus is the answer -- but not a religion.

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There is actually a point around the half-way point, where Brother Thomas speaks for 15 minutes or so...that I confirm is the Holy Ghost speaking through him. It's amazing. The most clear and concise view of Who God Is I have heard.

There are also warnings: we are in an apocalyptic will all go: economy, peace, our way of life, etc. A great spiritual revival/upwelling/pouring out already begun and growing stronger.

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Podcast #7 - Out Mind

Mind control is alive and well in all societies, foisted upon humans by television, news, movies and music--and of course organized religion. There are so many layers to it that without some sort of supernatural MIRACLE, a person cannot be free, and will not see truth. Indeed, most humans rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic all their lives until the ship sinks. That part of it is called "agreed upon delusion"...i.e. the emperor's new suit is stunning!

And when looked at in this context, salvation takes on a brand new meaning.

Sadly, most are mind controlled to not see the daily miracles that occur around them, testifying to the truth--that GOD is GOD, and is Creator, and is Messiah and is the all in all. And they refuse to believe that God is no respecter of persons.

These are the ones who go by prodding and carrots. You prod them, they obey, you give them carrots they obey, as their lives are a series of prods and carrots and then it's over, next please.

How to get out of it, Tune In my friends.

Get yourself a cold one, a nice tall glass of ice tea with lemon, and some apple slices and peanuts and prepare to leave Babylon.

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Trish Daniel on vocals. Written by Zeph Daniel
Original Release Zed4Jah March 13, 2008
Album Release April 29, 2008

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A short but to the point podcast about the world condition and the answer--that the price was already paid by Yeshua need of church, of jumping through someone else mind control ritual abuse hoops, as in the 501c3 church situation, or Babylon Central. Walk Free because HE already set you free. Give your heart to the ONE WHO LOVED YOU FIRST. Z

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