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O earth, cover not thou my blood, and let my cry have no place. Also now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and my record is on high. Job 16:18-19 ...View Details

Shabbat all. This is a departure from the preparatory path we were just on... i.e. Proof of Divine Yeshua, the war of the two worlds, p...View Details

I've known Judy a few years and she has always demonstrated total honesty and courage in the face of a society unwilling to accept her, uncaring of ...View Details

There is actually a point around the half-way point, where Brother Thomas speaks for 15 minutes or so...that I confirm is the Holy Ghost speaking th...View Details

Podcast #7 - Out Mind

Mind control is alive and well in all societies, foisted upon humans by television, news, movies and music--and of course organized religion. There...View Details


FROM THE ZEPH DANIEL ONE ALBUM Trish Daniel on vocals. Written by Zeph Daniel Original Release Zed4Jah March 13, 2008 Album Release April 29...View Details


A short but to the point podcast about the world condition and the answer--that the price was already paid by Yeshua need of church, of...View Details

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