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ABSOLUTELY TRUE, ALL OF IT. Which I could not handle personally so we break into a communion at the end...can't live in this world without a savior--w...View Details

I do talk a lot about the music process and the spirits who control the entertainment industry and how they give the notes, words, performances etc to...View Details

A parallel between Solomon's dedication of the Temple and bringing the Ark of the Covenant to the new temple (1 Kings 8) and the Beatitude of forgiven...View Details

Well, let us just say it's more blessed (for the giver) to give than receive. Frankie goes over the economy, Trish reads letters from the listeners an...View Details

All you have to do is look at the SPYING going on to realize it's already gone. Preparation involves changing email accounts, dissolving associations ...View Details

I am a little facetious but a fair warning: Going forward it is wise to curb your free speech on the net. That means when you blog, do not gossip or ...View Details

We begin with Psalm 78, about the back and forth nature of people, with Yahweh one moment, then against Him the next -- getting miracle water and mann...View Details

There is a beautiful Holy Spirit SCRIPTURE REASONING going on in this podcast, and all listeners or anyone who claims to be in Christ must hear and ta...View Details

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