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This complex of addictive an obsessive things occurs when we break Jesus' commandment of NO WORRY.... regarding what you will eat and wear... thus y...View Details

What is the nature of obedience to God?

What is the nature of LOVE.

Yeshua broke the Law down to 2 commandments: Love God, Love People (esp your...View Details

Confirming all that Judy said with additional information, here we have another healing... Victoria has been coming to consciousness on many memorie...View Details

Mike Horsey returns to explain a bit about the coming hyperinflation and what you can do about it. Also an overview of the fi...View Details


An overview of sorts, ending with a direct prophetic viewing of a listener and prayer for repentance.

A really crazed and wonderful talk--featuring John Norton and prophecy... truly the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end... I am obvious...View Details


I've got folks I wish to promote, and it's at the head of this podcast, then flowing to the Rhema for today, and an analysis of the SPIRIT SEEKING I...View Details

Very hard podcast... no further notes, just listen.

Gotta give you an update, leading up to WARRING ANGEL music, called VIGILANTES OF GOD...

I tell you a bit about the plot--as this is a track for a ...View Details

ZR167 - UFO

Angelic craft, Demonic craft, hybrids, Serpent Seed, battles upon the earth... unlocking DNA to eternal powers... Daniel 2, 7, 12... Revelation 13 p...View Details


Matthew 5:33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thin...View Details


Rev 18 - the Wrath of God is to avenge the saints. I.e. The Fall of Babylon Economic system is to avenge the saints...i.e.

He commands us to REJOI...View Details


Featuring Trish, me, the road, the city and the beach... Molli too. For the fans of the Zeph Report, not for new listeners...

More coming now that...View Details

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