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This complex of addictive an obsessive things occurs when we break Jesus' commandment of NO WORRY.... regarding what you will eat and wear... thus your life.

I am on leave until 2010, but was called to speak this word and to say that we will be looking at this extensively in 2010.

Lambs are not good control freaks, but sometimes become like this from being preyed upon as children, or abused in some way... thus the need for self medication through drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, many things... all or nothing behavior... etc.. and WORRY... worry about everything and trying to do the right thing, failing after awhile.

Listen in, perhaps you will hear something of a healing here.


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What is the nature of obedience to God?

What is the nature of LOVE.

Yeshua broke the Law down to 2 commandments: Love God, Love People (esp your enemy).

And commented on what it means by saying that it's WITHIN YOU. If you externally are one way but in your heart you harbor a grudge, anger, hatred, envy, lust or any other Law Breaking Thing, You you have broken them all. With this interpretation no one can keep the Law. No human that is.

Hence the need for Grace through the Blood of the Lamb.

The stumbling block of hypocrisy occurs when one is one way within and another way without... cults are very exterior, and I used the examples of the Hebrew Names cults, who claim to be Sabbath keepers, and yet are hateful to others for not interpreting things they way they do... but there are many other examples.


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Confirming all that Judy said with additional information, here we have another healing... Victoria has been coming to consciousness on many memories especially the past year or so, and decided to go public on The Zeph Report...

It is crushing and yet Victoria is victorious in Christ--her testimony is a faith booster.

Like Judy, Victoria is willing to return as more memories surface and more detail about the global satanic system becomes quite clear. One thing I know from this, ANY INDIVIDUAL who is in any way shape or form involved, even if they don't do harm to another human being, has done harm to all human beings and is seen as a murderer and liar.

Look how Yeshua delivers souls from the global grip of the enemy!

Caution: graphic. Victoria's story is also heartbreaking as Judy's is -- please pray before listening.

You are dealing with a globe ruled by this reality--NOT ANY EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, IT *IS* THE RULE.

Know the truth. z

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Mike Horsey returns to explain a bit about the coming hyperinflation and what you can do about it. Also an overview of the financial world combined with the CFR's pronouncement of the Amero in 2010...where Obama talks to the nation on TV to get them to accept a 10-1 devaluation of the currency and offers a 1-10 ratio of the Amero to the dollar.



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An overview of sorts, ending with a direct prophetic viewing of a listener and prayer for repentance.

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A really crazed and wonderful talk--featuring John Norton and prophecy... truly the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end... I am obviously feeling a lot better lately... We also recount meeting Frankie in Southern California which was a great time.

Shalom z

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I've got folks I wish to promote, and it's at the head of this podcast, then flowing to the Rhema for today, and an analysis of the SPIRIT SEEKING IDIOTS who reject God and attempt to fly to the sun.

It's the world--all societies, ancient and modern--the Judeo-Christian overlay is of course Mind Control.

And yet, Christ Jesus is real, and not a confabulation of the Fallen Angels.

Shalom z

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Very hard podcast... no further notes, just listen.

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Gotta give you an update, leading up to WARRING ANGEL music, called VIGILANTES OF GOD...

I tell you a bit about the plot--as this is a track for a film project, currently in development.

Peace and Love z

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ZR167 - UFO

Angelic craft, Demonic craft, hybrids, Serpent Seed, battles upon the earth... unlocking DNA to eternal powers... Daniel 2, 7, 12... Revelation 13 pertinent.

There is no good time to deal with this situation. I have kept my powder dry while all the pontificators have had their say on UFOs, Fallen Angels, Bible Prophecy, and the like...

Consider this more like a prophetic utterance... rather than a teaching. More stream of consciousness with a purpose... streaming visions of a near future.

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Matthew 5:33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths..

Keeping Him in mind only.

Him and not the world, not the political system, not the financial system, not the persecutors, but HIM ALONE.

In this way we do the works of Christ without effort, but automatically with a light spirit.

I believe this message will lift off the burdens of the world as we focus in on Jesus' teaching and Rhema.


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Rev 18 - the Wrath of God is to avenge the saints. I.e. The Fall of Babylon Economic system is to avenge the saints...i.e.

He commands us to REJOICE... for their system is damaged.

Did you? Rejoice that is ?

Did you worry and fret about your job?

Not to cheer on the destruction so much of the wicked, but to WITNESS...

To know God has not forgotten you and does not expect you to suddenly take on Stockholm Syndrome.

Warning: HARD.

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Featuring Trish, me, the road, the city and the beach... Molli too. For the fans of the Zeph Report, not for new listeners...

More coming now that the computer is miraculously working again. Shalom Z

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