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Way Word Hues

Way Word Hues

Piano,Bells,Organ and Vocals - Jaime J Ross
Drums, Harmonica and Production(mix) - Zeph Daniel
Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Vocal Melodies - ThePhaige


This tune came about as I was laying some bass down for She Loves Me/Not and I was goofing around with some blues bass lines. The lyrics are about the trial of life and facing the many demons in our pasts, presents and futures that can and do
refine and purify us as in like a crucible and into the best "We'z" we are desirous to be.

I presented the beginnings to Jaime and asked her for a piano piece to go along with this riff I have sent her and the section at the end is that piece that she created and We took it to build the chorus sections with the organ around her vocals. I absolutely love what she did on the vocal in this tune and brought such an exquisite supernal essence to her singing. I just thought she was perfect and as always we had much fun doing this and going back and forth with the parts and pieces. I love doing music with Jaime and we connect so well and has an incredible sense for the sound and the vibe were after. Jaime also has an amazing ear for detail and quality and was a huge help with certain nuances here and there.

Now for Zeph who I have been following on the cloud for a bit now. I have really seen the brilliant nature in his work and his amazing musical mind is unmistakable,fearless, evident and unequivocal. We got to chatting on various things and it came up that we should collab on something and I told him we had one that we were into that I thought would be perfect. I shot the stems over to Zeph within days and he took and replaced the simple drum placeholder we had with his own that he played, and then just as I decided to add a horn section he came at me with this harmonica aspect that was inspired and it fit like Teflon right into the mix.Then he mastered the thing into what your hearing and I could not be more pleased!
I woke up the wrong side of the dah bed
and everything seems totally off
It really is the same side of the bed
I Just been through the inter dimensional cloth

I climb up and look upon the day
and all that is has a chromatic sway
I think its weird but go about da way
I'm realizing that all i am in miry clay

I try to look normal to the all around folk
as I move in and out and and remain under cloak
I work my mind to determine the scope
as every nuance is a screaming In need of hope

This aint no arm chair journey your on a plane with no wings
your flying at the mercy of whom ever owns the thing
They'll take ya to the left they'll take ya to the other
To find your way to the relief you'll have to call on Another

The persons that ya see are not the persons ya knew
They aint not concerned with if your ecstatic ya flew
So clamp on that seat belt and bring your ass to a still
The ride is just beginning and it gots nuthing to do with will

Did I just say it had nothing to do with your will ...well thats
just partially true but the fact is it has everything to do with yo will! .... And we shall have it....

They was poking all at me with their proverbial sticks
and pulled on me all of their silly familiar tricks
I likened it to being an apprentice of a sort
I soon was shown who they is as I am here to report

Oh The Lord Helped me Oh The Lord Helped me

As I was sayin' and now you know about their snare
They was more than the routine adversarial despair
All shapes and sizes they come in and out of their lair
Some can bend their faces some even covered in hair

Oh the Lord Helped me OH the lord Helped me

They was ultimately after all the innards of me
Parts not allied with the flesh or any parts ya can see
When They was "bene factin" eyes...I nearly came away with three. Cept a rather than all this I chose to surrender and live as free

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Seems it's urgent about getting right with God... at the same time you have the New Barbarism of the Communist revolution coming in, building nothing but taking away everything from everyone.  So a talk about that and the seeming simulacrum we're in and what I think God is saying about it--i.e. he wants us to participate in His Creation.  We are brethren in Christ, which is not to say just Christianity, which is full of corruption (as all religions are).  Getting right with God?  No one can tell you what that means for you, you can't just say I accept and that's it.  It's more than that.  It's not just our will, but the Will of the Father.  

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Human 2020, or 20 minutes on the 20th of each month to end human slavery and human trafficking by 2020.  Already since this initiative has started a huge shakeup has occurred in this sordid and secret world.  

We talk a lot about God, and I talk a bit about my silence, which was brief, and not particularly guided by any one thing.  So many horrible predictions were being made for September and the big one is Sep 23 and 24.  And basically for the rest of the time.  I wanted to get away from all the "noise" and see if there is anything good.  

Such a great time to be alive, and yet I see so many hiding, suspicious, preparing for the worst, depressed, etc etc.  Well, we may have horrible things happen--they happen every year.  But are we really living to our full potential?  What is God saying...?  What is He not saying?

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DCP strikes again, this time with an 80's inspired disco track!  

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A Death Camp Parade track

Rich Keltron Keltner: Composition, synths, drum programming
Zeph Daniel: Vocals, Percussion, Melody, Extended Arrangement, Mix

Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

I remember you
from the beginning
You left the city
and wandered to the sand
to the ends of the earth
the beginning of birth

I wanna fly to the sun
I scream at no one
dare to dream

Skeletons dancin’
Reminders of my desolation
No shame, no one to blame
It’s all the same

The mind is open
the sea of tranquility
where I dream

The infinite question,
the infinite dimension
are we more than just gravity?

I see the souls wandering
Harmony of angels
the water of life
there is no strife

No conclusion
Just an illusion
A piece of fiction

I want to fly to the sun
The water burns like a star
the cool sun soothes
like the sound of cactus flowers

The mind is open
The sea of tranquility
in the desert where I dream

Skeletons dancin’
reminders of my desolation
there is no shame
no one to blame
it’s all the same

The infinite question
Are we more than just gravity?

It’s soooooooooooo insane
a sea of fools

Soooooooo insane
a sea of fools

The sun rises, the sun sets
I see the souls dancin’ on their graves

What do you do?  

It’s soooooooo insane
a sea of fools

I wanna fly to the sun……..

(rebel yell: yeahhhh ay hay ay yay
yeah—ee-yeah ee-yeah ee-yeah)

I’m free
I’m free yeah
I’m freeeeee yeah

I’m free now
where I belong
I’m free
where I belong
I’m free
where I belong

Where are you goin’ why’re you runnin' away
where you gonna go what’s you gonna say now
what’s you gonna say to everybody now
where you gonna go, whatcha gonna do now
whatcha gonna do for money
whatcha gonna do for a life
whatcha gonna do with all your kids and
whatcha gonna do with your wife?
whatcha gonna do now run run away
whatcha gonna do now irresponsible loser, loser, idiot, laughing stock?
You gotta go back and face the music
can’t just run out to the desert and fail
you might run outta water
you might run out of sand
you might run out of space
you might run out of land

I remember you

I wanna fly to the sun
but I dare to dream

Dare to dream! 

Chorus (for the duration)
I wanna fly….
I wanna fly…
I wanna fly…

No shame, no shame
We’re not all the same!

You can’t catch me now
and I’m gone

I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna leave

Way out west
West is the best!

There you see… 
I’m not gonna be like you
and you’re not gonna be like me
Don Quixote was sane
You’re insane
You’re a slave
A slave to the big machine
You’re never gonna get out


The infinite question?
Are we…?
Are we more than just gravity?

It’s so insane (refrain)….

Imprisoned souls trying to escape their fate!

I wanna fly, I wanna fly, I wanna fly now!

I wanna fly to the sun

Gonna fly now
I’m gonna fly now
Gonna fly hey...

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A Death Camp Parade Track

Rich really tears it up on guitar on this so I had to keep mixing until this thing really punched. Epic theme--conquering and conquered... so sad, so true. People just want to live. A small group wants to rule and enslave. 

I played the Roland TD30 kit and synths and sang. I feel like the topic isn't done yet. And hope to do more telling this story. Best to let the music talk. I hope you like it--I had an earlier version but that was only a rough beginning.

Godspeed to those who cherish freedom.

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