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It began and then splayed into a bunch of teaching scriptures and some unusual talk, some uncovering-type talk, some getting to the bottom of it type talk, some rambling spiritual talks.... some rhema coming unintended talk.

Praying for you. Blessings. z

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Prophetic from Jeremiah 33....

HE ALONE will restore the people and cleanse the iniquity from them. The world trembles at a beaten people rising up once again to utter prosperity and success... but first, the chastisement.

The cleansing.

Warning: a challenging RHEMA.

Shalom z

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And Z's new song, eventually... BAD SUN ...

I can't really remember what we were talking about, so enough with the abstract already. Just listen and try NOT to laugh, HEHE....


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A word from Z.

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It's great having Red Elk back again on the ZR. I will let the audio speak for itself.

NOTE: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES the first 20 minutes or so...then it's fine. The problem is that my settings in the studio had mysteriously changed--and I reset them... all became fine eventually.

And don't write Red Elk unless you at least include some tobacco. It's an Indian thing (refusing to say Native American here because being from New Mex everybody is an "Indian"--Nobody says "Native American" amongst the Indians anyway, lol)...

Shalom z

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I need to correct an error in the transmission--Palin did say she's sorry Levi is doing "porn"... on Oprah.

They misreported it yesterday BEFORE the Palin interview aired. So my apologies.

(Also, to clear up--some of you might have had a problem with ZR 153 with Ronnie McMullen in the use of the term "Christ-Force"... in which I believe Mr. McMullen does not believe it to be a New Age term but rather to mean "In Christ" the power and authority over all (abductions) etc. ) -- if he means something else then I obviously don't agree with it.

Now, Palin's meteoric rise was predicted here in podcast after podcast--in fact, the Word the Lord gave to me was "vengeance" or "avenge"... when I received this word I was anti-Palin. I received the following: because of the way she has been treated, and because she is one of mine, I will avenge her and she will rise. At that time everyone had already said goodbye and thrown her under the bus with extreme prejudice and attempted character assassination on all fronts. It it because she is not a spoiled Ivy League elitist snob in their little club club--it is because she is a real American woman, more akin to the rest of the country than these elitists who believe that the average American is to be scorned, talked down to, certainly they should have no say in politics. Palin represents the end of their world. Amen.

Today's podcast in part addresses the so-called beautiful people from East Coast Schools who believe they should tell us all how to think, how to live--indeed, believe we cannot take care of ourselves. I point out their utter arrogance, ineptitude, and my proof is the state of the world today. How dare they attack Palin for being "normal", or educated in Idaho instead of Harvard. These elitist pigs believe themselves geniuses--while indeed they are fools. Palin's rise already has flummoxed them--and if she goes away tomorrow, Yahweh's word will have been fulfilled. Now, this is just a prediction, but I believe there is more to come.

Finally, the cowards out there who will not die for Jesus, not die for brethren, or act as if they do not know us or disassociate from us due to cowardice... you have about 2 seconds to wake up and get right with your Creator. End...

Shalom z

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Micah 7:4 The best of them is as a brier: the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh; now shall be their perplexity.

Micah 7:5 Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.

Micah 7:6 For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house.

The world continues to make the same mistake--one of the largest mistakes of course is seeing the world through blinded eyes, through secularism, or to make the mistake believing one knows or discerns something out of his own imagining or reasoning, without the Truth, which cannot be contained in a 3 dimensional space time continuum.

And so bloody wars, strife, poverty, and satanic bloody deadly games continue, affecting and disaffecting all humans, yet God Yahweh makes the way of escape and Truth through His Son--it's a spiritual reality, while the physical reality is contained in Spirit.

So I throw it down with you today... the end of our denial. No one can be trusted--I use the example of the Catholic church and their throwing Jesus under the bus for the ET so called "unfallen" space brothers, the latest mishmash of deception to ensnare souls to destruction, along with the false prophet, the Antichrist spirit, and the Father of Lies.

Shalom z

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Z IS BUMMED FROM LISTENING TO GEORGE NOORY SUCK OFF THE ALIEN AGENDA... Frankie is thinking solar, Trish touts Palin... Z discovers he's a libertarian once again, to which Frankie compares to being an anarchist...

The real truth about Frankie? Yes, he listens to Quayle's Hawk guy... but he gets some kind of strange pleasure out of it, not based on content, same with Rense, Jones, etc... what is Frankie really getting out of talk radio?

That is a question for another ZnFrankie--something that may be inspired from watching too many cartoons: we shall see.

Meanwhile, Trish reads a letter and Z demands humor...announces going to Los Angeles and promising to blog it, while praying the demons out of Laurel Canyon...

In other words, perhaps things are more unstable than the instability that has been known already.

Or perhaps not.

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Vital information for anyone afflicted by the SITUATION... the satanic world system tied to the military industrial complex, demons, ufo's, and the child of God... the powers and principalities that are easily conquered by one in Christ.

Required listening for anyone troubled by SRA, MK-Ultra, Monarch, or abductees... and those who are religious but not comprehending the truth, not IN Christ -- it's show time, as I said before. Decide whom you will serve... they are taking names and wanting decisions.

NOTE: a lot of INTERFERENCE AND TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES while trying to maintain communications with Ronnie--we both understood it was supernatural. Sorry about that. By 'Christ Force' what is meant is one In Christ or with the Authority of Jesus Christ through belief, born again, changed heart, etc etc

Shalom z

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Not for the feint of heart, not for the mealy mouthed, not for the wishy washy, not for the double minded--answering the question: What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the unforgiveable sin, where do words come from, Jesus the hardass, or the Lover.... ?

Those who love tell the truth--according to the Word of God, they do not soft peddle it.

Bring it.

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The highlight is that John breaks into Holy Spirit evangelizing and makes the implaccable case for Jesus' blood--incredible. Those who listen in earnest may be called, chosen and saved.

Halal El

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The battlefield of the mind, the switching of hybrids, interdimensionality--through the glass darkly, into the mirror we go--a last push for souls.

Many in this upcoming battle will be taken, hypnotized, beguiled, and off to their own destruction.

A world is shown--offered--but it is an illusion. The children of God KNOW the difference, KNOW where their power comes from, and the hybrids know where the ultimate power is.

Many will be taken-- it is SHOWTIME. Yahweh wants to see what you got.

So Bring It.


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In this episode I talk about the great falling away, and the prophets becoming silent--i.e. giving words only to brethren... because true words no longer cause awe of God, and thus are withdrawn. False prophecies remain on the net and elsewhere, as these are what people prefer--implausible words that never come due.

Geopolitics and the spiritual battle... another installment, Rhema comes--listen for it.


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The talk show that keeps on giving... Frankie wants to see what would happen if the pyramids get nuked, Z screams at rock stars he claims are drenched in the blood of Laurel Canyon, and all join in flaming false prophets and ministries and the so-called new age patriot movements... nothing sacred... a good time had by all. Trish continues to blog down the news... bits and pieces survive, and Z finally puts his director's hat on and wants Frankie to go from a mental patient to a super hero.


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Just the tip of the iceberg, but a good hour with David McGowan, who has in my view totally confirmed the darkest and biggest story--an inroad that basically indicts the entire world of...

A lurid tale of murder, satanism, pedophilia, ritual abuse and mind control of the top entertainers, the music that shaped decades if not the rest of our lives--all false... Alice in Wonderland, an ILLUSION, and nothing more.

We will hopefully continue this series, as this story also engulfs those who need the truth.

Shalom z

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IT'S ALL GOING DOWN... Z loses half the broadcast, Frankie isn't surprised -- the end of civilization...

Bon Bon, Luke, Frankie, Trish and Z round out the chat...

Possible relief, or not...

Read Full Post » -- Go ahead and read the books "New World Order" and "Satan's Government" free of charge, already classics in the underground press.

Also, read your Bibles and think for yourselves whether it speaks to the times we are in, what it says about faith, and experience for yourselves the miracle power of the Gospel and God's Word.

Michael Lucas discusses Satan's government from a geopolitical and Biblical perspective--I personally was extremely happy to hear such well-stated truth. I.e. if the Spirit is informing Mr. Lucas, then his words about the government should be clear and concise. They are.

Please share this audio with the sleeping or tepid Christians or anyone you feel would benefit.

We also discuss the Mark of the Beast, which seems to be at the door now:

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

And how long ago was this written? It's pretty amazing when you think about how plausible this now is.

Shalom Z

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Z analyzes V, the news and more.... The Zeph Report Show.

Zeph Report URL now working:

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Pretty much going over the amazing coup against the American people due from a Christian perspective.

Warning: James is a Word-Of-God Bible believing Christian with traditional moral views that are found reprehensible in modern day society. He is also a courageous brother in the fight to stave off total enslavement (which always comes through decadence).

Agree, disagree--I welcome many diverse guests, from all areas of religion, philosophy... or secularism, with one dominant theme, the quest for actual truth.

Christians may find this a blessing--non-Christians may be offended. No apology to any or all from this host. smiley

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Yes, that is what they are doing?

V on ABC.... why?

Z goes off in the Diesel Truck and spins out the stream of consciousness re the soul, pyramids, portals, UFOs, and aliens.

Followed by a word after seeing V, the geopolitical statement made... as in why?

Truths in V:

They have always been here. 100% correct.

They aim to destroy humanity.

Collectivism, tyranny, fascism and Marxism are the methods.

They are the forces of Satan.

Humans are not tethered helpless in this life, but are multidimensional, who can take authority (through Christ) over it all.

But don't.

Most are victims of time/dimensional shifts and scare tactics of the enemy, so they shut up and go along.



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Frank and I discuss all things geopolitical and spiritual.

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Z goes on and on about Laurel Canyon, Frankie thinks a movie might change the world... Trish reads news, and conspiring for conference calls next week. It may be quite funny... you know it is. But it's not intended to be. Not completely.

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