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It began and then splayed into a bunch of teaching scriptures and some unusual talk, some uncovering-type talk, some getting to the bottom of it typ...View Details

Prophetic from Jeremiah 33....

HE ALONE will restore the people and cleanse the iniquity from them. The world trembles at a beaten people rising ...View Details

And Z's new song, eventually... BAD SUN ...

I can't really remember what we were talking about, so enough with the abstract already. Just listen ...View Details


It's great having Red Elk back again on the ZR. I will let the audio speak for itself.

NOTE: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES the first 20 minutes or so...t...View Details

I need to correct an error in the transmission--Palin did say she's sorry Levi is doing "porn"... on Oprah.

They misreported it yesterday BEFORE t...View Details


Micah 7:4 The best of them is as a brier: the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh; now sh...View Details

Z IS BUMMED FROM LISTENING TO GEORGE NOORY SUCK OFF THE ALIEN AGENDA... Frankie is thinking solar, Trish touts Palin... Z discovers he's a libertari...View Details

Vital information for anyone afflicted by the SITUATION... the satanic world system tied to the military industrial complex, demons, ufo's, and the ...View Details

Not for the feint of heart, not for the mealy mouthed, not for the wishy washy, not for the double minded--answering the question: What is blasphemy...View Details

The highlight is that John breaks into Holy Spirit evangelizing and makes the implaccable case for Jesus' blood--incredible. Those who listen in ea...View Details

The battlefield of the mind, the switching of hybrids, interdimensionality--through the glass darkly, into the mirror we go--a last push for souls. ...View Details


In this episode I talk about the great falling away, and the prophets becoming silent--i.e. giving words only to brethren... because true words no l...View Details

The talk show that keeps on giving... Frankie wants to see what would happen if the pyramids get nuked, Z screams at rock stars he claims are drench...View Details

Just the tip of the iceberg, but a good hour with David McGowan, who has in my view totally confirmed the darkest ...View Details

IT'S ALL GOING DOWN... Z loses half the broadcast, Frankie isn't surprised -- the end of civilization... Bon Bon, Luke, Frankie, Trish and Z round ou...View Details -- Go ahead and read the books "New World Order" and "Satan's Government" free of charge, already classics in the undergr...View Details

Z analyzes V, the news and more.... The Zeph Report Show.

Zeph Report URL now working:

Pretty much going over the amazing coup against the American people due from a Christian perspective.

Warning: James is a Word-Of-God Bible believi...View Details


Yes, that is what they are doing?

V on ABC.... why?

Z goes off in the Diesel Truck and spins out the ...View Details

Frank and I discuss all things geopolitical and spiritual.

Z goes on and on about Laurel Canyon, Frankie thinks a movie might change the world... Trish reads news, and conspiring for conference calls next week...View Details

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