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The conclusion of the matter=J E S U S CHRIST.

Who taught the crux of all wisdom and truth, which can be found throughout the world, indicating HIS TEACHINGS have reached all shores already.

Compassion, Christ-Like-ness, forgiving all, joyous in persecution and suffering, the Imitation of Christ... IS CHRIST.

Many I have read about lately have left Jesus early in life only to REDISCOVER HIM in traditions such as BUDDHISM... to then REALIZE that JESUS is the author of all truth.

Enjoy it. Z

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Many examples of how we trap ourselves... the Freedom Series, this next installment, continues to a point where we cannot go further.


Then why are so many disappointed, yet trying to put a good face on it?

Why are people not healed if they have given everything to Jesus?

Find out.

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Human suffering and the invididual... how Jesus' teachings are CORE in solving this suffering (life more abundantly)--why mastering the mind is supernatural, and a gift of God... Kingdom within.

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Begins with a personal testimony about my discovery that everyone's into the satanic and it's real... forgiveness and conquering it all.

In Love.


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Really, beyond religion is more delusion -- beyond philosophy is more conundrum. Reaction to life is still imprisoned life.

I can see that most do not wish to travel beyond the Internet dogma, the same old drama day after day...the fearmongering bs that people call spirituality. You know the players, you know their rhetoric. You also know that those who heed are kept in bondage, all ironically in Jesus' name... those claiming to be born again though dead, trapped in delusion.

So this is for the very few. Jesus is the WAY to.... ? To X. What is X? Define X! Seeking to get the satanists i.e. US VERSUS THEM CONSCIOUSNESS is no different than ethnic cleansing or Adolf Hitler in purely conscious terms. The same trap exists, the same dichotomy as the Inquisition... a house divided, corrupt tree at the roots, yielding no fruit.

There is a point where I must leave dogma behind. At that point I hope to have no listeners and thus render these past years meaningless and intensely joyful.

Time for a wonderful cup of tea.



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Ultimately the value of this podcast is proving that attachment to the human drama is misery (vanity in The Book of Ecclesiastes), and detachment, alignment with Pure Consciousness, which is God, proves to any individual that we are not our dramas, that when we are self-concerned, or self-referencing, we are caught in a drama we did not create, that is not us, and will produce the human condition of MISERY. Again, we're at war, the ship is sinking, economy is getting worse, and all that while I lay in the sun, giving thanks.

Thus, the true path unfolds before us, a sacred MYSTERY called THE WAY, JESUS, and that true forgiveness causes lives to change and TRUE FORGIVENESS is detachment from our own thoughts about what happened or did not happen to us through some proposed notion of history which may or may not be true. The difference between meditation under God and say, Yoga, is that there is no need to carry the world, or the burden of self-change, self-awareness, or achieving works (like Enlightenment, Nirvana, Satori, Cosmic Consciousness, etc etc) when God is awareness, and thus anything is a meditation that causes us to lose focus on ourselves.

May you be blessed.

Freedom series 1.

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It ended, and has not yet begun.

All humanity seeks happiness and an escape from their toil, hatred, self-loathing, sense of futility.


A work of God, to put humans in the higher realms, the metaphorical higher heavens while on earth.. the seekers who have found, are hard to find, but do exist.

Jesus gives life more abundantly--i.e. freedom from the pain of separation, superstition, and the rest of the bad feelings associated with being human, the fallen CONSCIOUSNESS.

More in the transmission.

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Eventually we cover the globe... all have gone astray. Romans 13 is a blasphemy in the Bible... errant scripture, period. Standing up for truth, defending those who cannot defend themselves... being a force for good in the world, requires vigilance and a warriors heart... not a complacent namby-pamby go along to get along fool like crutchianity preaches.

Geopolitics at any rate is a distraction, and those who indulge in it run the risk of losing connection to Spirit, which is the highest rebellion one can wage.

Peace Z

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BREAKING THE MYTHOLOGY. Jesus told all his followers to toss Religion and Culture... globally.

Who followed?

You. By Default.

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If you compare Psalms 35 with Jesus' Sermon On the Mount, you are hit with a dichotomy... if the Word of God is true in total, then "Kill My Enemies Lord" and "Bless My Enemies Lord" are equal. And if this is consistent with the Second Letter of John, then REFUSING TO EXTEND A VERBAL BLESSING ("GODSPEED"), IS EQUALLY A BLESSING.

How are we to look at this... it is something I delve into, at least a start. It's a shame how many double minded Christians there are due to not grappling with these scriptures and making sense of them. We are not here to be double minded... i.e. Kill 'em all, Bless them all... Peace and Death.

These must be reconciled!


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Just listen, you'll be blessed.

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