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The conclusion of the matter=J E S U S CHRIST.

Who taught the crux of all wisdom and truth, which can be found throughout the world, indicating HI...View Details

Many examples of how we trap ourselves... the Freedom Series, this next installment, continues to a point where we cannot go further.

And then aga...View Details

Human suffering and the invididual... how Jesus' teachings are CORE in solving this suffering (life more abundantly)--why mastering the mind is supe...View Details


Begins with a personal testimony about my discovery that everyone's into the satanic and it's real... forgiveness and conquering it all.

In Love. ...View Details

Really, beyond religion is more delusion -- beyond philosophy is more conundrum. Reaction to life is still imprisoned life.

I can see that most do...View Details

Ultimately the value of this podcast is proving that attachment to the human drama is misery (vanity in The Book of Ecclesiastes), and detachment, a...View Details


It ended, and has not yet begun.

All humanity seeks happiness and an escape from their toil, hatred, self-loathing, sense of futility.


A...View Details

Eventually we cover the globe... all have gone astray. Romans 13 is a blasphemy in the Bible... errant scripture, period. Standing up for truth, d...View Details

BREAKING THE MYTHOLOGY. Jesus told all his followers to toss Religion and Culture... globally.

Who followed?

You. By Default.

If you compare Psalms 35 with Jesus' Sermon On the Mount, you are hit with a dichotomy... if the Word of God is true in total, then "Kill My Enemies...View Details

Just listen, you'll be blessed.

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