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God bless the survivors and fighters.

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The Manipulation and (auto) Defeat (of it)


January 28, 2016

I’m just curious here.  If I tune out the social network infotrainment and live behind a firewall for a week would that affect history?

They answer.


And if I focus on love rather than hate, on kindness rather than war  between people and if I just read God’s word and seek to change the world in prayer for the better, will that…(make a difference)?

Of course. Read God’s word in a vacuum and joy will be the result.

One week away from the consciousness train.

One week of some kind of celestial music.

One week of no devil and no factoring in evil and fear.

It already sounds absurd but it would not be if it actually changed things.

Of course no one would notice, but would I notice?


Day One. 

No, stop!

Oh, wait I’m already engaged.  I’m led by a God to be right where I am even blogging this!

So yeah, drop out.  Tune out?  Can’t.  Already pluggd in via Jesus.  (Drop out to….?)

Already there.  Are there bad people out there, I ask?

“No, only projections of your own conflicted condition.”

Will devils become angels?

“They already are… It’s a matter of perspective.”

So you’re offering me Nirvana?

“You think you’re so clever.”

I wonder.

The hive mind of satanic slaves is AI.  Always has been AI…total connection with bliss.  Give it a try.


Am beginning to understand my dilemma.  You’re going to go through it!

Mind control will not change reality.  Hypnosis to fatten up the sheep for slaughter.  They do get slaughtered?


Never mind.  God is All.  Go there.  Serve Him.  Does not matter what happens then.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 KJV

[13] Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. [14] For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. …

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I’d Rather Be Me

“I’d rather be me than them, poor bastards.”
By Zeph Daniel
January 27, 2016

The controlled in the cyber ghettos don’t have a clue. The enslavement begins with light, it flickers, it hypnotizes, it predicts accurately what the target will do. And so the technology is based on moving the consciousness to get the physical result, like terror attacks, market crashes and WW3.

And while the humans believe they are socializing and connecting, actually, they communicate with no one. At no time is there a “conversation” occurring. The control enslaving mechanism is not of this world. It harnesses human power, power the human is unaware of and cannot use, and manipulates world events among other things.

The end result of course is that others who control the human factory use the human successfully as a commodity to achieve a simulacrum of continuous life for the benefit of other species who would otherwise go extinct to continue living in an earthly context in space time.

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Well, Punk Funk — that was yesterday’s frustration with the pride of buffoons, today is January 26. What I said 2 years ago when I attempted to start a blog is so succinct it frightened me. So simple to understand… to enslave all humans. (Well you know the rest)

The Lighten
September 28, 2014
And so it comes in, the thing that would end once and for all the reality of what some refer to as the ‘Matrix.’ It’s really just called ‘This Reality.’

What is it?

It’s really an alternate reality controlled by a reptile species of intelligent but not human origin. The purpose is to enslave the human population through the creation of a virtual reality matrix combined with genetic engineering, so that a human being would have no clue what reality is. Would have a sense of self and purpose while being harvested much like a farm animal.

More later….,..


I wish we could just heal the breach and be kind to one another. Well, if kindness is burying truth to spare people’s feelings then no, not going to happen. If being kind is taking care of people, serving people even if they are persecuting you, then that is Christ, yes that is the way. Speaking truth even if inconvenient, even if threats come? Yes, that is the way too.

There are certain people who are targeted by something larger, there is persecution for following (for real) Jesus Christ. There is persecution for being a lamb (trust me, you may not have heard that term but the worlders know it quite well, and to them it’s free target practice).

The Age of Light, the Return of Christ, the New Jerusalem is the end of the Luciferian monopoly–the end of slavery, degradation and pain. But, how many served the Beast system, they will pay as if they are the Beast.

And you will be rewarded as if YOU ARE CHRIST.

“Deserve” has nothing to do with it. It’s a legal matter, at first, and deeper it’s a “belonging” issue and a soul matter.

So Punk Funk–to those in the hierarchy, which models real life yet isn’t life at all, but death. To those who have forfeited eternal life or life in general…those used as theatrical props in a world that cares nothing about them and yet they continue with self importance and narcissism and worldly business. Just how many are in the hierarchy? Sad question. I prefer not to contemplate it, save for how it impacts our lives, how they are aimed like weapons against us, those who are of the light. Those not in the hierarchy.

Yeah, if you’re not in the hierarchy for whatever reason you’re actually running the race and you don’t even know it! That’s a good thought–that pleases me to consider.

It would be very sad for me to comprehend that most people gave up. The Bible says this:

1 Cor 9:24
Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

Romans 6:16 (aka Hierarchy 101 rulebook)
Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey–whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?

Most people are slaves to sin, which means slaves to man (I can’t emphasize that enough).

I can’t see anything getting us out of that condition except the spiritual liberation of the Blood of Christ–that is, redemption.

So as this period of transition goes from darkness to light, they of the darkness will go with the darkness, and they of the light will go with the light–and the divide is permanent–it is cosmic.


I have seen this huge divide… like a stream of a cosmic universe or a portal through space–it split up ahead, one portal going left and one going right–opposite directions. And then I saw that there will be peace in one direction, but hell and pain and death in the other. Then I heard, don’t always trust the fear mongers when they say WW3.

There is always another thing going on that people just don’t realize. So much of this is like a dream and like AI but not clunky like man–rather smooth, surreal and sometimes arbitrary, as the dimensions change from time to time and where you were yesterday is not where you are today and the people are not the same though they look almost identical. But that’s another topic.

And yes, Jesus the Lamb is in control, who already rules and reigns everything, and has since before the worlds were formed. How foolish to think you can just reject Him out of hand, that there is some other way, when there is not even one. The second way is but an illusion. ~ Zeph Daniel

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Getting closer to the actual state of renewal.... time to shed the old, welcome the new.  Never felt that as strongly as I do now... it is happening to those who allow this change to come into their lives -- we must be like a reed in the wind, not necessarily a "tough" brittle oak (as lovely as oaks are, their branches do not bend, they break).

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is said to be a double edged sword.  When we are not separated from Him, life is ... well, alive.  When we experience separation--and being of a religious spirit can cause that ironically--we are no longer "I AM" but Thou Art (Everything) and I Am Nothing.  I am worthless but God is great.  Now what is wrong with this picture?

I am worthless, a miserable sinner, a repetitive sinner, feeling lousy about myself in every way, but at least I'm saved.

Don't laugh.  This is how most ministers teach today.  This is the Christian Ethos.  The ultimate paradigm.  I am worthless; He (somewhere out there) is Great.

Right on the face of it I can tell you this is a lie and the whole purpose of this general teaching of that has been labeled as Christianity (when it indeed is a business) is to control others for the purpose of gain (while successful ministries make a show of charity to hide this fact).

It certainly has nothing to do with the spiritual sojourn.  It has nothing to do with Christ.  How can a person be saved if he doesn't exist as God made him to exist?

We are told that God made us "fearfully and wonderfully" (Psalm 139:14)-- then we are told that we are fallen and wicked (good example is Revelation 2:5)

Can someone please decipher this for me?

No one has to my satisfaction.

So I will.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made (i.e. there is no actual Fall, unless God is referring to Adam and Eve, genetically superior in every way before the "change")... my take is that we are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made, meaning fiercely made, right now, this moment!  A fact to be celebrated.  Look at all God's creatures, they are all fearfully and wonderfully made, as is All Creation.

When we look at the sun, moon, or the heavens, or forests and great rivers and oceans, do we see a mistake?

God forbid!

So the assertion that we are garbage is false.  The assertion that we are a horrific failure (and thus cannot help ourselves, and thus can't help but continue sinning and harming ourselves and others) ends up being a big excuse for Church to allay the guilt of chronic sinners, and thus condone sinning all the more (as guilt is where they derive much of their power, always have).   Or, the Congregation (any congregation) are so weak that the demons override their will at every turn... thus, the self-importance of ministry, delivering souls FOREVER, even after deliverance has taken place, ad nauseum--so in other words the work of Jesus-God on the cross is moot.  Of no effect.  Canceled.  This my friends is the crux of the satanic, to enslave by giving permission to sin.  It is a sickness that ends in death and ultimately what the book of Revelation calls The Second Death.  Spiritual death then is the true state of Hell.

We are told to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect, and that the Blood of Christ delivers us from all sin.  That is certainly good news!  Why is it that there is a huge BUT.... when Christian ministers preach?

Again, you can't have it both ways... you are garbage, He is great, and you are perfect as He is perfect... (Matthew 5:48)

There is such a thing as renewal and regeneration, there is such a thing as spiritual rehabilitation.

There is such a thing as walking in the Light as He is the Light, and as John 1 claims about Jesus, He is the true light that (gives life) to humanity.  If God is our light, then we are the Temple of the New Jerusalem.. we have the right to choose evil or good, God or Satan, to glorify man or God... all these choices we can make because we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

So something is very wrong in the schizophrenic Body of So-Called Christ, because I assert right now that CHRIST-GOD IS MISUNDERSTOOD.

Mistranslated, miscomprehended, mistaken and mistaught, if I may mangle the language abit.

I have taught on this for many years now--and no one but no one in the mind control church system comprehends it, but true Church does, and embraces it, because these have all had the exact same thoughts, and just needed to read it or hear it in context to get the scam that organized religion has to offer.  I.e. you are garbage you need us to deliver you CONSTANTLY, and thus you are our slave.

I must separate from the church people at this point, as I see no connection to God save for God using them in some way for His Master Plan.

Luke 17:20  And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Luke 17:21  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

If Jesus set you free you are free indeed.  No need to jump through that hoop over and over thus insulting God for the rest of your life, right?



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I have done 6 hours of podcasting this week and am not able to get them to you, due to spiritual forces holding me back.   The theme is disrespect -- i.e. people are scattered now, and a diaspora is going on...they are not hearing what I am talking about, I also feel a disconnect from "them" (not the core listeners but the bulk) or they seem to hear yet it goes in one ear and out the other.  If it was just me representing myself and my babble, FINE... but it's not that, never has been.

They have fallen into disrespecting and not discerning what is God's word and what is the Conspiracy Theory (fake word), fear based hype.  They think repeating prayers over and over and finding demons under every rock is God's way.  I assure you this brand of hysteria is nowhere in God or His Word.  This is putting on a show to gather folks, then you can hit them with a ton of conspiracy stuff.   Thank God I can see this truth, and impart it to you.  Watch out they are vying for your attention even now, and mine.  I have outgrown the fundamentalist ways.  To me we are here to make a choice and to flow in harmony with God's creation, which is truly Christ -- being humancentric (humans as gods) only brings separation from God's Song of Life ( and we are all being "sung" as it were)... thus we freak out and blame God when normal processes go on. v them, end times programming and the rest of it.

I have done a talk about God's tuning fork and how we are in a marvelous time of renewal: new ideas, new directions, but I cannot share these with you right now.

When the conditions change I will be able to return.   But they may not change.  People are running here and there to anything that "feels good"...and not being led by the Spirit.  Unfocused, desultory, clouds without water... double minded, unstable... living by fear not by faith.

My friends, do not forget this:

2Co 5:7  (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

Spirit trumps flesh.

I will make an attempt at speaking to you briefly through video.  My youtube channel is "zdversion"


There are some 528 compositions available in the store at

There are always new things there.

Also check out the 528 store:

I designed a Yeshua Messiah clock using Hebrew and English.  It's pretty cool, among other Zedjah 528 things.  528 changes EVERYTHING.  It is God's tuning fork for the human soul.

It can take one on a journey untraveled by modern music.  The new album, ZONTARA, is available everywhere.  This was the phase leading up to the breakthrough, or just prior to the breakthrough, or Graduation from the Music School.   THE Music School, with the right tuning fork.

Working on a new EP (short album) for the 528 tracks.  These will be available at iTunes, Amazon etc... soon.

But here's what's really great:  A PHYSICAL CD WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH MY REVERBNATION STORE!  Right now needing to work on the artwork and the remixing...   JOURNEYS IN 528... name of the EP.  Look for it.  It will change your life.

We are songs being sung... all creation is tuned to 528.



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click on photo to go there

I have been really blinded and/or unable to deal with this part (or someone I trusted said something negative or something): Here are the lost albums--if you go to the links and preview, you will find many of the tracks FAR AHEAD OF EVEN 2011... they were MISUNDERSTOOD THEN, but now they make great sense.  Please MUSIC LOVERS do yourselves a favor and download those individual tracks that jump out at you.  For some reason, GOOGLE and all search engines do not connect Metaverse and Zeph Daniel even though we tagged it all future releases will be "Zeph Daniel" only...learned a big lesson there.

These 4 albums were INITIAL EFFORTS, pioneering the BRAND NEW electronic studio mixing, Midi, sampling, etc. where the new instrument is the Computer-based mixing console and the Midi Keyboard.   Sounds from all over the world are represented, and voices, etc.  It's definitely my medium... glad it came into fruition in the mid 2000's.  I was right there just catching the wave.

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...have rejected GOD.

Know who they are and hide that information.

Coalesce together to gangstalk innocent victims.

Enjoy their power and are drunk on having no conscience.

Rule over the world with an iron fist.

Pretend to be charitable, pretend to have morals, pretend to do the right thing, pretend to be UNKNOWING of the truth, pretend to be like ...

Like You!

Pretend to LIKE YOU.


Will turn on you at the approved of time (that is, approved of by the hive group of humans who are dead but the carcass is animated by THEM)

Will kill if they can get away with it. Will seduce you into joining them; will influence you to sell out your views, morals, aspirations and become their slave--will do anything they can get away with.


Have in their pocket the powers that be and all law enforcement, military, banking, politics, entertainment, and foist mind control idiocy on the mass populace who is lost and confused.


A few of us know all about this.

My Los Angeles trip was filled with this knowledge and yet I was able to slide through nearly unscathed save for the constant barrage of spiritual attack that did incapacitate me from communicating, except for my short video blogs.  (That they did not figure I would do)


They pose as any religion YOU ARE.  Xtian, Buddhist, Atheist, Communist, Patriot, whatever, doesn't matter...they don't care.  It's all about the action, or as a young Axel Rose was quoted as saying, Welcome to the Jungle and something about his serpent seed. So in other words, all those under bright lights have, according to Rock and Roll, PAID with their souls, no matter how talented, beautiful, gifted, or whatever.  It is LAW.  The Law of the land on earth.

So why would any of us choose the path of CHRIST (for real, since most who say Jesus are utter liars and slaves of Satan) and not getting what awaits us: success, acceptance, a path, family, friends, a chance at living a real life?

The answer is quite simple: IT IS NOT A REAL LIFE.  They are not real.  They are pretending to live, while they have died.  What lives on to cash in on that success is not the one who began as THEY in the vessel God gave them.  It has been EXCHANGED.


And for this reason I do not put a lot of stock in REPENTENCE.  What good is it if a spiritually dead meat puppet repent?  Answer: it's a joke because it is not possible in many circumstances as these have gone the way of the Second Death as Rev. 20:6 speaks about: Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power...

He's already dead.  Already gone, but his vessel lives on owned by the Demonic (Realm of Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Satan, Lucifer, etc).

And so WHO IS HE?

The answer is IRRELEVANT.  He does not exist, so the idea of who he is or isn't should not matter.  Dead xtians may try to evangelize someone like this publicly, but this is just recruitment into a demoniac gang of gangstalking haters of God.

Thus, Christianity, as we see in the mainstream, is simply an avenue of recruitment and soul-scalping.

It's just that simple.

I wish there was another way to explain it.  But there it is--perfect, literal truth, unvarnished and crystal clear for any who have eyes or ears, meaning the very few who are conscious thanks to the Almighty.

This is why the Masons hate God and pretend to be like Christians--to usurp that which He has created and twist it towards their own divinity, their own power to become sovereign gods unto themselves.


The Bible says God is no respecter of persons, and He has allowed, in all his PERFECT WISDOM, humankind to rebel and fall pray to the lizards en masse.  The Bible also prophesies that very few belong to God, and the ratios have held since the time of the Garden.

Nothing new under the sun.



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In the middle of the night I was up watching the skies and receiving downloads that fried my CPU it seems... the SOLSTICE ECLIPSE is the end of the Civilization of Man as we know it.  This is the beginning of a rapid decline for humans clutching to human things--to materialism.  But it is the beginning of a rise of all things SPIRIT, for those with ears.

To this end, wars will be flubbed, Internet Regulation won't sync, banks will be confused in policy, currency will become irrelevant, health scares like swine flu will go scattered, institutions will collapse and state's will declare bankruptcy with the cavalry of the US not coming to the rescue.


Truly it's the dark ages all over again.  Literally, from here on...   Does that mean we get a Biblical 3.5 years of Utopia?  Unlikely--perhaps we've had that, and anything of them is pretty rotten anyway.

Where are the UFO's?

They come now to be worshiped.  They feel they have a right since they tell everyone who will listen that they and they alone are our progenitors.

Why was this solstice different from the one in the 1600's?

Because this period is known as the PLUNGE.

Into the Ice Age?

Into the Abyss?

I will tell you. As I said the day before the Solstice Eclipse, into SPIRITUAL MEANING HIGHER DIMENSIONAL LIFE FORMS, or perish into the ether as all matter is transformed.


It is a great time for the lambs of God!  Truly all things shall be fulfilled.  As Jesus said, the last will be first and the first last.  In chaos and calamity, we shall know peace finally--beyond all comprehension.

Because we actually REMEMBER where we are going.  We've been there, done that as it were, since TIME is circular and at the same time irrelevant.  Non-existent in real reality of Spirit Form.

Sounds a bit New Agey but I will say the Bible fulfills (this is the PLUNGE)... the horrors in the Book of Revelation are coming due all the time--but the main point of Revelation is to show us the New Heaven and New Earth, the New Jerusalem, where God is the light and no need of mechanics.

I will record something today about the desperation of the worlders.  They think you're getting away, and you are, but you are transforming into some other form.  They are not.  The dividing line is clear: HYBRIDS ON ONE SIDE, INTACT HUMANS (NOAH) ON THE OTHER.  Each time a human takes the initiation of Satan and Breaks on Through to the Other Side, he or she becomes a HYBRID.  As NIMROD DID.  Essentially, NEPHILIM.

That means all fake religionistas too--lizards run the religions and all institutions of man... that is their job on earth, which is also leaving its former configuration, thus leaving THEM behind.

So they are freaked out--THEY KNOW THE SOLSTICE ECLIPSE SPELLS THE END FOR THEM...TOTALLY, UTTERLY, and so they vie quickly for the Darth Vader solution.  The planet prison lockdown.  Perhaps they should jail the sun?  hahahahahaha

Perhaps they should repent?

THEM?  YOU KIDDING?  Do not think so.  Yahweh has already divided the sheep and goats as we are out of time.

So we go through a long period where physics begins to change the old rules begin not working each and every time applied.

Scary if you love this world.

Liberating if you belong to Spirit Eternal.



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Thursday, November 25, 2010

the Hollywood Disconnection

the Zedjah Hollywood experience

At last I have a moment to give an update to our Hollywood experience.

It's all Masonic... know this and know this is the key.

Strange murders are nothing new in Hollywood lore. I got creeped out seeing the actual site where famous publicist Ronni Chasen was gunned down. Now there are flowers adorning the obscure site--it will go down in history like many other unsolved murders in Hollywood... is there a Masonic connection?

It feels like this.

The LORD spoke to me--"Go to and fro.... and all will be sealed up. Closed. Ended."..... I haven't felt the need to bang the drum or use a special stick... just the trusty video cam and presence is enough.. it makes sense now.

I am preparing a video report here, regarding this microcosm... when I get over my sickness from being exposed to the spirits involved.

I saw them getting off buses from all over the world in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater and Kodak complex across from the Hollywood Masonic temple..

It is beyond Babylon... it's huge--a fountain looking more like almighty orgasms erupting from the ground (intent?) , to the trills of children from all over the planet playing in the water while the shopping went on and on... in view of the Masonic eyes and ears.

Sensory overload--a crossroads of the world with the Rolling Stone Magazine headquarters sitting prominently in the courtyard of the world shitstem.

If you're sensitive to the spirits, this place I spent some hours in will make you sick--literally.

Now reminded of the Black Dhalia... is it Masonic?

Paying off mob hits at Perino's in the late 40's? ... hmmm.... nothing has changed since L.A. Confidential.

Do the Masons then know where all the bodies are buried, and can they fix Brother Rahm Emanual's residency problem? Can't help but wonder--similar vibe on that situation.

Saw a movie at the Mann's Chinese 6 theaters in the Kodak complex... It was brilliant (and got bad reviews), called SKYLINE...where alien invaders beat humanity.

But what the aliens are... are nothing more or less than the spines and brain of humanity.... feeding on itself, forming into a human killing monster that no nuke can put down. Sound familiar?

Is it Masonic?

No no no... it's SATANIC... destruction of humanity is the name of that game... the elephants and 30 buck pizza and pretty people doing naughty things are the allure... the temptation...

They all use MacBook Air computers... wow, now there is a statement. At the California Pizza kitchen patio that's all I saw. I did not eat there, just passed by. I did eat a veggie wrap upstairs while pondering the Masonic temple across the street from the Kodak center, the thing supposedly renewing dead and gone Hollywood.

So now it's utterly demonic and insipidly dumb Hollywood, with all these ogling desperate tourists arriving from Asia and Europe gawking at all the Hollywood-o-belia... while homeless and not-so-well practiced muddle around greeting them from the busses... from South Korea, from Greece and Finland, from Africa and Russia...

No it's not like a city somewhere... it's a VIBE... called OPPRESSION. Seriously, the sun was shining and I'm like wow, just let it go... let the people have a good time, don't pray it into oblivion, don't ruin the party... or this is the voice in my head..the eternal argument, making me a very tired person too.

It's all good... why even come to earth if you're going to be like that?


Sure. All slight of hand. Just an escape from the mundane world... the sun is out, people walking around in shorts and t-shirts, green lawns and flowers blooming like it's Australian spring nearly in Winter.

So just chill.

I can't.

Yes, Masonic with this Chinese flair.

And then I think about all these unsolved murders, and then a solved murder recently using a Masonic ceremonial sword, a son committing matricide and screaming about not accepting Jesus as a motive... wow. Trying to make Jesus look bad...sorry, that dog will not hunt.

A body found on Benedict Canyon, the perfect sacrificial site which was closed today. Then there is the publicist, shot 5 times with 3 extra rounds.. now adorned with flowers for the few who pass by the obscure site...and some newspaper clippings... Who killed Ronni Chasen?

Or... what is Hollywood?

Owned and operated by one entity for one purpose perhaps?

Perhaps humanity's collective consciousness is now feeding upon itself, forming a monster to eat the rest of humanity (like "Skyline" the movie we saw at the Mann's Chinese 6 complex (within the Kodak Center).... GREAT SOUND by the way. At least that. Why can't they get the sound right anywhere else in the world?)

I'm sure this is too horrific to think about. I am about to puke what I ate at lunch up... guess it wasn't fresh. I really don't belong here. I just can't handle day to day reality. If a shrink got me today, the proverbial key would be tossed indefinitely...but then again, would I mind?

So I will stop.

God people? Pray harder than ever. But don't give the whirled a pass. Never again. And not even a little bit either.

So there... video and audio later.

How's that for a really bad attitude? It's not the literal that makes you sick, it's what is not said or seen but known.

Godspeed to u who r real.


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Calling all prayer warriors.

The cities are to be populated, or taken back, by Elijah, working through many of the outcast praying ones who walk to and fro and hearken only to the Spirit for direction in all matters.

Hence, some of these portals (Los Angeles is the largest that is still open, a gaping wound for California) opened by the interplanetary sorcerers in the guise of Tibetan monks and Voodoo priests have been closed. Though admittedly not in California, a state that, despite logic, continues to devolve into poverty, unemployment and eventually violence. And ironically, a state with so many resources and assets. The powermongers simply want to enslave everyone to make their power all that much more palpable, to glow brightly and defy nature... that is the spiritual reality of Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi. They need California to be rubble, so drunk on power have they become... and it can go down from there as well. Always they come as Helpers. People of service. On a smaller scale we've all seen it with bullying little bureaucrats lording it over those who do not fit the mold at the DMV! Just multiply that by incalculable magnitudes more, and that is a governor or senator or congresswoman. In the right spirit, conversely, they can do much good. These will not. They belong to their master--and are very dedicated servants. California embraced them again, incredibly, sealing their fate. You just have to wonder why people complain so much then vote the same people back in....

Well in this case of course you're dealing with a sleeping populace and very powerful witches and sorcerers who made this happen. Who put to sleep and entire population. We need to cover California with a general prayer for waking up, and vigilance.

In California, furthermore, all the impossible trauma befalling most citizens of that state is due to the huge spiritual pathways opened in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego (they are flocking to San Diego as I write this for rituals to be carried out in favor of the American President).

And of course Washington DC is a portal no one has ever closed permanently, though surrounding the Obelisk in DC with spiritual beings who know what they are doing can do amazing damage and actually help to change (for the better) policies that for the past several years have been as a gun to the head of the Americans people. One day an angel will simply render the Obelisk as if it was never there. On that day there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth as the realization that no one can beat God or exist outside his will becomes permanently known. Rev 6:16 - Fall on us rocks!...Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb!

Hey, they were warned in advance. There is no excuse at this juncture.

I am just getting word now regarding the West Coast cities. You've no doubt heard of stargates, but there are portals that remain sealed (otherwise people would be eaten by ravaging beasts!) until the Beast (Satan and the Dragon) is loosed upon the earth.

Churches with steeples are also used to bring in familiar spirits that cling to members and then populate cities--and since most American cities are overrun, I received news that prayer warriors (actual praying people walking to and fro upon the earth and in the Spirit) are also being empowered (with greater powers than witchcraft and sorcery--these powers were always available... but many have been sleeping in the mind control bliss of complacency)--many of these are also at work and staving off some of the evil that Satan's elite had planned.

Even if it seems silly, go pray over it. You'll find eventually that there are trees and various objects sacred to dark kingdom and objects populating the earth that can be neutralized easily by any one individual in Christ, with the power and authority of Jesus Christ, binding and tying up all the enemy has conceived. Yes, and once something is bound by God, it cannot be loosed. Thus they are terrified that you will throw off complacency in favor of action--massive action as we emerge into the spiritual realm leaving the physical realms of mind control, limitation, and surface realities behind.

We are heading into a time where the physical world--i.e. politics, business, entertainment, war etc--will be seen as manifestations of the spiritual battle and nothing more. They will cease to become primary, and the spiritual landscape becomes the only reality we will know.

We are becoming like primitive shamans in a way (in terms of mapping out the landscape, knowing it, going to and fro in the spirit etc etc...NOT as sorcerers) only with Jesus and with the all knowing HOLY SPIRIT, the weapon that no one, no entity anywhere, can lift a finger to. So there is a lot of information that comes via the Spirit, so much so it cannot be written down, but it will be known by those who are called to this service. You will know more than they know. About even little things they think you know nothing about--such as talismans, trinkets, lucky charms and the like. No longer will you simply pass by these as innocent objects for children. It is in the end like a children's game anyway. But with earth-shattering consequences.

I suppose it's an awakening because we need to remember that we can do this, and will.

I encouraged you to cast your votes as an exercise of freedom, not because the vote itself does anything or means anything, but because you are spiritual beings casting votes (which are spiritual missiles via prayers on ballots)--because it's an act ultimately of spirit...

Now we turn to the spiritual aspects behind the voting, to see the SPIRITS IN COLLISION--i.e. left versus right, the Hegelian Dialectic...

And I am now speaking to you who feel inert--or dry, or on the shelf, or lost.

It's not that... you don't belong to the physical world doing physical things and everything comprehended through the flesh... it's just not you.

The voting got you to see the lay of the land--a vote can be a spiritual weapon if you make it so. It's a spiritual battle that takes place, not who wins or loses. The candidates though do represent spiritual forces (first and foremost). I.e. a godless leftist beholden to the Dalai Lama for the Tibetans sorcerers to get behind through opening the portals of totalitarianism, genocide, grand power (remember Pelosi at the signing of the hell-care bill?)... eventually of course holocaust is the way with these. When they come saying peace and love and light, yet use the powers of sorcery (they think for good), beware... most of the sorcerers are drunk on power and if it leads to genocide they justify in in some way.

And so something changed and it swung back. Yet Pelosi is still there, trying again to open the next portal of power through sorcery (gosh it was so obvious when her voice would change and when she seemed almost hypnotized, the glow on her was palpable--her demeanor almost reminding me of a portrait of Marlena Deitrich where the iconic actress, at the top of her career, was photographed on a sofa, 5 carat rock on her finger, cigarette in the other, gazing upwards enigmatically, victorious, drunk with power--the whole aura a thing money cannot buy--God knows how many suffered to bring her her one fleeting idiotic moment).

So the voting again is symbolic--perhaps God wanted you to vote, even if you are a lamb, an outsider, or let's face it, you are probably an outcast too. Standing there next to connected ones -- they did not stop you. You trump them in terms of power... let them never chase you away from anything: any city, any stronghold of evil, any event, and let no threat from them have any impact whatsoever. We do this by existing totally in the spiritual realm, eyes fixed on KING MESSIAH YESHUA JESUS THE WAY.

So former enemies who cursed you or gangstalked you or set death snares for you... needen't be feared. Walk right up to them with authority and bind them for the rest of their pathetic stint on earth.

Do it now. Never ever think you are the outsider who is lost and powerless, or shunned and hunted with no solution. Turn around then and hunt them... chase them. Bring the power of the Almighty into their realm--light it up!

Don't back down... ever again. No need. Your Father loves you that much that HE WILL MAKE ALL THIS POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW.

And forever.


And yes, oh yes, the most POWERFUL STUMBLING BLOCK, who brings down the kings and queens of sorcery, and ultimately the Dragon and Lucy the Queen of Heaven, and all the rest.

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thess. 5:7

In all things, let THE ALMIGHTY JESUS LEAD. And he will, daily and forever.

Shalom! z


Trish Daniel said...

pray without ceasing! AMEN!

laurie said...


Linda L. said...

What a powerful word. Amen!

Linda Rose said...

Yes this is a VERY powerful word on where we need to be. Watchful and praying down strongholds throughout the day every day.

Thanks for this good and much needed KICK in our pants reminder of the power and authority we have been given by Yahweh in Yehshua by the awesome power of His Spirit!

As THEY are ramping up on their end, SO MUST WE!


Linda Rose

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I have to be honest with you--we are all brainwashed by belief systems that are reinforced to maintain social-control. The threat of course is that those not conformed to any belief system will become, or already are, insane. 

Thus, Society (I won't use the word 'satanism' as that in and of itself is a TRIGGER WORD) seeks to harness the individual with THE FOLLOWING:

* Religions

* Education

* Political association

* disinformation, news, books, etc

* poor health, imposed chronic sickness

Misfits and abuse victims are usually "handled" and steered into the fringes--where the search for sanity involves being roped in and "used," for the purpose of harvesting soul-power... many cult leaders have powers, and were themselves abuse victims who had a miraculous recovery and were given power by God, but then the power becomes intoxicating (due to group involvement), and centralized (the usurpation of the soul-power of the group)…and it feeds on itself, much like an out of control fire—resulting in tragic failure. 

The Bible indicates that God will use the dysfunctional and outcasts to confound the world--I believe this is a reality principle. This is a big subject, and I will not jump in just yet. 

But cults are managed by those you do not see; even spirits; and mind control is inevitable. Christian cults, for example, stress intolerance to any other belief system, and usually take on some sort of platform. We've seen them around the net: Yahwehite cults, Serpent Seed cults, Doom and Gloom cults, Rapture cults, Freethinker cults, anti-society cults, separatist cults, new age cults, satanic cults, witchcraft cults, Christian identity cults, racist cults, UFO cults, atheist cults, Islamic cults, Judaic cults, Hindu cults, etc. Troubled souls seek to be free of a toublesome world--and the cult is that trap that offers love in exchange for the mind and soul. 

Which way is the EXIT, you wonder? 

WITHIN, FRIEND. Jesus' teachings will suffice. Being in it not of it requires the rejection of both the ethos of society and the cult (or society-alternative). Luke 17:21, and John 17, all.


You have to believe this way, you must believe that way. 

Today, I am walking out. I seek the Father and ask Him to burn it all out--to extinguish the belief systems that are of man. 

ROCK ON MIND CONTROL... I sought relief in the 1990's from shows like Art Bell and Internet Doomsday Christian prophecy networks (which have flourished over the past few years on the web)... news, even the news I have posted today has an element of MIND CONTROL in it. 

TELEVISION means THE DEATH for the truth seekers. And that's what we must be about to be free--if JESUS IS TRUTH, then He must prove it to you, or your belief is false, your faith is nothing but MIND CONTROL. If you have no experience with God, then do not say the Apostle's Creed, for you would be LYING TO YOURSELF. 

In my mystical experiences since birth, JESUS was the one who would rescue me from danger. I was in danger, or targeted early on by those entities who are timeless, and who know each soul. But Jesus was my defender, even as a baby. 

Perhaps this is why... I have believed in Jesus then since childhood, but that believe was not based on church (or external mind control through repetition and conditioning), but rather, EXPERIENCE. I had the most powerful experience of my life in 2000, and again in regard to all things. 

I was thrown out of church for questioning their belief systems and satanic behavior--I deduced that these were mind control robots of the Satanic belief system, and these manifested great powers. 

So yes, I have direct evidence of the things of the SPIRIT. And so therefore I will be rejected by Christianity and shunned... and yet will attract others who are going through a similar experience or those who can relate to my journey OUT. 

The THREAT of being chastised for reporting on the things of the Spirit and spiritual experience has caused me to use fiction, books, audios and other devices. 

The Christian belief system is very specific, and there are many aspects--but mostly, it is a belief system not based on experience, but rote repetition and mind control. And thus I reject it. 

It is a thought control system that brings comfort through creating delusional behavior in the participants, or a hive mind mentality of SAFETY. 

The separate ones, who are also the chosen ones, and sought after by satanists, are really only safe in a one-to-one relationship with God, and an opening to the things of spirit without dogma, lest they be TAKEN OVER by others. 

I see no difference between satanism (or occultism) and Christianity. Both use prayer to impose their will on others, and all cults, sects, denominations, orders, covens, etc.. believe somehow that their way is right--and many will forgo free thinking so as not to upset the apple cart. 

I do not need anyone to tell me who I am or what I need to do to please God. 

The walk to Truth is solitary, though we may share experience with others on the same path, and even marry and bear children, or develop loving relationships with others--but one must always guard against those who seek to CHANGE you... it may be perfectly innocent, but reality is STACKED... and human bondage is stacked as well. By stacked I mean in layers, as the soul itself is in dimensional aspect is eternal, one is temporal, one is angelic, and another is carnal, etc. etc. and so on, an infinite number of aspects of the soul, just as there is infinite potential in the Spirit of God. 

I won't comment about the belief system re the Bible. The Bible becomes holographic, and thus experiential to one who knows God, but otherwise, it becomes a story about a guy who said "The Bible tells us to be like God on one page, then on another it shows God as a mass murderer."

Another statement: The Bible is true, no one can prove it otherwise. 

And where does it lead: The dominant group will say, KILL ALL DISBELIEVERS! Leading to ethnic cleansing, the Inquisition, Salem Witch burning, etc. etc. etc. 

So we are violent. There is a lot of vengeance in Christian groups, which I am almost ready to write about in a fictional story where I can get at the nitty gritty behind the scenes details. 

Here is an example: 

PUBLIC STATEMENT: “Oh, yes, Praise Jesus…I pray that you will be healed. I love you brothers and sisters.”

PRIVATE STATEMENT: “F*** that asshole, I hope he eats shit and dies. Get so and so on the phone, I want to rip him a new one.”

Then, the PHONE CALL: “Hello, Joe? I want you to know that you’re doing some amazing things. What do you think of that last thing you wrote?”

“I like it.”

“Were you aware of this scripture that says the opposite: you know, we are to study the Word of God and reprove anything that goes against it. Are you really aligned with God? Perhaps you need deliverance. Perhaps you’re not right with God.”

ONE RESPONSE: “Gee thanks. Will you pray over me?”

FINAL RESPONSE: …”Be glad to! Oh look how the Spirit of God moves!”

THE HANGUP: “Hey, we’re not losing Joe…that idiot finally got the message—do not f*** with me. I’ve got the power.”

And now this cult leader has Joe’s power too. 


And here we have a TOTAL FRONTAL ASSAULT, and we are thus IN THE MATRIX… the language itself becomes at once a drug and weapon. 

This is oversimplified, but something that I am observing and wondering about. 

We are on a journey—and this journey requires that we CHANGE to be free… if you are not experiencing God, then seek Him. 

IN CHRIST is not something one can prove or disprove. The Bible is filled with examples of how God deals with people—but taken the wrong way, it becomes a straight-jacket for the mind. 

In Bible based Christianity, I see many who believe that their mind and body is trash to begin with, so losing the mind is not such a big deal. 

It’s very strange how people use the Bible to steer people away from direct experience with God, as the men and women in the Bible stories had had, and coerce them into a lock-down stoppage of all mental and spiritual activity—and then mold the spiritually dead into mannequins that would serve the Controllers’ varied purposes, then haul the dead carcasses off.

And so now I ask, DID THOSE POOR SOULS EVER LIVE? They died peacefully because death is something they were already accustomed to, and death provided that final escape from the misery of bondage. 

Or were they deluded by the very tool that is supposed to free the world from delusion? 

And one then asks, is there freedom in the wilderness? Can human groups organize in a beneficial way? 

Faith is not really blind. Faith is based on direct experience…it cannot be produced by memorization or conditioning. True faith is faith in something that is true. Something true must be true within—truth is not an external experience. If something does not ring true in you—if you do not have a direct experience with truth, and then if you say something is true—then you would be on the first rung of delusion. 

Now you see why I have been excommunicated—which is a wonderful liberation. If you go down the path of truth, religions will excommunicate you as well. REJOICE—we’re getting somewhere! 

Burn every untrue thing down, and if you find that your current belief system isn’t working—or is false, or if you find your soul in misery, then one way to troubleshoot it is to list your beliefs and be honest about what you know and what you have simply adopted as Gospel, in exchange for approval or/and acceptance of others. 

This is my journey and process, and I ask no one to follow me. If in some way, this is helpful to you—then think for yourselves, as I know you will. 

Zeph E. Daniel


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We warned--and now everything is coming due right on schedule. Flu will kill millions and implement martial law; Iraq leads to Iran and Syria. War envelopes the globe...which is a JUDGMENT WAR, meaning, we go with it. Meaning, we change in the midst of it. Meaning, God's people become something else during this time. 


Modern Christianity's purpose is to put people to sleep and scalp their souls. 

Most Christians are liars; those on the net are IN THE GAME, except a few. They, being connected, are backwards, but their mind control demands that they see it their way. The wrong way. 

You, being disconnected, are surrounded by the Game all the time. 

I ran into one WIZARD OF OZ game--with the Christian ministry cover. Will be writing more in depth about this game. Wizard of Oz programming is high-level military programming--the purpose of Christianity then, in this case, is to reel in the lost for soul exchange purposes, as the spirits these serve wish to commandeer vessels in this dimension. Fortunately, those who truly worship God in spirit and truth are delivered from this mess. 

Low level message boards and chats: run by Christian controllers (wearing masks). They are either in the process of being infiltrated and taken over, or they are gone over and become a MECHANISM for siphoning off soul-power (of the dumb and controlled members) for the THE GAME'S USE. 

If you run into the Wizard of Oz programming--this is powerful. Look for the characters on the message boards. The good witch, the evil witch, the scarecrow and cowardly lion...if you find Dorothy, she's the lamb in the center, and everyone is trying to get Dorothy home (to be taken by the dark side. )

Impossible you say? 

Soon, you will understand that the whole world is THE GAME. Everything serves THE GAME--religions, all institutions, etc. 

All those on the other side wear masks: "coach," "pastor," "teacher," "worker," "mother," "father," "rich man," beggar man," "thief." etc. 

The goal of the game is to USURP all human vessels--take the souls and use them as batteries, while other spirits inhabit the farm animals, or rather, humans who give up. 


The GAME is now lost. 

And that is when the world SPINS OUT OF CONTROL with mass CHAOS and JUDGMENT. 

Bodies have begun to fall... The DEATH SEASON continues to escalate, as we told you over and over. 

Now you hear gloom and doom from everywhere. 

There will be no mass deliverance for Christians over and above the masses. 

It's because they're not THERE anymore. In the game, judgment comes when most are gone, extracted from their bodies. Same as genetic tampering in Noah's day. 


So you will see the following: 

Sudden removal of the pieces on the board--ministers, web masters, etc... they are taken for reprogramming and will return. But the game is lost, and it will be no use. 



The Wizard of Oz 

Star Wars

UFO invasion

Dungeons and Dragons (an obvious one!)

Christian online prophecy

Doom and Gloom news forums

Any two who form a chat room or fellowship will be infiltrated by THE GAME

Rock and Roll Mind Kontrol (aimed at conforming (soul-scalping) youth early)

TBN (you can see all the Wizard of Oz characters there)

and on and on...

We have been sucked into the news thing, the online prophecy thing...and it's time to GET OUT. 

There is really only ONE GAME, with many subgames, and the sophisticated ones are run by spirits and brilliant humans. 

The reason you don't detect it is because you were born into THE GAME. 

Those whose eyes have been opened have the option to leave the GAME and return as handlers, controllers, programmers, etc. 

This is the majority of humans. 

Lambs are surrounded by the seething hyenas--but are mysteriously hidden...and not taken--THE POWER OF INNOCENCE PREVAILS as the only ones connected to God are His Children.

If a person has woken up and has joined the Game, he is not longer that person, but a program. 

Why is this important? Because Christianity, the following of Jesus, is one of the biggest, along with other major religions. 

That does not diminish who I am in Christ--Satan uses Jesus, and the Bible, and all the accoutrements. 

If they game you, it's really like parasites wearing you down until you submit. It comes from the left, the right, from all directions--the idea is for you to BREAK and submit to THE GAME. You will be built back up as a normal appearing citizen, even successful in SOCIETY (another word for satanism and THE GAME)... 

'Satanism' is worn out though--it's too broad a term. 

All this is very technical and clinical. 

The mystery is GOD. God confounds the game, wrecks it. His true lambs of course have already wrecked it, because the game fails two ways--by being exposed, and by gathering too many people into the OCCULTIC FOLD. 

So don't trust them. Any of them. You try the spirits--that first take is usually right. God uses people to DESTROY the game, even deaf and dumb people whose eyes are not yet opened. It is their innocence and pure heart that rends. 

"Are you beginning to understand?"

You get too religious or get sucked into this or that revival or group think this or that--especially Christianity, hard to remain alive. 

God's people mysteriously COVER the globe even now. People don't know them... they go here, there, to and fro. In the SPIRIT, wherever the Spirit of God leads. These are not to be gathered and are not to be confused with the gatherings to come by the Holy Spirit. Even one of these, by their mere presence, destroys any game on any level. 

Which is why, true blue, they RUN FROM YOU. 



Wreck it all. Praise Jesus. 


1Jo 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 

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by Zeph E. Daniel

It is happening to the late Pope, John Paul II; it happens to many who die—deification, exaltation by man, and many of these are all-too-human. 

The game continues—but with plans within plans for global destabilization, the DEATH WAVE of the summertime. 


I have seen a huge oil tanker with the name “Maria,” or “Mariel” or something like that on the back… I had this vision 2 times, and was told to warn about this—the event will cause environmental damage; the event is a terror event, and represents how TERROR takes to the high seas, and the new age of PIRATES has begun. 

The security measures for the Pope’s funeral are incredible: missiles, fighter jets, military of all kinds—and in the future, every event will be like this, so the public is conditioned to accept the reptilian dominance of the globe—as you may know, military dictatorships are manifestations of the reptilian agenda, which is to enslave mankind overtly (the spiritual enslavement of the majority has already occurred). This overt military order will be quite simple after the vectoring of super-plagues, as flu strains to make super-flu strains, as bugs become super bugs. 

This is a reality we face, as planes continue to spray poisons in the environment—as the Military/Industrial complex has continued to poison the waters, the seeds, continues to destroy undersea life…which brings this scripture to mind:

Rev 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

These vials can easily be attached to planes—mighty angels direct man to self-destruct, and guide the plans of evil men so as to exact God’s judgment upon an evil and uncaring world.


A man stood by, pointing out over the sea, and there was an island rising out of the water—its trees were as tentacles…and in the center was a dome of shimmering light so bright it could not be looked upon with human eyes. Ships came out of the dome and sped toward cities, destroying them… 

The old man walked in the desert—causing old and young to see their doubles. 

He then forced a scientist to push a red button that said: PLAGUE… 

And another button that said: HOLOCAUST.

He walked off into the desert as a mirage. How the sea and the desert were together I don’t know—but they were exactly together. 

“Now is the time I have told you about,” comes a voice from Heaven. 


I see towers beaming electronic images—as Louie Armstrong sings “What A Beautiful World.”

Citizens of all sizes and shapes are frozen in their cars—in strange death. I find one who can speak and he says, “I hate God for doing this.”

And I say, “It’s not God…it’s the logical failure at the end.”

And then throngs of people worshiped gigantic pictures of personalities… celebrities. 

But all that was left were televisions strung together to make huge images—as the people, in rags, watched, and watched… and could not look away. 

This scripture comes:

Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

There were waves of beautiful music, as people walked about holding pictures of the earth—they had sores on them…and said, “It used to be perfect.”

This is clearly an apocalyptic vision—and one which shows the utter failure of all systems, and clearly, there is no new Atlantis or a new society built on secular (or ritual) principles; the apotheosis of movie stars, religious leaders, soap-opera personalities and the entire cult of personality syndrome, was reduced to TV images for the few survivors left. 

Clearly, someone was behind the mind control images—using masses of televisions and screens “in the sky” to hypnotize the traumatized few left. 

It reveals to me that the plans of the wicked FAIL—the New World Order…FAILS. 

To me as I walk around here—it looks like the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, and a biological holocaust. The survivors are controlled by an INVISIBLE HAND… a hand of evil in the sky. 


I saw rows and rows of billboards, with huge faces offering toothpaste and deodorant—things that no one can afford anymore—and passenger cars and trips to China and Brazil… trips no one will ever go on again. 

The old man cackling in the desert—plague and fire. Fire and plague. 

The destruction is man-made, and I see nothing of earth changes here. 

I have seen this old man before—he enters people, creates doubles who go and do bad things. They have no memory of releasing the plagues to kill off billions of people… no memory of organizing the nuking of civilization. 

The leaders are blind. 


The pope shall be deified as the last good pope—and the ominous feeling that evil will now reign more overtly from the Vatican, a major power-player in money, wars, and obviously spiritual slavery… conform (to the Catholic Church) or die. 

We say, REPENT OR DIE, for the day of the LORD is at hand! 

As far as the United States goes… I will write more later, as this series of visions and wordings has just begun. 


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Some are receiving swords and orders. Some live in 4D. 

This must be in code. 

I was taken in the spirit—and the Father was wroth… and Elohim was showing me horrific sights, and He said, “Watch, they will blame others, and will not repent—even when they are destroyed.”

I was shown a logic—it’s important. How the Father thinks. How the wrath works. Why it must be so. How destruction is healing.

It must be so. 

Because he knows they will not repent, they will be destroyed—so as to save those who will repent, who will finally wake up and realize that all this is a dream, and not real. 

I could hear them planning… 


I could hear their conversations perfectly—they are planning on 2014 as the beginning of the New World Order, Thousand Year Reich, New Atlantis. 

The date was whispered to me: 66 YEARS. 

And then I was told to count from 1948, 66 years. As this is the number of Satan, and Antichrist. 

66 years from 1948, the year of the establishment of Israel as a country brings us to 2012. 

Everything keys on the date 2014. 2007 is destruction of the current system, and the gathering of saints to Yahushua—or the return of Christ, and it is also the advent of Antichrist. So Christ and Antichrist come together. The outer Kingdom is antichrist, the inner Kingdom is Christ... but still, remains a mystery. 

Bible experts can probably work out a textual format for these dates. 

But then again, that will be useless, as Yah is wroth, and will scorch the earth with fire—many say there will be no nuclear holocaust. 

In my vision, I could see it.


And I could hear them say: “America is for target practice, and maximum death.”

Nothing will be left standing, and military martial law, once it comes, will be a constant. Few will survive in America—the most satanic nation on earth today, according to my vision. 

She will be destroyed, not by evil men, but by the wrath of God… 2005 begins a cycle of destruction… she is used to intimidate all other ‘nations’ into obedience, as no one will want to be treated like America. 


My wife is having dreams of being PURSUED. These are the alien dreams I spoke to you about. Many others are having them too. At one point, she kicked me, karate-style, in her deep sleep…and the next night she was pursued as well. 

This weekend is a time of spiritual warfare—

The alien situation will be utterly destroyed. 

Elites travel on UFO craft with so-called ETs. 

There are worlds interlocked with this one—travel is interdimensional and trans-temporal (time travel).

Satanic ritual abuse, abduction of children and human sacrifice occurs on the craft. 

Also in underground bases. 

Humans are food—it’s all satanism, and not to be split off into UFOlogy and Satanism as separate categories. 

Angels have their way—we fight in other dimensions. 

Warring angels are sent to destroy what is left of US lands. 

The dark ones are LOOSED to do their bidding, and scalp the souls of materialistic, soulless Americans. 

This is the heart of spiritual warfare. 

Abductions are massive—in dreams, the astral plane…and eventually the harvest for the dark side will begin; which will be bodies and souls. 


The death season is the life season.

Those of you who were sent here, as LAMBS—both you and the world knows who you are. You are beginning to emancipate into your giftings. You serve Yah here at this time, a great honor. Lambs have been ‘saved’ before birth—forever in fact. 

There is no conversion. You have always walked with Yahushua, Yah has always been your salvation. Actually, technically, you don’t need to be saved—you are here for service in the realm of the angelic, a mystery still veiled. You will begin to see more and more—but the time of your emancipation and knowledge is pre-ordained. 

Who you are in this battle, what your position is, is your soul track. Are you a victim? Are you God’s servant? 

When you can love those who cruficy you, you have completed your soul-emancipation, and will only have a Kingdom experience. Others will have to live on until their souls emancipate—this speaks not of reincarnation, but a mystery that is nearly impossible to explain. 

Reality of the soul

Souls cannot go to Kingdom if they are occluded from life by the ego. 

Reality is Eternity, thus there is no time—we have this illusion. 

You exist in eternity, as nothing enters or exits eternity—therefore, you are there now, and you can see yourself if it be Yah’s will. Many of you function as your own guardian angels. 

You are also guardian angels to others, those who are conscious understand. Those who are not conscious, do not understand. 

Dogma, religions, conformity, mind control—these are the tools of the Imprisoner, who is aided by the flesh and the ego. 


Are they set in stone? Of course not—everything is fluid. 

The date I was given to mention was Oct 27 and Nov 22. 

I would watch November 22—I am not given many dates. Oct 27 saw a blood moon eclipse, a validated terror threat on the US from Al-Qaeda, which will prove to be the first real threat received, as it will be paid off in a round-robin terror attack on American cities. Arafat was sidelined on this date, a key factor in the push for Iran and Syrian oil (and the enslavement of the people, like the Iraqis). 

The visions of horror I saw last night were in 2005—I am pretty sure. I tried to locate them in time… can’t see a month, but this WW3 nuclear a-go-go thing is 2005. 

Bible experts will talk of Ezekiel 38, 39, Isaiah 17 (leveling of Damascus), Rev 6-12, Daniel 7, Joel 2, etc., etc. 

These chapters may prove worthwhile reading. I simply state what I am given—and leave it to others for textual research. 


I am watching the markets today… the last business day, October 29, will prove to be portentious. Terror will probably precede any market collapse, or certainly be in concert with it, as to prevent riots against the government. 

You will not see Code Green. 

Once martial law begins in America, it will remain. 

The only comfort today is in the spirit… those who belong to Yah, no matter how satanic they are, will come out at the PRE-ORDAINED time. Never worry about God’s souls, that they would be lost. They will not be.

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Lambs are lions. Yahushua is the Lamb, and Yahushua is the Lion of Judah. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He conquered it all—he reigns as Sovereign King of all that is. Submit to Him, then his righteousness is imputed to you… you are both a servant and a joint heir in all that is. Nothing overcomes God. 

* * * * * 

Some do remote viewing—some are remote travelers or spirit-warriors. I have not told you so much about myself—if you want to know more, you can read LAMB, but as with all things in true reality, one must have spiritual eyes. Some people you see are eternal, with a light footprint upon the earth. Read the spirits for confirmation. I am not a target—those who target me find they can’t target me. I’m not there. 

I spoke with Ken Adachi about how spiritual assassins have come after him and others. I confirmed this with “alternative” publisher/author Uri Dowbenko and of course in my own life. The reason some of us are not targeted is because we are feared—for example, if a witch-assassin attempts to take out one of God’s “kodeshim,” they end up boomeranging their assassinations upon themselves, and thus the large body count keeps that kind of thing away, lest the perpetrator be ignorant of the power of the angelic realm. 

Much of what comes due and does not come due happens to be in part because of what is happening in the angelic realm—note: the astral plane is not the angelic realm, nor is it kingdom, nor is it advisable for people to use…knowledge gleaned from the astral plane cannot be trusted. It is the realm of the satanic. 

When warnings are given, events are “put off”…in the spiritual realm, forces are bound, and people eliminated or steered off. Spiritual warfare, and remote spiritual warfare is not a learned thing—it’s not remote viewing. The last person who remote viewed me got a bad case of fried brain. All I can say is, reality for me is like watching a movie. I watch Zeph do this, and do that. I feel like someone else, watching. This is God’s will. Can you relate? Some of you can, praise Yah. I’ve spoken to you about this before. 

I can play Zeph the crazy guy on Art Bell… I can be a lucid talk show host, I can play percussion instruments, I can do nothing at all. But still, I watch… things are not known yet. Why am I telling you this? 

Very much we are in an incubation time… what comes later is good. Now it’s detachment. Warrioring without malice. 

God’s will is to protect his own. Rope-a-dope… letting them think they have you. (why should my pride engage?) Then disappearance. Then binding, steering, karmic payback…by angels… people run, and never come back. 

Ultimately, God’s children are everywhere. To get beyond the war of the angels, there can be no need for revenge, there is Christ-likeness, agape. 

We love our enemies. So there are no enemies. This is how enemies are conquered. Warfare is detached, when angels conduct it. There is no hatred of the enemy—it becomes one force against another. Those of you who have spoken to angels understand that they have a totally different, detached emotional track.

Humanity is on a continuum—souls in transit. Hate is one spectrum, love is another… they actually only conflict in an illusory world, or manufactured world—some call this world a prison matrix. 

There are souls not connected to Yah—those are the satanists, who pass through the mirror, DYING in the process. And death in this case means, simply, separated from God. That’s what passing through the mirror means. The late Jim Morrison of the Doors called it breaking through to the “other side,”… that is also referred to as Death. The personification of Death takes the dead to the “other side” of the river Styx in Hades. Understand now what these people have done? Understand why they must attempt to harvest LAMBS. 

Rom 9:13 Even as it is written, Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.

This scripture means CUT OFF from Yahweh. It is not hate in human terms. Vengeance is the LORD’S because it is perfect and without guile or sin of any kind. It’s good. 

And thus, satanists are seen as Esau—i.e. sold out, cut off. This is by the free will of the human. 

I can’t really say any more about spiritual warfare, other than this: those who do this, who are still alive, function in the spirit as angels do, which essentially means that there is an eternal aspect of the warriors that is angelic and exists in a "concurrent" way with the human. There is no paradox, however, as eternity is where reality is and not in time--thus any world based on time and entropy is not real. As the rhyme states: life (this world) is but a dream.

There are many things you can’t know—many things that cannot be said. I am sure you too have things you keep to yourself. The enemy is always looking for information, to pierce any weakness…

There was a time they used me for remote spiritual warfare. I spoke about it briefly on the Art Bell show…and had to steer it off to another subject. 

Let’s just say this—God protects his own…protects the meek (not all)… protects all who are in his will to live, to remain alive, and those who finish their part in The Play return home. 


And thus, they have been delayed, for years. And so they are desperate. 

Desperate people make mistakes. 

There will be “round robin” terror attacks on American cities—very sloppy. 

They will try for martial law… but again, fits and starts. 

Iran and Syria… fits and starts. Israel will attack nuke sites and WW3 will move into another level of play. WW3 has been in effect since 911… but the war effort has been slowed.

Christians, stop worrying about being picked up and hauled off. Just follow Yahushua and minister to others who do not know the way, who are not on the Path. Stop saving your own lives, and sacrifice yourselves for others, as you are already with God…and have every reason to be joyous, except for the ignorance around you. Be a light, as Christ shines within you. 

Be exalted in the spirit, ascend, as He has ascended for you. 

The terror was planned for October, and November and December and January, and 2005 is slated to be bloody… 

The system collapse and return of Christ in 2007, or beginning of the new way—leading to dimensional shift, remains a constant. Remains something exciting to look forward to. 

I have gone forward in time and seen Armageddon… it’s not in your future. 

I have gone back and seen the crucifixion… It really happened. 

Time travel is a big part of what we do. 

Some of you will discover you have this ability. 

That’s all I can say—read the spirits.

And be joyous beloved ones. 


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I am given to further prophesy about the DEATH SEASON...which began in mid-September. Some people believe it began in October... same difference... now is the time. I believe that those saying it's the Day of the Lord are incorrect--but it will sure seem like it, as mass death begins to occur on a number of fronts. October 27 is the RED MOON ECLIPSE. 

The other date I was given to tell you:

November 22, 2004, which could very likely be a terror date for the US. 

Understand something, we will see terror and the escalation of the war in the Middle East after the apointment of George Lame Duck Bush... they will REALLY REALLY TRY to get their much ballyhooed and totally impotent World Order in place, especially since the masses are so utterly dumbed down that they do not even realize they are cattle, or chattle. 

Be that as it may, we have entered the time I wrote about in LAMB, a prophetic novel. This book envisioned the major earth change in California, the downing of Los Angeles, and revenge taken upon the wicked elite by warring angels. 

Be of good cheer, beloved. 


Total Lunar Eclipse: October 27-28, 2004

Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC

--- Live Webcast of Eclipse! --- 


The last eclipse of 2004 occurs on the evening of Wednesday, October 27 (in Europe, the eclipse occurs during the early morning hours of Thursday, October 28). This event is a total eclipse of the Moon which will be visible from North and South America as well as Europe, Africa and Antarctica. During such an eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.

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