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Deprivation is KEY, and an indicator of one who is on the true SPIRITUAL PATH OF GODHEAD YAHWEH Y'SHUA CREATOR.

This is a proof you're looking for ...View Details

The incredible deception of online liars in the Name of Jesus pushing Marxist philosophy, i.e. hate the "zionist" USA, and all collaborators, meaning ...View Details


Reading from Francois Fenelon - Living in the Present, and then applying it to all things in life. Renouncing of self and letting God chart every step...View Details

Remaining in it and not of it and over the fray, flying on the wings of an eagle irrational faith--signs and wonders operating in the SPIRIT WHERE ALL...View Details

Becoming RADIANT IN ALL WAYS in the SPIRIT. Revelation about what FOOD and the world is in our lives. How to do more than MOVE MOUNTAINS. Aramaic re...View Details

#28 - OR LOSE IT

I believe the people of God will fight for America--I don't believe that it is OF GOD to sit back and complain all day long, DOING NOTHING to help. To...View Details


A "God is serious about His Word Rhema" Eze 9:4 And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set...View Details


After Communion restarted. After Yom Kippur, interestingly enough. Yahweh makes no partitions. His Word in the Bible He will DO IT. He is serious abo...View Details


An amazing study of GOD'S WORD regarding the promise to the Children of Israel and to the Church. Total scriptural refutation of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY...View Details

Holy Communion live on worldwide radio and streaming on the Internet for the first part, then ZFNT! I thank YESHUA with all my heart for restoring th...View Details


Begins with an audio addendum to Bro Thomas' word about seducing spirits and their snake oil tactics. How they will try to reel you in in the name of ...View Details

Everything is not everything. The Egyptians are not the children of Israel. The magus is not the saint. The light is not the darkness and the realm of...View Details


The title speaks for itself -- I do go over a testimony of a supernatural manifestation and seeing it as no reason for alarm. Sometimes we are suppose...View Details

For those who wish to download this experimental piece of music.

With all the fighting, Jew hating, Christian persecution and misunderstanding about the promises of God, this audio will UNVEIL the mystery of the Jew...View Details

God's word will not be abrogated. He will do as HE SAYS, whether we believe in it or not. Rev 7:4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: a...View Details

The weekly Saturday show, fellowship, comedy, and general observations hour 1.... hour 2 Frank Whalen http://themicroeffect...View Details

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